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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:17:43 AM
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Peerless Genius System Chapter 81
DolionSeptember 25, 2019
Chapter 81: Hunting (2) .

The One-eyed strong man's face flashed a bit of panic, things are too weird, these people, they didn't even see the other party's face . The result is quietly, five people were already sacrificed, he even suspected that the opponent is not human, but a bloodthirsty ghost .

This time, taking over the hunt for the daughter of Chu YunXiong, a Chinese business tycoon, was a bold decision by their Red Scorpion mercenary group . After all, Chu YunXiong not only has a good position in China, but also has an international outlook and a senior influential figure . If this operation can be successfully completed, their position in the company will be greatly improved .

They just never expected, Chu YunXiong's side to incredibly have such an abnormal guy . The other is like playing around in the thick forest, but also like a god of death, a ruthless entity that will harvest their lives .

"This boss must find him and slowly torture him to death with the cruelest punishment in the world!" The one-eyed strong man said growling, he gone completely mad .

At this time, a sniper bullet with the roar of the wind, tearing the heavy space, was shot .

"Poop-poop ~"

It pierced the necks of two strong men, bringing out two strands of blood mist floating in the air . The two strong men fell into a pool of blood before they can even bellow out a cry, as blood poured out from their necks .

Two hits, one bullet, what a wonderful and terrifying marksmanship!

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"Found the target, he is . . . "

After a short pause, a member finally found Xiao Luo's hiding place, ready to shoot, and quickly reported it to the one-eyed strong man and the others .

However, he greatly underestimated Xiao Luo's reaction ability . Just as he spoke, another sniper rifle bullet flew in and shot his head accurately . His head was like a watermelon that burst apart after being subjected to a strong force, and the red and white brain matter spilled all over the floor .

"Sh*t! ! !”

The one-eyed strong man went on the rampage and raised his sniper rifle to roughly where Xiao Luo was hiding at, which was a shot .

"Bang ~"

The bullet leaving the chamber rubs violently with the air, bringing up a high temperature that seems to burn everything . It is impossible for the naked eye to capture its movement track .

The bullet, passing through Xiao Luo's ear, hissed and let his eardrum buzz . This is passing by death . However powerful the mind may be, he also got in a cold sweat . Then he quickly calmed down and jumped off the branch like a ghost . When the one-eyed strong man's five people arrived there, he had already disappeared .

"Come out, give me out!"

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The One-eyed strong man frantically roared, he changed into a submachine gun and pointed it towards the bushes around as he's crazyly shooting . Dense bullets like salamanders swept through everything, broken branches and leaves swirling, sawdust scattered, the surprised birds flew .

Until all the bullets in the submachine gun were emptied, the one-eyed strong man was nonstop pulling the trigger, while the submachine gun was emitting bursts of "kaka" sound, thick white smoke was rising from the muzzle .

The other four were horrified at this moment and felt unprecedented pressure .

Just then, Xiao Luo bit a dagger from a pinch of tall grass and rushed out like a hungry wolf . He swept away at a man . The man noticed something and had just turned around . But the poised dagger was already swiped right across his throat .

"Poof ~"

As fast as electricity, his skin was easily cut and blood shot out .

Xiao Luo in situ rotation, turning his body, suddenly rushed toward the left front position and attacked . His whole action is like a river flowing, it's a coherent whole, as if a straight line suddenly turning into an Angle with smooth transition .

His hands clenched in fists, brought out the terrible strong wind like tearing air, and aimed it at the big fellow in front of him .

"Peng ~"

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"Crack ~"

The iron fist like a steel hammer came crashing down on the chest of the big fellow . Terrible force surged out like an ocean tsunami . The big fellow's sternum was broken, his bone stubble and got punctured; his heart was pierced, scarlet blood gushed out, and his body was sent flying backward as he banged on the cadres of a big tree . The big tree, which needed two people to hold around its trunk, shook violently, and countless green leaves fluttered down along with it, as if it's heart had been dug out by wild animals . Its original lively aura was fleeting away .

Fierce, tough, overbearing, ruthless, and deadly!

"Damn, he's here!"

A bald man reacted, the submachine gun in his hand quickly shot at Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo, as fast as a cheetah, just didn't let the bullets hit him . His body bent low, then he rushed, with a strange pace close to the man .

Sniffing between a cold hum, he swept his leg and hit the other sides knee, "Crack . " The others straight legs instantly bent back, shrieks sounded . Before the person could react, Xiao Luo with a dagger in his hand, like a flash of lightning, slit it across his throat .

"Poof ~"

A stream of blood fountain came out from the man's neck . The bald man stared with big eyes, full of horror . He threw away the gun, his hands clinging to cover the blood pouring out from his throat, but no matter how much he covered it, blood won't stop gushing out . His body looked like it lost bone support and completely collapsed to the ground . His limbs did final convulsions before his death .

He killed three people in an instant, but the sickle of death did not stop there . . .

The bloody dagger, with its owner's strong battle intent, streaked three or four meters away and plunged into the chest of a man with a Chinese face .

The one-eyed strong man is the head of the group, and he was the only one to accurately lock on to Xiao Luo, but he didn't dare to shoot, because at this time, Xiao Luo was behind a big fellow that has become his shield puppet and is his COMRADE!

"Yam! Yam! ! !”

The one-eyed strong man shouted two times at the big fellow with the Chinese face . The sniper rifle he held had its muzzle flat and moved its position, ready to kill Xiao Luo who took the big fellow with the Chinese face as a shield .

But no matter how he moves, the big fellow with the Chinese face and Xiao Luo are always in a straight line .

Because the big fellow with the Chinese face was huge, it completely blocked Xiao Luo . If people who did not know the situation saw this scene, they would surely think that there were only the one-eyed strong man and the big fellow with the Chinese face whose in the place, but they would also notice the standing posture of the big fellow with the Chinese face being very strange, like a puppet controlled by a string, giving a person a kind of eerie and gloomy feeling .

"Let him go, let him go!"

Bead-sized sweats rolled down from the forehead of the one-eyed strong man . He hissed at Xiao Luo . At that time, it was impossible to say that he isn't panicking . Is the other person really human? But how can a human kill so many of his companions in a moment?

At this time, the big fellow with the Chinese face turned his back on him, his feet dangling, as if possessed by an evil spirit, as he approached him quickly . . .

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