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Chapter 11

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When hearing that name, Xiao Luo's head buzzed like thunder .

Chu Yunxiong, one of Jiang's commercial giants . He started from scratch when he was young and worked hard for 20 years, setting up Chongshan Pavilion . Now half of Jiang's restaurants belong to his industry, and hundreds of cities both large and small, all over the country have his subsidiary branches .

Xiao Luo was both surprised and confused . He didn't know when he became intertwined with Chu YunXiong .

"Mr . Xiao, Mr . Chu is waiting for you!" Ge Xhongtian walked over .

Following the direction pointed out by Ge Zhongtian, Xiao Luo suddenly saw a Black Rolls Royce parked in a roadside parking space .

Now that "he" have come to bail him out, it's only natural for Xiao Luo to give him face . Besides, he also wanted to find out why would Chu YunXiong help him .

After saying good-bye to the former, Xiao Luo walked to the Rolls Royce and looked . Suddenly, his eyes found it hard to move its gaze away from the person . "Ehhh, you're that guy?" He asked in surprise .

The man was none other than the middle-aged man who was sitting not far from him last night when he went out for a midnight snack .

Last night, it was too dark, and there was a distance between the two, so Xiao Luo did not recognize the middle-aged man as Chu YunXiong . However, he also never would have thought that such a person with such status, will like him, eat in the street stalls .

Chu Yunxiong, dressed in a suit, sat poised in a pure black seat . He has half-white hair and vigor all over his body . "Young man, get in the car and let's talk!" He said cheerfully .

His smile is very kind, full of affinity, while also naturally revealing a superior breath .

Xiao Luo thought, that this is an opportunity, thus he opened the door and went in .

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"Qinlian that seems to be the car of Chu Yunxiong, the boss of Chongshan Pavilion . "

On the second floor of the police station, police officer Wang looked at the receding Rolls-Royce through the window and said with a shocked face, "Who is that Xiao Luo for Chu Yunxiong to bail him?"

Gu Qianlin was equally surprised . One is a boss at the top of the social stratum and the other is a wage earner at the lowest level of the social stratum . The relationship between the two men has nothing to do with each other . They can not interweave at all . But how could one explain the situation now?

Obviously, she didn't recognize Chu YunXiong being at the stall like Xiao Luo last night during her arrest, and only took him as a passer-by .

She has "great" interest in Xiao Luo, secretly swearing in her mind, if there is an opportunity, she must make Xiao Luo clear all mysteries .


About ten minutes later, the car stopped at a cafe near the square . Through the huge fountain, Xiao Luo followed Chu YunXiong into the cafe .


The waiters and managers of the cafe stood in two teams, respectfully welcoming Chu Yunxiong .

Xiao Luo guesses that the coffee shop has already been contracted out, or is originally an industry under Chu Yunxiong's name .

The two men came to a secluded corner on the second floor, where several large emerald plants stood in the way, looking quiet and serene . Leng Zuo and Leng You, Chu Yunxiong's two bodyguards, were closely watching the surroundings .

"After a night at the police station, are you hungry?" Chu YunXiong asked with a smile .

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"A little!" Xiao Luo answered .

Chu YunXiong made a ring, the waiters of the cafe lined up and sent things to their table; bread, dessert, rice congee, corn juice, steak . . . And so on, in a short time, the table was filled with delicious foods .

Xiao Luo was not melodramatic, and began to dig in, because he is really hungry .

Chu Yunxiong was quite appreciative: "It's good to be young . You can eat whatever you want . Unlike old guys like us, who obviously have big appetites, can't eat at random . It's easy to catch problems after eating like so . "

Whilst talking, he slowly picked up a cup of corn juice and took a sip .

"Let's get straight to the point, Mr Chu . I don't think Mr . Chu bailed me out just to buy me breakfast . " Xiao Luo took a bite of the bread and said as he chewed it down .

"Ha ha . . . good, enough!"

Chu YunXiong more and more found Xiao Luo's style is very close to his . With a wave, he took out a contract from his arms, in front of Xiao Luo .

"Is this?" Xiao Luo's heart was a little alerted .

"Last night, I saw with my own eyes that you were cleaning up gangsters and hooligans . Xiao younger brother was not only courageous but also extraordinary in his skill . More than 20 gangsters armed with knives, weapons and poles were just cleaned up by you alone . I sincerely admire you . Therefore, I want to ask Xiao younger brother to protect someone . The reward is 2 million and the time frame is 3 months . "

If I protect a person for three months, the reward will be 2 million?

The quantity made a powerful impact on Xiao Luo's heart . At the moment, he can't react to the situation . He carefully read the contract . It was clearly written in black and white, confirming that Chu YunXiong didn't fool himself .

"Who am I protecting?"

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"My daughter . "

"Your daughter?"

Xiao Luo raised his head in surprise . "Mr . Chu thinks too highly of me, for you to entrust your daughter to be protected by someone you haven't known for more than a day?"

"I don't doubt people and don't need to . I recognize your personality and ability to save a child whom you met by chance and has nothing to do with yourself . " Chu YunXiong who was leisurely drinking corn juice said, he naturally investigated Xiao Luo .

"Even so, why don't you ask them to protect your daughter?"

Xiao Luo pointed to Leng Zuo and Leng You . "As bodyguards, aren't they better than me in any way?"

Chu Yunxiong put down his glass and shook his head . "No, precisely because they are bodyguards, they are not suitable at all . "

This let Xiao Luo have some suspicions, bodyguards are specialized in protecting people, so why Chu YunXiong here said that they are not appropriate at all .

"The reason is that my daughter Chu Yue doesn't like to have bodyguards with her and will try every means to force them away . This has always been a headache to me . " Chu YunXiong helplessly sighed .

Xiao Luo nodded and said that he understood that she who was born in a wealthy family and had been pampered since childhood . It is normal to have a big young lady with a temper .

So, he asked, "Where does Mr . Chu's daughter work?"

"She is still a student and is currently studying at Hua Ye University . "


This surprised Xiao Luo, but he soon calmed down . "Mr . Chu means that I should pretend to be a student and be an invisible bodyguard beside her?"

"Yes, only in this way can she have no resistance to my decision . "

Xiao Luo was in distress: "I must remind Mr . Chu of the fact that I am already 26 . "

It means to let him act as a student, seems unreasonable .

"Age is not important . The important thing is that you are still young . No one will doubt your status as a student when walking on campus . "

Chu YunXiong laughed, "This is also the main reason why I choose you, my bodyguards, although they have the ability, but to let them play the role of students . . . "

He did not say more, but shook his head, meaning is self-evident .

Xiao Luo also said he understood .

"If you promise, we will sign the contract now . What do you think?" Chu YunXiong is also a frank person .

"I have one last question . "

"Please say . "

"Why three months?" Asked Xiao Luo .

Chu Yunxiong's finger tapped on the table: "I am confident that my competitor will go bankrupt in three months . As long as he goes bankrupt, he will not have any extra money to buy outlaws to hold my daughter to ransom me, and I can spare more energy to protect her . "

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