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Chapter 103
Chapter 103: Wild Animal (2) .

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The group of people fell into a mess, the two men struggled to get up, mouth shouting, "Feng elder brother," while busily assisting Feng Ge .

"Go away!"

Feng Ge said with a loud growl as he sprang up from the ground . With a shock to both feet, his whole body started to play like a tiger .

As the greatest strength in the village and the scourge of fighting, he had his share of pride, but this pride was shattered by Xiao Luo at the moment . He felt endless humiliation and even more endless anger .

A sharp whistling across the sky, as if a person repressed to the extreme that almost hysterical scream, accompanied by the catharsis of strength, his taut body rushed fiercely forward, such as an arrow leaving from a string, like an eagle off the cage . He's five or six times faster than before, it's alsi as if he reached his physical limit .

His two feet stomped fiercely, he volleyed into the air, he leaped over a distance of three or four meters, swung out of his right leg and headed for Xiao Luo's neck .

Xiao Luo's eyes narrowed slightly, he side-stepped .

Feng Ge's full blow instantly lost its goal, at the same time, his body emitted cold sweat, because Xiao Luo unexpectedly and strangely came behind him . His face changed greatly, but his reaction was extremely quick this time . He turned around and kicked . The speed was as swift as a typhoon, and he roared in front of Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo retreated for three steps in a row, eyeing a neutral position he stretched out his hand, he moved to simply push Feng Ge .

For Feng Ge, this is a joke . He felt that he was being played with by Xiao Luo . The corners of his mouth couldn't help but smoke . Once his feet turned, he shouted at Xiao Luo again: "Kill!"

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Fists out, like a storm it attacked Xiao Luo in a frantic boom, his movement pace is quite fast, it tightly forced Xiao Luo back .

In the face of dazzling straight, hook, flat and pendulum punches . . . Xiao Luo's face always maintained a faint smile, he was unhurried, as he calmly resisted back .

Feng Ge in a breath, sent out more than a dozen punches, each of which contained amazing power!

But more than a dozen punches went out, and Xiao Luo was still standing in front of him, because all his attacks were blocked by him .

"It's time to end this!"

Xiao Luo smiled, he suddenly shot out, his right hand like a predatory snake, firmly printed on Feng Ge's chest .

The surging force spread wildly around with the contact point . Feng Ge flew back uncontrollably like a broken kite and fell to the ground severely . The blood poured into his throat with a sweet touch and bitterness . Blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth . His Two rows of teeth were dyed red with blood .

In addition, the big gold chain around his neck was broken and flew out with him .

"Brother Feng!"

The other four people shouted and rushed up to rescue their boss . After holding up Feng Ge, they pounced on Xiao Luo again .

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Xiao Luo knocked them to the ground with three punches and two kicks, one by one, they each held their hands or was holding their legs in a painful cry .

It's not a good start, it's not really a good start!

Feng Ge's eyes at the moment are only sad . They left the mountain and wanted to make a breakthrough in this noisy and prosperous big city . However, those with extremely low educational level have run into difficulties in finding jobs . They have almost spent all the 1,000 or 2,000 yuan they have with them and still have no job .

When they were running out of money, a strange man found them and promised them 20,000 yuan, as long as one hand of a man was scrapped . But what they never expected was that it was so difficult to get 20,000 yuan in the bag . This Xiao Luo was a monster, beating the five of them to the ground .

Xiao Luo bent down, picked up the big gold chain on the ground and smiled thoughtfully: "Why is this big gold chain broken?"

Feng Ge sobered up from his stupidity . Although he was extremely afraid of Xiao Luo, he quickly replied: "It is a fake used to pretend to be imposing . You can keep it up with one hand?"

"It turned out that the surface was painted with a layer of golden paint . The workmanship is quite exquisite . If you don't get it near, you can't see it is fake . "

Xiao Luo put the gold chain in his hands and then put it into his pocket . "I'll take it as compensation for tonight . "

Finished saying that, he turned and walked .

Feng Ge breathed a sigh of relief, raising his hand, he erased the residual blood in the corners of his mouth .

"Oh, right!"

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Xiao Luo suddenly stopped and turned around .

Feng Ge and his four companions all got a fright, and their expressions became very unnatural .

Xiao Luo laughed: "Don't be nervous, I won't embarrass you, just give you a piece of advice . A person can be shameless, arrogant and selfish, but the road must be straight . He must believe that there are no things that cannot be done in the world, and only those who refuse to work hard and don't take pains to do them, because things are done by human beings . "

His words just fell when a white corolla stopped in front of him . Zhang Dashan came out, while Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi were in the car .

"Why, what happened?" Zhang Dashan glanced at them and asked .

"It's nothing . "

Xiao Luo opened the car door and stepped onto the car .

Zhang Dashan with a full face of suspicions, slowly started the car .

"Brother Feng, what should we do?" The Leopard-headed man asked .

They received a deposit of 10,000 yuan from their employer, but the matter was not completed . They spent about 10,000 yuan, and even if they wanted to put off the task, they could not afford to pay it back .

"What else can I do, of course, it's to fight him to the end . " Another man gnashed his teeth .

"Shut up!"

Feng Ge breathed out a sigh of relief . "Even ten of you will not be his opponents . I tried my best just now, but he was still so calm . There was no pressure . I think that he could kill the man in black [or black man, couldn't confirm] with one blow . "

His eyes were filled with lingering fear . Xiao Luo left lingering fear in his heart . He even felt lucky that Xiao Luo did not give them a hard hand . Otherwise, all his brothers would have been disabled .

"Brother Feng, in a few days we'll spend all the money we have . There's no need to talk about it . Even eating will be a problem . "

"When we came out, the villagers greeted us at the entrance of the village . We also promised them that we would mix up the personal samples, but now . . . "

"It is said that big cities are good at making money and there are lots of tickets everywhere . But why do we come here and see nothing but the dense high-rise buildings?"

The four were depressed . It was only a month since they came out full of confidence and now they are at a loss and helpless .

Feng Ge waved decisively to interrupt: "Don't say a word, I don't believe there is no suitable job for us in such a big city . "


The four men nodded heavily, as long as they have Feng Ge they would not lose confidence in the future .

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