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Chapter 105

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[Jiang Cheng International Hotel]

A burst of bold and unrestrained sharp cell phone rings . A man lying on a woman's belly doing hard work seems very reluctant to stop . Pushing forward after pulling out from the woman's body, he turned over and sat with his back against the soft backrest, it is the tired qbd panting Hua Haifeng .

"Old tube, you'd better have something serious to report, otherwise I assure you would be less attractive . " Hua Haifeng was very angry that his happiness was interrupted .

At the other end of the phone came a somewhat old voice: "Young master, that Xiao Luo has appeared!"

"XiaoLuo? Well, after looking for him for almost a month, he finally showed up . "

Hua Haifeng came to his senses immediately and asked urgently, "Didn't I ask you to find someone to scrap his hand?"

"This . . . . . . not yet . . . "

"Not yet? What do you mean? " Hua Haifeng questioned .

The butler answered, "In order not to leave any trouble for the young master, I have specially found five raw faces . They are very skilled . None of the group's 20 bodyguards are their rivals, but . . . "

"Just what?" Hua Haifeng asked coldly .

"It's just that Xiao Luo has a better strength . The five men have not beaten anyone . "


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Hua Haifeng's lungs are going to explode, "This boss gave you two hundred thousand, and you gave me to find such waste? Are you fucking retarded? "

The housekeeper had a red face and was ashamed . In fact, there was no 200,000 yuan . He made 180,000 yuan out of it and took out only 20,000 yuan .

"Since the matter has not been completed, the 200,000 yuan will be returned to this boss, and this boss will have stripped you of your skin for one less son!" Hua Haifeng roars angrily, then hangs up the phone, gasping with rage .

The charming beauty beside him wrapped around him like a snake, and the hot tip of her tongue gently flashed across his neck .

"Hua Shao, what makes you so angry?"

Her voice is moving and shows charm that makes a man crisp to his bones . "Don't be angry with me . Anger hurts you . "

At the thought of the beauty around him, Hua Haifeng showed a lewd and dirty smile, he threw his mobile phone at random, stretched out his hand and pinched her pointed chin: "The great beauty is right . Anger hurts me . I also want to have more in-depth communication with the beauty, he he . . . "

"Hate, your Zhao Mengqi will know, won't she?" The woman chuckled .

With a wave of his hand, Hua Haifeng said, "Don't mention that b*tch . All day long I know that she want this boss to get a license with her and dream of her future . I don't want to think whether she is worthy or not . At first I coaxed her when it was fresh . Now I'm almost tired of playing . If I don't like it, I just dump her . If she dare to tangle, I'll call several good friends to round her up and give her a face back!"

"Hua Shao is good or bad . Then you are tired of playing with me . Will you do the same to me?" The woman pouted and pretended to be angry .

Hua Haifeng rolled over and pressed up: "How come, you are ten times as beautiful as that b*tch, and you know the inscrutable star-sucking method . I won't get tired of playing with you all my life . "

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"Of course it is true, do you still trust me, gnome male-""

The soldier pressed on, pushed forward and sank the whole root . A battle between a man and a woman began again .


Three days passed quickly, and Xiao Luo had already made a decision in his heart .

"Wait for me here . "

Arriving at the headquarters of Chong Shan Ge, Xiao Luo stepped out of the car and let Zhang Dashan wait here .

"Have you decided whether to accept or not?" Zhang Dashan is more anxious than he is, after all, this is related to the future development of the two people .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows: "Accept or not . "

"Sh*t, I don't understand . Can you talk well?" Zhang Dashan had a face .

"Don't worry, just wait here for me to come out . "

Xiao Luo turned around and walked into the sight of the tall buildings .

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Chu YunXiong was already waiting for his arrival in the office hall .

In a suit, his hair slightly bald in some, eyebrows thick, black and neat, a pair of sparkling eyes, his chest with horizontal width .

"Xiao Luo, have you thought it over yet?"

"Done . "

Xiao Luo took from a copywriting bag, he printed a few lines on an A4 paper and put it on Chu YunXiong's front .

Chu Yunxiong looked down, his brow wrinkled up immediately: "IOUs?"

The A4 paper clearly said that Xiao Luo borrowed 600 million RMB from Chu Yunxiong, the owner of Chong Shan Pavilion today . The borrower, lender and date were clearly written, with a period of one year and the monthly interest rate attached . The signature pen was used to sign Xiao Luo's name and the red ink was used to press the finger print .

A very standard IOU!

"This is you?" Chu YunXiong had a face of doubt .

Xiao Luo smiled: "Mr Chu, you spent 550 million yuan to buy Luofang, and I want to spend 600 million yuan to buy Luofang from you . "


Chu Yunxiong's eyes suddenly became sharp . "Do you want to talk to me about business?"

Xiao Luo stirred up his businessman characteristics .

Xiao Luo nodded: "According to my investigation and assessment, Luo Fang is currently making a loss of 300,000 yuan per day . It can be said that it is a hot potato, and no one will be comfortable with it . "

At the same time, a loss report on Luo Fang was handed to Chu YunXiong .

Chu Yunxiong opened his eyes and covered them: "Since Luo Fang is a hot potato, why do you want to buy it?"

"Because I am confident that it can make a comeback . "

Xiao Luo said lighty, between the lines, appearing strong confidence .

Chu YunXiong's eyes slightly narrowed, in fact, buying Luo Fang is also conveniently helping Fang Changmiao that poor guy, even he, also not sure that Luo Fang could stand up again, in addition, he also wants to use Luo Fang to retain a talent like Xiao Luo . Its for his use, becoming his right-hand man . As for Xiao Luo making Luo Fang stand up again, this is not in the scope of his consideration .

However, even though he did not like Luo Fang, Xiao Luo said that he was confident to make it a comeback, which aroused his pride as a businessman .

"Luo Fang is not just a matter of reputation . The factory building and the company's management have major problems . In addition, it has a strong competitor' taste buds' . Do you really have the confidence to bring it back to life?" Chu YunXiong looked at Xiao Luo .

"I don't think I need to answer this question . I just want to know whether Mr . Chu is willing to sell Luo Fang to me?" Xiao Luo said .

His ambition is very big . Since he wants Luo Fang, he needs all of Luo Fang .

Chu Yunxiong smiled and said: "I spent 550 million yuan to buy Luo Fang, you will spend 600 million yuan to buy it, and I earned 50 million yuan from it . it seems that I should agree to it, and considering the current situation of Luo Fang, I have no reason not to agree to it . however, what you gave me is not 600 million yuan, but an IOU, which is a bit like a white wolf with empty gloves . "

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows slightly, when he came here he was ready . If Chu YunXiong agreed, he would accept Luo Fang, because it was a challenge for him and could arouse his enthusiasm . If Chu YunXiong don't promise, it doesn't matter, he just temporarily won't think about what to do, one day he will eventually think about it .

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