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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:14 AM
Chapter 102
Chapter 102: Wild animal (1) .

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Five people were eyeing up staring at Xiao Luo, just like staring at a prey in a trap, their group were ready to hunt .

Xiao Luo thought of a person at this time and asked with a smile: "Are you sent by Hua Haifeng?"

A month ago, he also had some friction with Hua Haifeng, a rich man .

"I don't know what Haifeng and Hefeng are!"

Feng Ge did not respond much . Obviously, they had no knowledge of Hua Haifeng . He stared at Xiao Luo with a radian of excitement in his mouth . "Brother, you are the first business we received after coming out . It is your bad luck to meet us today . "

"Do you really want to fight?"

Xiao Luo sighed, to be honest, he now also don't know if his luck is good .

Feng Ge's eyes were cold . He turned and walked away a few steps: "Xiao Wu, do it!"

"Brother Feng, why don't you do it?" The man with the leopard head and eyes, puzzled he asked .

Feng Ge flew into a rage and snapped the back of the head of the leopard head man: "I am the boss . There is no reason why the boss should do it himself . Don't talk nonsense and hurry up!"

"Oh . . . "

The four fierce men roared, waving their fists as it came to Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo was unhurried, from beginning to end, he has maintained a permanent smile on his face, the next second, his body suddenly moved, he tiptoed inching the ground, silent, fast acting like the wind . Gaining momentum, his body shot sideways, into the air, with a luxuriant 180 degrees reverse, he crossed the distance of two meters . His seemingly slender right foot swept out from the a sharp angle .

"Peng Peng ~"

Accompanied by two rumblings, two men wer immediately thrown out .


Feng Ge and the remaining two men let out a cry of surprise . They didn't expect this seemingly fragile guy would have such a hugs explosive force .

Xiao Luo's corners of his mouth lifted gently, without any pause, like a black lightning, he swept up towards the other two men . He catapulted again, with a windmill,he mercilessly hit the two men's faces .

The two men did not react slowly and immediately crossed their arms to protect their faces and took a defensive posture .

But when Xiao Luo's feet swept over them, they only felt a surging force, unable to resist it completely, and their bodies retreated uncontrollably . They pulled out four or five steps rapidly . Eventually, they failed to avoid falling to the ground . But their arms were sore, it felt like they were ruined .

"His grandmother of, why isbhe so fierce?"

Feng Ge was shocked as his four brothers were beaten in a few breaths time . This is too tough .

You know, the five of them once went into the mountain to deal with the unknowns with their bare hands . They only needed two to three hundred catties . They thought they could beat all the world-beaters after entering the city . But as a result, they met a man who could beat them so easily .

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"Not bad, you're only slightly better!"

Xiao Luo smiled falsely . "By the way, didn't you just say that more deceit is less skill, then what are you doing now?"

Feng Ge's face turned red and forced him to defend himself: "We are taking other people's money and doing things for them . Our purpose is to bully you . It is not the same thing as the gang just now . "

"Oh, well, then don't stand up!"

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, although he think these five people are very interesting, but he still have to . . .

"Good, I'll let you see how fierce I am!"


The smile on the face of Feng Ge vanished, his mouth let out a bear-like roar .

The world was silent, and the wind that swept across the streets became thick, desolate and majestic because of this howl .

Feng Ge had a smell of wild animals all over him . He dashed wildly in steps . He threw a punch at Xiao Luo's head . There were no fancy moves, just pure strength . His wild fist was a fist with a very good strength but . . .

"Only a little momentum!"

With a light snort, Xiao Luo swept his leg back like a whip, it mercilessly hit the lower abdomen of Feng Ge . With his soaring speed he couldn't react in time . With a crisp and dull crash, it directly made his body crash to the ground .

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A recruit, is only a recruit, precisely that Feng Ge is like a recruit but Xiao Luo is like a General . Feng Ge's violent attack was contained in a flash!

The body of Feng Ge flew back like a shell, but he forced the center of gravity to turn in the air to avoid the result of landing on his back . Finally, he landed with a half kneeling posture and slid back with a distance of more than one meter before stopping .

Hiss . . .

The other four people watched in a gasp, looking at Xiao Luo, dressed in black with evil eyes and incomparable evil spirit, they could not help but swallow mouthful of saliva with difficulty . At this moment, Xiao Luo's image in their hearts rose up like a mountain, with great height .

"Still fighting?"

Xiao Luo had a pondering smile .

"Of course!"

Feng Gd roared bluntly as he came over toward him, the three or four meters distance was closed like a cheetah that jumped into the sky . His whole body suddenly turned into a cannonball, mixed with the thunderous trend, it severely crashed towards Xiao Luo .

His tightly clenched fist became the only weapon of his body in a high-speed fight!

Zi ~

Out of the harsh surprises, whistle, he got closer and closer to Xiao Luo .

His four companions straightened up with excitement and almost cried out . They ready expect Xiao Luo to be knocked down by their boss Feng Ge .

But the reality is cruel, and it did not turn out what they expected . . .

"Peng ~"

The sound of depressing exploding, Feng Ge fell into the palm of Xiao Luo's right hand .

Feng Ge's pupil were getting bigger and his mouth slightly opened . He felt that his iron fist had its power wrapped around him and it felt like hitting a cotton and there was no place to focus on it .

"The power is fierce and the momentum is powerful . It should be trained by fighting with wild animals in the mountain forest . But your moves are just too stiff and inflexible . It is ok for those who do not know anything about fighting, but those who knew, your fist will mmediately lose their lethality . " Xiao Luo released him and through his body back .

"Nonsense! ! !”

Feng Ge is like an enraged beast, jumping back and forth, his body running up again .

He jumped very high, with his waist parallel to Xiao Luo's head, and his body prancing in the air swept out a foot with the strength of rotation . His foot went straight to Xiao Luo's head .

If this happens, I'm afraid even a bull will have to be pulled over!

"Well, yes!"

Xiao Luo laughed, moved his steps, dodged the fierce foot of Feng Ge, then turned his right hand into a claw, grabbed his ankle like an eagle, pushed his shoulder forward, rotated 360 degrees in situ, and then threw Feng Ge out directly .

The two companions could not escape, were knocked over by the bullet-like impact of Feng Ge's body . They could not stop crying miserably in pain .

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