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Chapter 108

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Collective strike?

Xiao Luo frowned slightly, this is not good news, he took tge chair and there's a collective strike, I'm afraid it's against him .

"I'll go and see . "

He got up and headed for the factory under the guidance of Xu Guansong .

Not long after, everyone in the conference hall also knew about the workers' collective strike .

"Let's go, let's go and see . "

Chu YunXiong also took interest, as soon as he took chair, Xiao Luo was already faced with a difficult problem, he wants to see how Xiao Luo will solve this .

At the same time, the ministers of Luo Fang and the managers of major stores also poured into the factory .

When Xiao Luo came to the delivery dock on the other side of the factory, there were more than 500 protesters, all front-line workers, who were boiling up . The loud voice of protest reverberated in the large factory area for a long time .

"Xiao Luo is here, if you have anything to say to him!"

The security staff who kept order felt relieved and shouted loudly at the crowd .

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Xiao Luo went out with both hands, a pair of slender and sharp eyes looking down at the protest crowd, an invisible pressure like a mountain appeared in everyone's heart, the boiling protests also came to an abrupt end .

Xu Guansong and a bunch of ministers were astonished . Not to mention the strikers, even they all felt a lot of pressure . This invisible pressure is hard to explain, but it does exist .

Xiao Luo's eyes swept from left to right across everyone below: "Tell me, why did you strike and protest?"

With his faint voice one could not tell whether he was happy or anger .

Everyone looked at each other, and finally stood in the front . A man with a somewhat shabby appearance and a pointed mouth and monkey's cheek took a step forward with his teeth clenched: "I heard that we have changed the president of Luo Fang, so I came to have a look . "

"Look? Well, I'm standing here now, as you can see, then you can go back to your posts and work without affecting the normal operation of the company . " Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

The pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man immediately changed his public face and sneered, "Hum, is that why he wants to send us? Mr . Xiao, you should be surnamed Xiao . We are all gathered here today because we feel that the labor we have paid is out of proportion to the harvest . It is not too much to ask for a pay rise, is it right? "


Five hundred people shouted in unison, with great fanfare .

"We make hundreds of millions of dollars for the company every year . Why should we only be given this salary to send beggars?" The discordant voice rang out again, causing the public to raise their fists in unison .

Chu Yunxiong raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself: "This is a big problem for Xiao Luo . The financial budget of Luo Fang is almost bottoming out . If they make such a noise again, even I would feel a headache . "

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Ge Zhongtian chimed in: "No, these people obviously took advantage of the fire . They also don't want to think about it . If Luo Fang falls down, they will become unemployed . "

"There is something fishy about it!"

Chu YunXiong smiled, also not disturbing the event, he would have to give Xiao Luo a wake up, Luo Fang's management water is very deep, the strike of these workers, is not just as simple as a strike on the surface .

People die for money and birds die for food . Under the instigation of those who are concerned, these employees, who were originally well-paid and with high bonuses, are obsessed with money .

"Shut up!"

Lin Chong, Minister of Human Resources, became angry and shouted, "Are your salaries still low? At ordinary times, overtime and performance account for more than half of the 5,000-plus employees a month, and 35,000 even if they are no better . now the company is in a difficult period . many store managers only earn 5,000 to 6,000 yuan . Are you still too low? Do you have any conscience? "

"The company has a good profit . Why didn't they say when they got 20,000 to 30,000 yuan? It's not their reason why the company has reached this point . It's none of our bottom employees' business . "

"That is, we work hard for the company and work overtime every day . Why don't you say that?"

"Luo Fang is almost empty now . I don't know if it will close down tomorrow . If I don't ask for more wages, I'll come to you again after it closes down . "

Under the group's anger the Shouting became more loud .

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Lin impulsively opened his mouth and could not resist the crowd . His face turned red with anger and he trembled all over .

Xiao Luo feel angry and funny, the old slave big deceit master guess said is these people .

With a wave of his hand, he said flatly: "Since you all said so, can I ask you some questions?"

Seeing the new young president so amiable, most people immediately felt that they had a lot of confidence . They felt that this was a newcomer who had just entered the society and had little experience . There was no need to be afraid .

"Xiao is always so polite, and we are not forced or too tight when we are employees . Is that right?" The pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man stood up and shouted at everyone, obviously he was the leader of the strike .

"Yes!" The crowd chimed in .

Xiao Luo looked at the pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man and asked, "What is your position, salary and one-month bonus?"

Under such circumstances, the pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man could not say a fake, and replied: "I am the team leader, with a basic salary of 3,500 yuan and a bonus of 2,000 yuan, plus overtime pay, which is about 6,500 yuan a month on average . I have earned it with sweat and blood . Does Xiao Luo think there is something wrong?"

"No problem, just curiosity . "

Xiao Luo, with his hands on his back, said flatly, "Can you tell me the salary and bonus of the same position in other factories?"

The sharp-tongued monkey-chin man suddenly blushed . He had not been in other factories, and even if he worked overtime, he would have stayed in Luo Fang for so long . He finally worked hard to become a team leader .

It took me a long time to suppress a sentence: "I don't know about other factories, but I know that for the taste buds, their treatment is 500 or 600 times higher than that of our Luo Fang . "

"Oh, so!"

Xiao Luo's reaction was very bland . He looked at a small employee in the crowd and pointed with his hand, "Tell me your position, salary and treatment . "

When the man saw that all eyes were cast, he suddenly felt nervous: "I . . . I am an ordinary employee with a basic salary of 2,600 yuan, and I can get about 4,500 yuan per month . "

"Do you know what the wages of other factories are equivalent to yours?" Xiao Luo's eyes were cold, like a beast staring at his prey .

The man shuddered and did not dare to look Xiao Luo straight in the eye: "Other factories generally have a basic salary of 2,000 . . . 2,230, with or without bonuses, which should be a little more than 3,500 a month . "

"That is to say, our treatment in Luo Fang is no worse than that of other factories . On the contrary, it is much higher than that of them, isn't it?" Xiao Luo pressed step by step .

The man blushed and answered, "Yes . . . Yes . . . "

"Ha ha . . . "

Xiao Luo sneered, he clapped on the delivery terminal which was a stainless steel guardrail . The huge force shock made the guardrail buzz, looking at the startled employees below, he then asked, "Such treatment is not consistent with your labor pay?"

He pointed to the group of people below, "Now is the time of distress, Luo Fang can close down anytime as you said so yourselves so I'd like to ask, since everyone thinks the company is going to close down, what are you still doing here? People have to know how to be satisfied right?!

The roar sounded in the hearts of most employees, making them ashamed and blush . In fact, many people still have feelings for Luo Fang . It was only because of the instigation of those concerned that they were used as swords and gathered crowds here .

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