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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:00 AM
Chapter 114

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"Do you know mercenaries?" The black suit man gave Xiao Luo an extra look .

Xiao Luo said, "I know a little about it on TV . "

"What's on TV is nothing, it's all made up . I can tell you that I am a real mercenary, with dozens of men, all of whom are good at fighting with guns . " The black suit man said with a hint of pride .

"Eldest brother, do you still recruit younger brother? I want to learn from you and be a gangster like you . "

Although Zhang Dashan had never encountered such a situation before, he knew what to do in case of such a situation to have a greater chance of survival . First, he had to appease the fierce bandits' emotions, so he kowtowed to them .

He didn't want to take pictures of a horse's leg . The black suit man slapped him hard with a pistol . The strength of the slap made his teeth bleed out .

The black suit man broke out and scolded: "I was a mercenary, not a fierce bandit, motherf*cker!"

Xiao Luo's facial expression was cold, and his eyes throbbed with murder . If only he and the black man were the only ones in the car, he would not have to bear anything . But Zhang Dashan was here, so he had to consider the safety of Zhang Dashan .

The slap also aroused Zhang Dashan's anger, and his fear was greatly reduced .

He forced himself to calm down, his mouth moved again, ready to deal with the black suit man in words and pointed to the knife hanging from his waist: "Wldest brother, is that a knife?"

"Of course, it is called cold steel big dog leg, and it is one of the necessary weapons for the US navy seals . "

"What gun are you holding in your right hand?"

"Your Chinese police guns are very rubbish, with poor lethality and short distance . If I were given a sniper rifle, I would be able to take over the police bureau of Jiangcheng . "

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"Eldest brother, did you hold a grenade in your left hand, didn't you buy it from a toy store?"

"Toy mother, this is a real grenade . Lao Zi developed it himself . It is very powerful . When there is no way out, just pull it gently and every living creature within 20 meters will die . "

"Eldest brother . . . "

The black suit man became impatient and took the muzzle to Zhang Dashan's face: "Do you think I won't shoot you?"

Zhang Dashan squeezed out a weak sentence: "Eldest brother, the zipper on your crotch is not pulled . "

The black suit man looked down and immediately scolded: "Sh*t, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Xiao Luo was amused by Zhang Dashan and thought: Is this okay?

"Weeee wooooo Weeee woooo!"

The police siren from the rear sounded, the black man's face hardened and he again put the gun on Xiao Luo's head: "Get rid of them!"


Xiao Luo had a smile .

Seeing this, Zhang Dashan grasped the car body subconsciously, because he knew that Xiao Luo was going to start work .

"Thud ~"

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Just as he was passing through a sharp bend, Xiao Luo's left hand jogged, his car's tire flopped, and he ran over a protruding barricade . The speeding corolla suddenly tilted, the car head changed direction, and rushed toward a two-meter-high boulder by the side of the road .

Out of control in the car, Zhang Dashan wearing a seat belt can hold on, but the black man can't keep balance .

At the same time, Xiao Luo jumped from his driving position to the back seat like a ghost, while Zhang Dashan grabbed the steering wheel and let the out-of-control car return to the road .

"Mao ~"

A knife light flashed, the black suit man only felr pain from his body . Looking down, originally hung on his waist, the cold steel dog leg knife was inserted in his abdomen . He flew into a rage, ready to fight back, only to find that the pistol and grenade in both of his hands all came into the hands of this seemingly harmless young man .

"Gu Dong ~"

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, his whole body in cold sweat, he only realized at this time what a terrifying existence he met .

"You have a scorpion tattoo on your neck and you are a mercenary . What is the relationship between the Red Scorpion mercenary group and you?" Xiao Luo was sitting next to his position, poised while playing with the police gun and grenade, he asked with a smile .

The black suit man's eyes suddenly widened: "How do you . . . how do you know my mercenary group? Who the hell are you? "

"It seems that I'm right . You are the leader who jumped the cliff to escape, Red Scorpion . " Xiao Luo snorted softly .

Red Scorpio broke out in cold sweat and kept asking loudly, "Who are you . . . . who are you!?"

Xiao Luo had a pondering smile: "More than a dozen of your companions died in my hands, who do you think I am?"

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What . . .

Red Scorpion's mind seemed to explode a bomb . He never thought that this young man was the enemy he was looking for .

His eyes were wide open and he stared incredulously at Xiao Luo: "Impossible, how could it be you, maybe . . . "

Xiao Luo ignored his stunned expression on his face and went on to say slowly: "You were lucky and did not die when you jumped off the cliff, but you should run away from our country in spite of everything, instead of continuing to run amok in our territory . "

While speaking, the police gun in his hand was on Red Scorpion's forehead .

Red Scorpion grimaced and stared at Xiao Luo intensely: "I accepted it in your hands . Before I die, I only have one request . Tell me exactly who you are . "

He was unwilling to let his mercenary group fall, but he still did not know who the other party was . This is really ironic .

"Even if I tell you, you haven't heard of it . "

"Bang ~"

Xiao Luo pulled the trigger, and the loaded bullet went in to Red Scorpion's eyebrows and out of the back of his head . The bullet broke through the window .

Sitting in the passenger seat and was trying to control the direction of the vehicle Zhang Darshan, got a fright . He took out the key of the engine, letting the car pull over and turn away . A face full of horror of a dead body fell on the back seat .

"You . . . you really killed him?"

His voice trembled a little and his eyes were full of panic . He couldn't believe it, and he couldn't believe that Xiao Luo dared to kill people .

"He deserves to die . "

Xiao Luo said lightly, then he opened the door and walked down, it is time for Zhang Dashan to recognize his side well .

At this time, a large number of police arrived and surrounded the Corolla .

Led by a woman, with a fresh and beautiful appearance, neat short hair, quietly elegant eyes as pure as water, it was Gu QianLin .

"Officer Gu, long time no see!"

Xiao Luo put his police gun and grenade on the trunk of the car .

"Xiao Luo?"

Gu QianLin's eyebrows tightly furrowed, and then she quickly ran up, to see in the back seat of the car, what has become of the body of Red scorpion, she looked at Xiao Luo surprised, "You . . . you killed him?"

"To be exact, I accidentally killed him . He put the gun on my forehead and threatened me to drive . I accidentally grabbed his gun and then accidentally killed him . " Xiao Luo waved his hands, he innocently explained .

Killed him accidentally?


This is the black water company's Red scorpion, a notorious mercenary in the world, his strength is outrageous . She has more than 20 companions dead and injured, all thanks to Red scorpion, and you said you just accidentally killed him?

Gu Qianlin's face changed greatly, she was really shocked by Xiao Luo's understatement .

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