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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:12 AM
Chapter 104

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"Brother, how are you and Yu? Did you have any intimate contact before she left?"

On the car, Xiao Ruyi asked expectantly, a pair of beautiful pupils filled with excitement looked at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo gave her a look, he looked dispirited: "What were you thinking all day long, is bringing Zhang Dashan bad, how can you become so dirty?"

Upon hearing this, Zhang Dashan was immediately displeased: "Sh*t, I was shot while lying down . What do you mean I brought it? If I wanted to bring it, it should've already been brought by your brother-in-law Tang Ren, okay?"

"It's none of my business . " Tang Ren busyly waved, his face of innocence .

"Your boy does not make such a blank sheet of paper . When he goes to the mall, I see that you and Luo Mei are full of love . You are both close and cuddly . I don't even kniw about how I feel . I'm like a dying cheap light bulb watching you two . " Zhang Dashan looked at the inside rearview mirror, Tang Ren, and cried .

"What are you talking about big face? Even buying you a bottle of yida won't stop your mouth . " Xiao Ruyi gave Zhang Dashan a big push on the back of his head .


Xiao Luo couldn't help but want to laugh, thinking that his old sister is also one of the boys, even buying chewing gum to bribe people .

Zhang Dashan rolled his eyes . "Don't think I didn't know you bought it for me because you think I have bad breath . "

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"Don't be, then return it . " Xiao Ruyi stretched out her hand to beg for his return .

Zhang Dashan immediately put down his stance: "I'm joking . Why do you take it seriously? Besides, there is no reason to return what you sent . "

"Hum ~"

With a snort, Xiao Ruyi ignored him . Then she took out a paper bag from the base and handed it to Xiao Luo . Xi Xi smiled . "Elder brother, this is for you . "

"What did you buy?" Xiao Luo brought it over .

"A sweater, the weather is going to turn cold, I don't want my brother to be frozen . " Xiao Ruyi said .

Xiao Luo took it out and looked at it . It was his favorite style . It was very loose . There was also a landscape pattern on the chest . It felt good and soft .

"Did it cost a lot of money?"

"It didn't cost much . Boys' clothes are not as expensive as ours . "

Xiao Ruyi smiled easily . "This sweater can be worn both inside and outside . It's a good match, but it's best not to wash it with water . If it gets dirty, take it to a dry cleaner . This will not damage its material and will last longer . "

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"I will spend less money on me in the future . I will buy whatever I want . You and Tang Ren now form a family . You must save some money well . If a family doesn't even have any money, it will be tough to go anywhere . " Xiao Luo said earnestly .

"All right, all right, I know, how did you become as nagging as Mom and Dad?" Xiao Ruyi pouted .

Xiao Luo raised his face: "Nagging is also for the good of you and Tang Ren . Once you get married, you can't be so headstrong any more . Two people should live a life more tolerant and understanding of each other, and don't play childish . "

"Elder brother, we will listen to your words and live a good life . "

Tang Ren clasped Xiao Ruyi's fingers and looked at Xiao Ruyi affectionately . "It's my luck to marry Ruyi . I will take good care of her and not let her suffer any injustice . "

"Hmm . "

Xiao Luo nodded, no longer have any words . Although he always feel that she's just like the younger sister growing up, but she and Tang Ren are now two adult people, no matter how much he is said is useless to some extent .

In a short time, he came to Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi's residence .

"Elder brother, if you feel good about Yu Yu, you must go after her . However, there are many single male doctors in our hospital who are pursuing her both openly and secretly . If you don't hurry, others will rob her . " After getting off, Xiao Ruyi specifically told Xiao Luo .

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"Don't worry, I'll take care of it . " Xiao Luo said .

"Come on, brother!"

Xiao Ruyi shook her fist and cheered Xiao Luo .


"Tell me the truth, how do you feel about Sun Yu sister, will you call her?" When there were only two people left on the car, Zhang Dashan became active .

Xiao Luo looked at the night scene outside and said, "It's okay . We can learn more . "

"Sister Sun Yu is really nice . She is watery and white . She is very suitable for you . " Zhang Dashan agreed, nodding away .

Xiao Luo smiled and changed the subject: "By the way, how much did my sister pay for this sweater?"

"One thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine . " Zhang Dashan immediately said it out .

"What, 1,999?"

Xiao Luo opened his eyes wide . He had expected that the clothes were not cheap, but he did not expect for her to spend nearly 2,000 yuan . He was not unwilling to spend money, but a 'sweater' was 1,999 yuan . How could she feel extravagant and wasteful?

Only now did Zhang Dashan realize something, and with a sad face, he said, "It's over . Sister Luo didn't let me say the real price . She said that as long as you ask me, I will say she spend only more than 100 yuan . Alas … I can't control my mouth . "

What saddens him is not to tell the truth, but because he swore in front of Xiao Ruyi, and it is also a very vicious oath . As long as he tells the real price of the sweater, his heirloom will be shortened by one centimeter a day until there is nothing left .

"She doesn't want to think either . There is a label here . I can know its price by checking it online casually . Can you hide it from me? You and Tang Ren, the black sheep of the family, were present . Why didn't you know to stop her at that time?" Xiao Luo was more saddened, since his childhood is bitter, this kind of luxury, he can't enjoy .

"Stop an egg . Tang Ren does everything she wants . As for me, I talk to her just like farting . Will she listen to me?"

Zhang Dashan complained, then comforted, "But you don't lose your temper . This is also because she cares very much about you as a brother . She said that all your clothes are more than one hundred and two hundred ordinary goods, and none of them are of good quality . She bought you one so that you can wear it out with more face . After all, there is a saying that people rely on clothes and Buddha rely on gold, and if you look handsome, you must match it with a good one . "

Xiao Luo breathed out a long sigh to calm himself down . Now it is too late to say anything . She have bought it . Can he still return it?

He just love his sister very much, although her salary is not very high . While Tang Ren is still in internship, and his salary is less than her . The two people usually have to spend money for their own, but to immediately take out 2,000 yuan to buy a sweater for himself . Isn't there not much balance this month?

"This silly lad!"

Xiao Luo could not say how warm he felt . What he wanted most was not what Xiao Ruyi buying or paying for him, but what he wanted to see is her and Tang Ren live happily . This was his wish for Xiao Ruyi .

[Ain't this chapter wholesome?]

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