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Chapter 109

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The sharp-tongued monkey-chin man hurriedly retorted, "With market prices and housing prices so high, we all have families . Who would like to share dormitories with others? Who doesn't want to own a house? The company makes hundreds of millions every year . What is it to give us a little? "

When this remark was made, most of the shaken employees immediately affirmed their faith and loudly supported it .

"Yes, the house price is so high and the salary is so small . It takes more than ten years to buy a flat . Who can stand it?"

"Can't our front-line staff be a little bit ambitious, or should our front-line staff deserve to be crowded into public dormitories?"

"Protest, firmly protest!"

The group of angry employees, they are like a demonstration, raising their fists and shouting .

"Motherf*ker, I have seen shameless, but have never seen such shamelessness!"

Zhang Dashan is ready to go, he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to do some lesson with those below, he can't stand this temper .

Xiao Luo stretched out his hand to stop it . If this matter is not handled well, then his boss position will not have any dignity . He looked at all the people under him coldly and laughed chillingly: "What is the real estate business for me? Am I a real estate developer or director of the State Land Resources Administration? Can't afford to buy a house and rely on the company? Is that because you want to buy a car or a villa in the future, you also need the company to pay the bill? "

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A series of rhetorical questions left the protesters speechless and unable to find words to refute .

"Dismantle now and return to work . I won't dispute with you, or you will be held responsible for the consequences!" Xiao Luo's eyes burst out two cold light, his temper came up, he is not feeling so good .

"Hitched ~"

Many people were shocked and wavered . After all, Luo Fang's treatment was not bad . If they give up, they had to start all over again, and their wages would return to the lowest point in history .

At this time, the pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man shouted quickly and loudly: "Don't be afraid . We have so many people coming to protest . He dare not fire so many people at once, or Luo Fang will close down tomorrow!"

This sentence let everyone shine at the moment, yes, afraid of what, Luo Fang is already much less than before, struggling on the brink of death, if their factory here to stop production for a day, it's definitely is a fatal blow to Luo Fang, this surname Xiao never dare to do anything to them .

A loud voice said, "Yes, we are many people . We shouldn't be afraid of him . If they don't give us a raise and bonus, we won't start work . "

"Protest, protest against the company's shameless robbery of our hard-earned money!" The pointed-billed monkey-chin man raised his fist and shouted loudly .

The others followed the chorus shouting: "Protest against the company's shameless plundering of our hard-earned money!"

At that time, the scene went out of control .

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At the moment, all the store managers and department ministers in the store looked at Xiao Luo . Some of them were smiling, others were frowning, and others were expressionless, holding whatever kind of mentality .

Sun Jiannan is deeply worried about Xiao Luo . Of course, he hopes Xiao Luo can handle the matter well and quell the workers' strike . But looking at this situation, it seems not optimistic at all .

Xiao Luo snorted softly and said regretfully, "I just gave you the chance, but you don't know how to cherish it . You all think I dare not do anything to you, don't you? Then, Lin Chong!"

His voice suddenly pulled up, making it solemn .

"Mr . Xiao, what is your order?" Lin Chong urged .

Xiao Luo pointed to the crowd below: "Expel all these people and never rehire them!"

Every word is sonorous, striking on everyone's soul like a gong .

What? !

Ministers of various departments and store managers were stunned . They did not expect Xiao Luo to take such extreme measures . Although the employees were wrong, many leaders would give priority to comfort, and supplement by inducements . They would never take collective dismissal to solve the incident like Xiao Luo did .

"Mr . Xiao, this is inappropriate . Such a large-scale layoff will cause instability to the company's people . " Xu Guansong persuaded .

The lithe and graceful Li Zimeng also stood up: "We just received a batch of orders from old customers a few days ago . If we fire them all, we will definitely not finish before the delivery date . In addition to huge compensation, we will lose a loyal old customer forever . "

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Xiao Luo ignored them, coldly looking at Lin Chong: "Didn't you hear what I said?"

Under his gaze, Lin Chong shuddered .

"Yes, I'll let our personnel department colleagues fire all these people now . "

"Go ahead and do it . In half a day, I will see the report of their dismissal . " Xiao Luo was deadpan, these people really touched his bottom line .

Lin Chong's heart was bitter, although this kind of work without technical content is simple, but there are more than five hundred copies, half a day to let him solve and write a report, the pressure is really not small, but it also made him feel very popular, if does so he look so highly effective on Xiao Luo . His originally down look became more excited and enthusiastic .

"Mr . Xiao, you can't do this . I don't have to pay any more . I don't have to pay any more!"

Seeing Xiao Luo serious, there are employees under, that didn't expect this amiable looking President, would be so vicious and really dare to fire all of them .

At that time everyone was scared . Where can they find such a good job? If they quit here, the house they plan to buy in the next few years may take more than ten years before they can buy it . Don't they want to marry their wives?

"People don't have to be afraid . He is trying to scare us . Without us, what would he do to keep Luo Fang going? Besides, Luo Fang is going to close down and will be swallowed up by 'taste buds' sooner or later . It won't last long . " The pointed-mouthed monkey-chin man said loudly to calm the peoples heart .

Xiao Luo smiled and looked at this guy . If there were not so many people here, he would have trampled him to death like an ant .

His cold voice ordered: "Security personnel, immediately expel all dismissed employees!"

Be merciless and resolute .


Just to maintain the order here, the security staff were very angry . Why do they all think that these staff are making trouble without reason and are messing with things? At the moment, they were instructed by Xiao Luo to remove the dark iron bar from their waist to form a human wall line . They pushed the protesters to the gate of the factory . If they did not cooperate, they took the iron bar directly to greet them .

More than 500 employees panicked, completely panicked . This is not a threat, but a real expulsion .

"I won't go, I won't strike, it's all my fault, I want to work . "

Although everyone thinks that Luo Fang is not as good as before, their first-line employees are still treated as usual . They subconsciously trust Luo Fang and do not believe that Luo Fang will fall down .

"Big boss . . . "

R&D Minister Luo Qi tried to intercede for the workers, but was interrupted by Xiao Luo's wave .

"I am only divided into good employees and bad employees here . Obviously, they are not good employees . They all say that the new boss takes office three times . Although my new boss does not burn three times, he still has to burn one at a time . "

This remark undoubtedly left these employees in complete despair .

"He must be threatening us . He dare not fire all of us . He can't afford to pay that price . " The speaker was still the man with the pointed beak and monkey's cheek, but there was not much confidence in his voice .

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