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Chapter 107

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Chu Yunxiong and Ge Zhongtian were present on the day of the share transfer . In addition, the store managers, department ministers and other top and middle management personnel of all major stores in Luo Fang were all present .

"I thought our Luo Fang could last forever by relying on Chongshan Pavilion, but I didn't expect to change another boss so soon . "

"Yes, I heard that he is still a young man in his twenties . "

"It's over, Luo Fang is completely over now . Without the protection of Chongshan Pavilion, our Luofang will definitely be eaten by "taste buds" and will not even have any bones left . "

A bunch of store managers whispered, today's Luo Fang doesn't have the capital to compete with "taste buds", even the somebody else's arm is thick, once they lost the worship meal pavilion's blessing, they will soon fall .

But at the same time, they are also very curious about who is the new president, who can actually buy the whole Luo Fang . You know, although Luo Fang is like a starving camel, they still need 560 million dollars to buy it . The other party has so much money at a young age, so it won't be any rich second generation .

Sun Jiannan said nothing at this time and looked unblinkingly at the gate of the company . He had heard that the new president was named Xiao Luo . Is it the same name or is it the same person as the little brother who saved him before? He is more anxious than anyone at the moment, eager to know the result .

A little while later, a white corolla slowly came in from the gate of the company .

The door opened and Xiao Luo, dressed in a black suit, stepped down first . Zhang Dashan was dressed casually . After all, it was Xiao Luo's home court and he could not overshadow Xiao Luo .

His Long and narrow smiling eyes were like stars, his handsome nose, his mouth raised slightly, his unruly black hair . The appearance of Xiao Luo stunned all the Luo Fang employees present to meet . Then, an uncontrollable low voice screamed and rang in the crowd, then turned into an excited buzz, buzzing like a swarm of bees .

"This is Xiao Luo? How handsome! "

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"How long is that face? It feels more handsome than those stars on TV . "

"His temperament is extraordinary . It must be a gentleman from a noble family . "

Especially the women present, looking at Xiao Luo's cold face, felt that their face was slightly hot .

"Alas, I also admit that your handsome appearance suddenly increases after you put on your suit, but this is too exaggerated . Look at these people, all of them are looking at you like drooling wolves, old Xiao, you have to be careful, don't lose chrysanthemums . "

Zhang Dashan envied, envied and hated him, he never felt better than Xiao Luo in terms of yang value, but now he is standing with Xiao Luo, all eyes were attracted by Xiao Luo in, his heart still felt quite unbalanced .

"Don't talk if you can't talk . Nobody treats you as dumb . "

Xiao Luo gave him a look, and then went up to Chu YunXiong, two people shook hands for etiquette .

"Xiao Luo, Luo Fang is yours from today on . If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me . " Chu YunXiong attaches great importance to Xiao Luo .

"Definitely . "

At this moment, an imposing middle-aged man came up and smiled and held out his hand to him: "Hello, Mr . Xiao . My name is Xu Guansong . During the days when Fang's boss left, I was always in charge of the affairs of Luo Fang . "

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"Hello, vice manager Xu!"

Xiao Luo politely smiled and shook hands with him . Before he came to Luo Fang, he looked through the top management list of Luo Fang and knew that the man with a big belly and a pair of golden glasses was the deputy manager of Luo Fang .

"Mr . Xiao, let me introduce you to the others . "

Xu Guansong didn't miss the opportunity to perform . He pointed to a nearby woman in her mid-20s . "Her name is Li Zimeng, and she is our marketing minister . She is very expansive . "

"Xiao, how are you?"

Li Zimeng busyly smiled and shook hands with Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo nodded, "Hello . "

Xu Guansong introduced the next one: "This is Lin Chong, minister of human resources department . He has the same temper and name, and is very blunt . "

"Xiao is always good . "

Lin impulse tone is stiff, he also did not mean to shake hands with Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo quietly and politely replied, "Hello . "

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Xu Guansong went to the next: "This is R&D . . . "

"I'll do it myself! I'll do it myself!"

It was a girl of about 20 years old, with big eyes and small mouth, a delicate face, and a lovely and lively air all over her body . "Luo Qi, head of research and development department, meets the big boss . "

When she finished speaking, she made a salute to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo replied, "Call me Xiao . "

"Yes, big boss!" Luo Qi beamed .

Xiao Luo's heart was in distress situation, but this Lively Qi, suddenly left a deep impression in his heart .

"Ahem . . . be serious . "

Xu Guansong gave a dry cough, then smiled and introduced a fat man to Xiao Luo . "Xiao Zong, he is Zhang Donghai, director of our Luo Fang bread processing factory . He is honest and dedicated . "

"Xiao always hello, long heard of your name, now seeing you personally, indeed as expected you are a talented person, extraordinary!"

Zhang Donghai held XiaoLuo's hand tightly with both hands and showed great excitement and enthusiasm .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, thinking that there is no shortage of flatterers everywhere . What's his fame, he has heard a lot about it? This is ridiculous .

However, he replied, "Hello . "

With Xu Guansong's introduction, Xiao Luo greeted the senior officials of Luo Fang one by one . Soon after, everyone went to the meeting hall of Luo Fang, where the equity transfer ceremony was officially held .

"My God, it's really him!"

Sun Jiannan only felt blank in his brain at this time and was so shocked that he couldn't say a word . Who would have thought that he was saved that day by his niece's blind date's little brother, who turned into the president of his company . This was too dramatic and unbelievable . He even felt that he was dreaming .

"The equity transfer ceremony was successfully completed . Next, please welcome Mr . Xiao to speak for us . Everyone is welcome . " The hostess took the microphone and said with a bright smile towards the bottom .

Xiao Luo took the microphone, stood up and smiled, "I don't say much else, I'll just say a word,'be at ease in doing things and be steadfast . Do not forget your initiative mind, I encourage you and me together'! "

With that, he sat down .

Completely different from other bosses, if you were anyone, you would have to say it for half an hour at this time, but Xiao Luo made such a short remark, which surprised everyone who was prepared to sit here listening for a long time .

The hostess did not even finish drinking the water, and the speech was over . While she was shocked, she was also very responsive and walked out with a smile: "Our boss Xiao cherishes words like gold, but these 16-character aphorisms are worth us all to learn . "

At this moment, a man came in in a panic and whispered in Xu Guansong's ear for a moment . Then Xu Guansong walked up to Xiao Luo and whispered, "Boss Xiao, no good, all the employees in the factory went on strike!"

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