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Chapter 106

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"I add a condition, if you agree, I will transfer Luo Fang to you, and from then on, it will belong to your own company . What do you think?" Chu YunXiong laughed, but his smiling face hides too many things inside, Xiao Luo also can't distinguish his real thoughts .

"Please say . " Xiao Luo said .

Chu Yunxiong picked up the IOUs in front of him and shot them out of his muddy old eyes . "Didn't you promise to pay me back 600 million yuan with interest in one year? Add another one . If you don't pay me 600 million yuan in one year, you will come to my Chongshan Pavilion to work . "

The meaning is already obvious, he just want to let Xiao Luo stay at his hands to serve him .

The last thing Xiao Luo wanted was to be restrained . Otherwise, when Chu YunXiong said three days ago, he would not have ignored Luo Fang when he handed it over to him . But Chu YunXiong's remarks undoubtedly aroused his inner desire to fight and challenge .


One word, sonorous and forceful, reverberated in the large office hall .

Chu YunXiong was slightly surprised how fast he was: "Won't you think about it?"

"No . "

"If you fail, you will have to stay with me for life . . . "

"I will not fail . "

Xiao Luo interrupted with a smile, deep in his eyes was a calm spirit .

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Chu Yunxiong nodded: "Xiao Luo, I appreciate you very much!"

He clapped his hand . The cold office door opened and came in, holding a pile of documents in his hand, Jiang law firm lawyer Ge Zhongtian . The transfer of shares in the enterprise, must have a lawyer notarize it .

Xiao Luo signed his name and thumbprint at the bottom of each document . although he said taking over Luo Fang was his temporary idea and plan, he felt a little pressure in his heart after signing the transfer document . After all, Luo Fang is like a camel starving to death . whether he can pull the camel back from the edge of death depends on his skill .

And Luo Fang will also become a springboard for him to enter the business world!

"Mr Chu, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave first . "

Xiao Luo after Luo Fang's transfer file and income were out into a briefcase, from this moment on, he is the owner of the Luo Fang, Luo Fang's all operations have nothing to do with Chu YunXiong again . Whether it be profit or loss .

"Chu Yu always ask me where you are, you see . . . "

"I don't want to get mixed up with anyone else in Hua Ye . They have their lives . I have my life . If I break into their own lives, someone will just get hurt . " Xiao Luo said lightly .

Chu Yunxiong nodded: "Well, I know what to do . "


"Is that it?"

"Yes . " Xiao Luo nodded .

Zhang Dashan glanced at a pile of documents on equity transfer of Luo Fang in Xiao Luo's briefcase . His face had a hard time suppressing his excitement . Xiao Luo was about to take off . As his good brother, he must follow the flight . It was exciting just thinking about it .

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"Ha, ha, ha . . . " He couldn't help laughing aloud .

"Luo Fang has nothing to do with you, what are you happy about?" Xiao Luo gave him a look .

Zhang Dashan's laughter stopped at once: "What do you mean, Master Xiao? Do you want to kick down the ladder or do you want to kill the donkey?"

Xiao Luo joked, "What do you think you can do in Luo Fang?"

"Egg, I've been told that I'll be the deputy general manager . My brother has worked in the bank for three years and he's not a loafer . At least he has more contacts than you, and he knows more bosses in various industries than you . " Zhang Dashan started selling himself .

"All right, drive and find a place to eat . "

Xiao Luo stopped the topic, of course he will not abandon Zhang Dashan, although he is now the boss of Luo Fang, but he only know one staff, Su Jian-nan, a manager . He don't know anyone else, also Zhang Dashan that of course will get in . A lot of things can have a room for care and discussion later .


Zhang Dashan has already taken the lead in entering the role of deputy general manager . He smiled and started the car .

A little while later, they stopped in front of a restaurant of casserole congee, locked the car door, and walked in leisurely .

They ordered a portion of beef, green vegetables, and a large portion of casserole porridge . The two quickly ate half of it . Five more people came in and found a large table to sit down .

Xiao Luo glanced and slightly froze, he can't help but sigh that the world is really small, because these five people are none other than, Feng Ge .

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One by one, the five are no longer the firat day's high-spirited, they look a little decadent, Feng Ge that looks like a of tiger thag fell helpless . There are many other customers in the store . They have not found Xiao Luo yet .

"Brother Feng, the Windy factory called and said that we can't even use computers . We're not suitable to be security guards for their factory . "

"Longfa Supermarket also said there was no shortage of people . Let's find another job . "

"Tianyang Light Bulb Factory is short of people, but the salary they offer is too low, just 1,400 yuan, which is not enough for food and housing . If you work there, you can't get a dime a month . "

Their words fell into the ears of Xiao Luo word for word .

Xiao Luo couldn't help sighing: they all said they wouldn't bow down for five metric tons, but the reality is cruel . If one wants to survive, one must starve to death without five metric tons . Five men with strong strength can't get rid of this fate .

"Brother Feng, let's continue to go back to Guangming . Even being a gangster is better than sitting and eating until we die . " Leopard head suggested .

"With what mix, we have sinned against the dragon gang, how can we escape from the bright area alive . They have tens of thousands of people, and we're only five people, isn't that asking to die?" Feng Ge shook his head .

He finally knows how the dragon gang exists now . Jiang's largest underground power, with 3,000 to 4,000 members, can be said to be dominant in the bright area . The five of them will have to run faster, or they will be hacked to death by random knives .

Feng Ge gulped down his cup of tea and said undaunted, "Let's stick to it for a while and find a decent job . As long as the salary is decent, it doesn't matter if it's bitter . Well, don't talk about it . Have a meal and order whatever you want . I have some money left . "

The four men nodded and then browsed the menu .

"What are you looking at?"

At this time, Zhang Dashan noticed Xiao Luo's strange expression, "Is there a pretty girl?" Curious, he turned his head and looked towards where Xiao Luo was looking, but he was disappointed . "Lying in the trough, what are you looking at the five big men for? Don't tell me you're bent . "

"Eat your meal!"

Xiao Luo stared with his one eye, Zhang Dashan's dog's mouth spit out ivory .

A little while later, Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan finished eating and left . After the five people had devoured the food, they also got up and went to check out .

The shopkeeper said to them, "Your bill is closed . "


Feng Ge was greatly surprised . They looked at each other and asked, "Who helped us do this?"

"Your friend, by the way, he left you a note . " The shop owner handed a piece of paper from his pocket to Feng Ge .

Feng Ge, and his eyes widened in surprise: "Xiao Luo?"

On the paper, however, is the contact information of Xiao Luo .

The other four people are stunned, they completely didn't expect to meet Xiao Luo here, more they didn't expect Xiao Luo will check for them .

"He also said that if you really have no way out, you can go to him and he will help you as much as he can . " The shopkeeper conveyed Xiao Luo's words .

Feng felt warm in his heart, although it is only a meal, but for them it is already a great kindness .

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