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Chapter 10

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Gu QianLin looked up and down at Xiao Luo, she also recognized at this moment, this guy is the one who saved the little girl during the day, he passed her at the gate of the police station .

It was also because of the little girl he saved that she successfully destroyed a cruel criminal gang that forced children to beg today and rescued 20 poor children who were interrupted by them and controlled begging in the street . Considering this, her eyes turned softer towards Xiao Luo .


The door of the interrogation room was opened, and a policeman and a detective came in, apparently reporting something .

Gu QianLin ordered the other two police officers to continue questioning Xiao Luo, she then turned around and went out .

"Gu Qianlin, the identity of those people has been investigated clearly . The bald man's name is Li Dawei and his nickname is Baldhead . There are more than 20 people under his command . After investigation, they are with the five people we arrested this afternoon . " The male police officer reported .

Gu Qianlin was slightly stunned, then suddenly she felt suddenly enlightened: "So, this incident is the result of the group of Li Dawei looking for Xiao Luo to exact revenge?"

"It should be like this . I also checked with the owners of the stall . They said that Xiao Luo was just sitting there eating his noodles . When suddenly, the group of Li Dawei came to look for trouble with knives and steel pipes . Li Dawei also lifted Xiao Luo's table before finally the conflict broke out . "

Gu Qianlin's eyes turned and asked, "Have you checked Xiao Luo's resume?"

"Checked, he's a person from the western province, he was born in an ordinary peasant family, he graduated from the university of western province aviation three years ago, he has been working in Huahai group after graduation, his parents are genuine farmers, he also has a sister, working as a nurse in a hospital in River City and she has a family, he . . . "

Gu Qianlin waved and interrupted: "Wang, do you think there is anything wrong with this resume?"

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Police officer Wang was stunned . He did not understand why Gu Qianlin asked this question . Then he shook his head and said, "This is a very ordinary resume . There is no problem . "

"The resume is fine, but Xiao Luo himself is the big problem"

Gu Qianlin frowned slightly and said earnestly, "He dealt with 28 gangsters armed with knives and clubs by himself . Not only did he not suffer any injuries, he also caused 20 minor injuries and 8 serious injuries . Even the elites in the special police in our bureau would be ashamed of such skill . "

Hearing this, police officer Wang realized the problem .

Immediately he frowned, he scratched the back of his head, and was both astonished and puzzled at the same time: "Yes, if according to the resume, then Xiao Luo is an ordinary person, how can an ordinary person have such abnormal skills . "

"Thus, Xiao Luo is the problem!" Gu QianLin asserted .

"But it's not true . The resume clearly states that he has not received any special training or joined any organization . His sister Xiao Ruyi, who works in Guangming District People's Hospital, has also confirmed that the record on the resume is not false . Could it be that he received some expert's advice from an early age?"

"Indeed . How?"

Gu Qianlin is also quite puzzled by this point . How can an ordinary person suddenly become a superhuman with terrifying skills?

Police officer Xiao Wang further elaborated: "I mean, maybe there was a master who happens to retire to their mountain village and, seeing his excellent bones when he was a child, gives all his skills to him? After all, it is impossible to include such a thing in your resume . "

"You think this is a movie?!" Gu Qianlin gave him a white look .

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Police officer Wang also smiled in embarrassment . He did see a similar movie, which is why he made such a guess .

Just then, a young police officer with a white face came running up and gave Gu Qianlin a warning: "Officer Gu Qianlin, lawyer Ge from Jiangcheng Law Firm is going to bail a man named Xiao Luo . "

Lawyer Ge from Jiangcheng Law Firm?

Ge Zhongtian? !

Gu QianLin and police officer Wang went slightly pale . Ge Zhongtian? But, he's one of Jiang's best barrister, no identity, even the rich have a difficult time pleasing him . This Xiao Luo, exactly, who is this person? How is he able let Ge Zhongtian deign to bail him out?

Gu Qianlin was planning on investigating Xiao Luo deeply after this, but now it seems unlikely that she would continue to do so .


"Ding, congratulations to the host for winning 10 points!"

"Ding, congratulations to the host for getting 20 points!"


In the interrogation room, Xiao Luo's mind rang with system prompts . In fact, when he started fighting with Li Dawei and his men, the system constantly reminded him of his points . So far, he has more than 250 points available .

The door of the interrogation room was opened, and Gu QianLin and officer Wang came in . She ordered the other two officers to open the handcuffs on Xiao Luo's hand .

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In a cold way she said: "Xiao Luo, you can go now!"

"Are you sure that I'm defending myself there?" Xiao Luo got up and asked with a smile .

"Your problem can be self-defense or over-defense whatnot . But, if it weren't for your indirect help to our police in cracking down on crimes, I wouldn't have let you go so easily . " Gu QianLin put her hand in her pocket, she proudly said .

"Oh, it seems that I have to thank police officer Gu Qianlin for raising your hand!" Xiao Luo stepped toward the door .

"Wait . " Gu QianLin suddenly stopped him .

Xiao Luo stopped: "Is there anything else, police officer?"

"Where did you learn your skill? Your resume does not say that you have received any form of training . " Gu Qianlin stared at him as if she were interrogating a prisoner .

Xiao Luo was stunned, then smiled: "I learned it from an old beggar in our village when I was a child . "

Police officer Wang was surprised and thought to himself, "Is he too smart for his guess to be correct enough to be called stupid by officer Qianlin, isn't he?"

"What old beggar?" Gu QianLin carefully watched Xiao Luo's micro expressions, wanting to confirm whether he is lying .

"It's just a poor old man who cheats on food and drink . I have not been bullied less by him since I was young . "

"What's his name?"

"I don't know his real name . The villagers call him an old madman . "

"Where is he now?"

"He died a few years ago, buried in the mountains, and turned into loess . "

This is Xiao Luo's rhetoric, that he had thought of early in the morning, thus his answer is very smooth . Basically it's fool proof, as their village really have such a person . So if they really want to check it up, there would be no suspicions .

Gu QianLin is very depressed, this question is equivalent to not asking about the matter, and her proud micro expression observation skills at this time also seems to have failed, because she can't tell whether Xiao Luo is telling the truth or is lying .


At the gate of the police station, the gray-haired Ge Zhongtian, was wearing gold-rimmed glasses . He shook hands with Xiao Luo solemnly: "Hello, Mr . Xiao!"

Xiao Luo immediately understood why he could come out of the police station so quickly .

"Did you bail me out?"

Ge Zhongtian nodded: "Chu Xian's oder is to bail you . "

"Who's Mr . Chu?" Xiao Luo frowned . He didn't remember knowing a man named Chu .

"Chu Yunxiong, the boss of Chongshan Pavilion!" Ge Zhongtian said with a smile .

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