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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:19:24 AM
Chapter 1

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Xiao Luo woke up from a daze and found himself lying in a hospital bed with a strong smell of disinfectant in the air .

“This is … the hospital? Why am I in the hospital? “

Xiao Luo frowned, very confused, but soon, he slowly remembers what had happened .

After his girlfriend Zhao Mengqi broke up with him, he drove his cheap run-down car on the suburban road to vent his emotions .

The road was slippery in rainy days, and it was late at night . He had an accident like so . His car speeding of more than 120 mph drove off the road and plunged into a farmland falling up to 3 meters . He could not remember what happened right after . He also did not know which good man/woman found him and sent him to the hospital . Only then did he retrieve his life, God Bless You wonderful person .


At this moment, the door of the ward was pushed open, and a sweet-looking female nurse came in with the medicine .


When seeing Xiao Luo, who woke up and sat on the sickbed frowning and meditating, she immediately gave a loud scream . The liquid medicine in her hand dropped to the ground with a “crack” and fell all over the floor . she looked like as if she’d seen a ghost, with her eyes wide open and her right hand trembling, pointing to Xiao Luo: “You, you … how did you wake up?”

WTF?! Is this nurse new? Otherwise, how could there be such a drastic reaction when seeing the patient wake up?

He checked himself up and down, left and right, then spread out his hands and said, “Obviously . ” Then he asked cautiously, “Is there … any problem?”

“How can you wake up, you can’t wake up, how …”

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The nurse still seemed as “startled” as before, with her eyes wide, her mouth open and her face full of shock as she looks at Xiao Luo . It seemed that she could not believe what she was seeing .

Can’t wake up?

Xiao Luo felt really little stupid, he can’t understand why the nurse would say such a thing .

Just as he was about to ask, the female nurse turned her head and ran out . Then her hysterical cry rang out from the whole corridor: “Doctor Zhang, it’s terrible . The patient in Ward 438 is awake!”

What the hell is going on here?

Xiao Luo was really puzzled and couldn’t figure out the reason . He also felt quite speechless about his ward number, because the 4 in 438 has a similar sound in pronouncing death, also it is infamous to be an unlucky number .

At this moment, a series of system prompt sounds suddenly sounded in his mind . The tone is just like the system voice in the popular online game, Heroes Alliance .

“Ding, congratulations to host Xiao Luo for winning 10 points . Do you want to open the mall for exchange?”

Xiao Luo gasped in shock, what on Mother Earth is this circumstance?

As a new youth in the 21st century, it is simply against common sense to believe such a strange thing will happen .

He thought it was an illusion and a result of concussion from his accident, but then suddenly a light curtain window appeared in front of his eyes, which was like a “Page” with quite high technical content showing a series of information like the ones in games .

Host: Xiao Luo

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Age: 26

Points: 10 points

Current status: Employee of Huahai Group

State level: Mediocrity


What, mediocrity … mediocrity?

Seeing this, Xiao Luo immediately returned to himself, unconvinced in his heart, saying: “I am at least an engineer of Huahai Manufacturing Group, ok?” If engineers are mediocre, then there is no one in this world who is not mediocre!

Seemingly to have heard his voice, the system prompt sounded again: “Ding, the host’s foreign language communication ability is low, host’s body is ill, morality, intelligence, physique and beauty are subpar, as such mediocrity . ”


Xiao Luo’s mind is considered very good, but he can’t help but utter such a dirty word at the moment . He then asked, “What are you exactly?”

“Ding, this system is called the Peerless Genius System, which comes from a parallel universe hundreds of billions of light years away . ” The system responded .

“Parallel universe?”

Xiao Luo’s shock at the moment cannot be described in words . The fact before him forced him to believe the words spoken by this invisible and intangible system . As he already had the concept of parallel universe in his mind like duhhh science said its a possibility also from the by-product of education . He subconsciously asked, “Is there also an earth there?”

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“Ding, of course there is, but the level of science and technology should be 100,000 years ahead of here!”


Xiao Luo’s brain was unable to accept it for a moment . The level of science and technology was ahead of 100,000 years . What kind of picture can be painted will that be? Even the human beings there have already got rid of the cycle of life and death through the power of science and technology, and will never die .

“Ding, this system came to this universe due to a turbulence of time and space, parasitic on you on the verge of death, especially giving you a free life renewal!” The system voice brought his mind back to reality .

Xiao Luo was surprised, with his “IQ,” the episode prior to the awakening of the system suddenly became clear as to why the nurse seeing himself wake up being so “rude . ”

The reason was this: because of the renewal of the system, he woke up when he shouldn’t have woken up so quickly, or he woke up when the doctor diagnosed him as hopeless aka DEAD, as such the nurse’s overreaction could be explained .

After thinking about this, his heart became more steadfast and he asked, “What else can you do for me except to renew my life?”

“Ding, this system can turn you into a Peerless Genius . ”

“Peerless Genius? Is it that kind of pervert who knows everything? ” Asked Xiao Lou .

“Ding, that’s acceptable!”

“What will it cost?” Xiao Lou doesn’t believe in pie falling from the sky .

“Ding, by consuming points to exchange various abilities in the mall, the more advanced the abilities are, the more points will be consumed . ”

With the introduction of the system, the light curtain window turned to the mall, which showed many abilities, such as foreign language ability, gaming ability, memory ability, etc . , which could be seen at a glance at this bountiful window among numerous abilities .

After watching it for about a moment, Xiao Luo felt that it was a little bit abusive of the system, because of the thousands of abilities shown above, none of them can be exchanged with only ten points .

“System, can you tell me, what can I exchange for ten points?” Xiao Luo unwilling to give up, want to try whether this is just his illusion, or some kind of prank by the system .

“Ding, ten points cannot be exchanged for any kind of ability!”

A black line came down from Xiao Lou’s face: “Are you kidding me?”

[TL: black line aka wrinkle]

“Ding, points can be earned, the host should not worry . ”

Points can be earned!

Xiao Luo’s eyes brightened: “How do you earn them?”

“Ding, any surprise, curiosity, shock, etc . caused by the host will be automatically recognized and absorbed by the system, and then automatically converted into corresponding scores according to their depth . ”

“I see!”

Xiao Luo immediately understood what this Peerless Genius System wants, this is clearly to let him constantly install the X factor, such as dressing up as a pig to eat the tiger . The 10 points just now was surely earned from the nurse .

“Peng ~”

All of a sudden, the ward door was fiercely pushed open, and a large group of doctors dressed in white coats swarmed in . When seeing Xiao Lou sitting on the sickbed, they all stood in situ, petrified . Their eyes were wide open, looking at Xiao Lou in shock .

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