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Chapter 12

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When there is no more doubt, Xiao Luo promised Chu Yunxiong . Not to mention that this deal has a two million reward, more importantly, he obtained from the system the Mercenary King's Constitution, and that should be enough to ensure the safety of a person .

And he needs the money very much . Whether it is for his family or for his future career development, this first bucket of money is necessary .

After signing the contract, one million will be paid immediately . This is only the first one . The balance will not be settled until the task of protecting Chu Yue is completed .

Xiao Luo did not feel complacent and forgot himself just because he had one million yuan . He went to the bank, transferred all the money to his father's account, and called: "Dad, I transferred some money to your account, if you have time, check it . "

The other end of the phone was slightly stunned, and then his mother's voice rang out .

"Son, your father is busy, and he doesn't have his cell phone with him . Just now you said you had sent money . How much was it?"

Xiao Luo was not surprised . The farm is so big but even so, his father has to take care of everything . His father is naturally very busy . He smiled and said, "One million, you let dad have time to check with the credit union . "

"One million? Son, why do you have so much money, you . . . you didn't rob the bank, did you? " His mom exclaimed .

Xiao Luo was speechless: "No, I did not rob a bank, but I won the lottery . "

"Won the lottery, when did it happen?" His mom beamed .

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"Just a few days ago, I won the prize today . By the way, don't publicize such things, it is easy to arouse jealousy . "

"I know, your mother is not stupid . " Between the lines of his mother's words, there was an indescribable excitement and joy .

"Who's calling, is it Little Xiao?" A steady man's voice came from the other end of the phone .

Xiao Luo immediately recognized that it was his father's voice, he should be busy back at the farm .

"It our son, he won the lottery and returned with a million dollars . You should go to the credit union at the fair and check it out . Don't let the credit union swallow up the money . " His mother immediately urged .

"If you're so happy, give me the phone and I'll talk to Xiao Luo . "

When the phone came to his dad's hand, a stuffy voice said, "Is what your mother said true, Xiao Luo? Did you win the lottery?"

"Dad, you can check your account at the bank . " Xiao Luo laughed .

"Even with one million, how are you fairing on your job, depending on it alone is not good . Men should have a career of their own and strive for it all their lives . "

"Dad, I see your hard work, and I know that you owe the bank 400,000 yuan in loans . This money can just ease your burden . I am still young and my career can take time . "

"Come on, your son is filial, why do you still teach him, and not instead praise our son's kindness . " The voice of his mother embraced the atmosphere .

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His dad changed his tone: "You are the woman of the family . Don't be short-sighted . If you make a million dollars, you can become complacent and your son will be easily satisfied . Men should not feel satisfied . They should be greedy like wolves . If you make one million dollars, you will want to make ten million dollars more . If you make ten million dollars, you will want to make one hundred million dollars more . Do you understand?"

"Good good, you are right, you are all right, I am short-sighted . " His mom didn't argue .

Xiao Luo was somewhat embarrassed and raised his eyebrows . "Dad, I still have work to do . Let's do this first . You should protect your health and say hello to my grandparents for me . "

Finished saying that, he hurriedly hung up the phone, he didn't want to listen to his dad's nagging .

He breathed out a long sigh of relief, every time he called home, it felt like a disaster . In his memory, his father never seemed to praise him in a decent way . For example, when he got into the second level, his father was lukewarm: Don't be proud, this achievement is nothing .


The second day early in the morning, Xiao Luo dressed like a dog, oh no, it should be said that he was very energetic, he took his luggage and took the subway to Hua Ye University .

He has been entrusted with loyalty, and he has also received a reward of 2 million . He is naturally very attentive to this task .

Of course, Chu YunXiong also said very clearly, in addition to him, there are several professionally trained bodyguards secretly lurking in the school, very hidden to protect the safety of Chu Yue . Putting him in is just to add a guarantee for the safety of Chu Yue .

It took him quite a while to take the subway, more than two hours, and finally took another 15 minutes to take a taxi before finally arriving at the gate of Hua Ye University .

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As a 985 college, the front door alone gives people a majestic momentum and makes people feel very small standing under it . {1}

Xiao Luo took out his mobile phone and dialed Chu YunXiong's number .

A little while later, a woman wearing short-sighted glasses, almost the same age as him, came out . The woman was wearing a pink chiffon skirt with a lovely bow on her waist, with layers of lace embellishing the beautiful skirt and a long wavy hair draped over her shoulders .

Her appearance is not particularly beautiful, the pockmarks on her face are the main factor that reduced her scores, but her facial features are well-proportioned .

"Xiao Luo?" The woman approached Xiao Luo and asked aloud .

Xiao Luo nodded: "Yes, that's me . "

"We spoke just now . I am Qin Nanyu, an English department counselor . " The woman introduced herself gracefully .

"Hello, Miss Qin!" Xiao Luo politely smiled .

The counselor is not a real teacher, but a nanny for the college students' lives . But, Xiao Luo called her a teacher . Qin Nanyu's smile suddenly became very bright and enthusiastic . "Let's go, I'll take you to meet the students in the class now . The class will be over soon, and everyone is there . "

"Please!" Xiao Luo lightly said with a smile .

Following Qin Nanyu through a long main road, through a beautiful artificial lake, through a rockery, before they finally came to a teaching building . Just when the bell rang for the class to end, students full of vigor and vitality came out of the classroom in groups, and the whole teaching building became noisy .

"You wait here, I'll call you and come in!"

Qin Nanyu told Xiao Luo, then she walked into the classroom in front of him .

She clapped her hands several times and motioned the sophomores of the English department who were preparing to leave to sit down again: "Boys and girls, don't leave yet . I'll introduce you to a new classmate . "

"New classmate? Counselor, are you sure you didn't slip your tongue? This is a university, not junior high school nor senior high school . How can there be any students who have changed classes halfway in? "

"An Huan, you don't understand this, if the credits of the last term are seriously not up to the standard, you will repeat the grade, not just the student who jumped the class as you said . "

"Yes, there is another case of changing majors!"

Qin Nanyu interrupted: "Don't make any guesses, let him introduce himself . "

Finished saying that, towards the door of the classroom Xiao Luo looked .

Upon receiving the signal, Xiao Luo breathed a deep sigh of relief and stepped in . When standing on the platform and looking down, Xiao Luo was immediately dumbfounded . Because at first glance, all of them were girls . Only in the most obscure corner in the back row were two boys sitting .

I've long heard of such instances on the English Department, but this is also a little too outrageous . There are only two boys .

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