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Published at 21st of March 2020 11:19:22 AM
Chapter 2

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Xiao Luo saw shock, bewilderment and doubt in their eyes …

“How can the patient recover from septic shock, intestinal rupture and hemorrhage, liver and spleen contusion in half a day?”

“Not only that, the patient also suffered from double lung contusion, bilateral multiple rib fractures, comminuted skull fractures, torn right abdominal muscles, gastrointestinal bleeding, pelvic fractures . How did the patient wake up from such serious injuries?”

“Unbelievable, this is a medical miracle!”

This group of doctors looked at Xiao Luo very carefully as if he was an alien, speechless with shock and unspeakable horror, including the female nurse who screamed earlier .

Xiao Luo was equally shocked, because his score was rapidly rising to 100 points from the previous 10 points . However it did not stop there, but instead continued to soar upto 1,001 points, before finally stabilizing .

“Ding, congratulations to the host for getting 991 points . Do you want to enter the mall to exchange?” The system voice sounded .

Xiao Luo blinked and snapped back to himself, thinking of his weak constitution, he then asked: “Is there anything in the system that can improve my strength?”

His words just fell when “Mercenary King’s Constitution” appeared on the screen, but it costs 1,000 points to exchange . If he bought this, his whole points would be spent .

“What is this?” Xiao Luo was puzzled .

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“Ding, Mercenary King’s Constitution can enable the host to quickly possess the abilities of the King of Mercenaries, including skill strength, combat experience, reaction ability, knowledge of firearms, etc . Once exchanged, it will be permanent and effective . Will the host exchange?” The system voice answered .


Xiao Luo gasped, this is more than possessing a system, it is more like a game, directly on the script to modify the characteristics of the protagonist .


These two words were squeezed out of his mouth . He still did not dare to believe wholly that the system was real unless his body really do become stronger at this instance .

[TL: two words as it is in Chinese characters]

“Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring the Mercenary King’s Constitution by consuming 1,000 points!” The system sounded .

This group of doctors in the room only looked at each other, because they could not see the screen at all, nor could they hear the prompt sound of the system . All they could hear was Xiao Luo’s voice .

Seeing Xiao Luo sitting on the bed talking to himself, with his eyebrows furrowed, they agreed that Xiao Luo’s brain was damaged . Although he woke up, he in turn became a mental patient .

And now they have completely calmed down, because they realized a major problem, that is, the patient was diagnosed last night by an intern who was still relatively new to the hospital .

Their understanding of the patient was based on the intern’s diagnosis report . After all, they didn’t have that much time in their hands to personally check the patient’s condition .

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So, can it be that the intern misdiagnosed the patient and get the wrong report? In the end, it’s not a medical miracle after all .

“Have you contacted the patient’s family?” A middle-aged doctor tilted his head and asked the female nurse nearby .

The female nurse nodded: “We are preparing to contact his family through the patient’s cell phone . A man named Zhang Dashan just called and said that he was a good friend of the patient . We told the patient’s situation to Zhang Dashan . The man promised to come immediately and should be on his way now . ”

“Very well, remember to give the patient’s medical expenses to this friend of his, Zhang Dashan!” The middle-aged doctor said .

“Yes Doctor . ” The female nurse nodded in response .

“By the way, arrange another full-body examination for the patient . I seriously suspect that his examination report was wrong, that his right eye was torn and bleeding, that there was any injury to his whole body at all, plus that Xiao Lai dozed off last night so it is plausible of it being wrong . ” The middle-aged doctor frowned .

Just then, a cold atmosphere suddenly bombarded the ward without warning .

The doctors in the ward couldn’t help but feel shivers down their spines . They all stared at Xiao Luo on the sickbed . They suspect that they are having a strong illusion at the moment . This is not a person sitting on the sickbed, but a bloodthirsty beast that is extremely dangerous . By the looks of it, they can be eaten into a pile of bones at any time .

Xiao Luo’s eyes, in particular, are cold and oppressive . They are full of wild spirits . They look like a pair of wild animals’ eyes, making people shaken from their soul .

How did that happen?

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Was it illusion?

The doctors were all stunned . They could not tell whether it was true or not, but their foreheads were filled with cold sweat . They could not understand how a person’s temperament changed so dramatically in a flash .

Xiao Luo’s feeling at this very moment is very wonderful, his body seems to have endless strength, and the chronic spondylitis that has troubled him for more than two years seems to have vanished, his whole back became extremely relaxed . His body has never felt such comfort before .

[TL: Spondylitis BTW is the inflammation of the vertebrae]

Even his sight became clearer . He could easily catch sight of the tiny creatures in the ward, such as the spider lying quietly on the wall waiting for its prey to come knocking at its door .

“Lao Xiao!”

A loud voice exploded from the outside of the ward . Then, the door was forcibly pushed open and a young man of similar age to Xiao Luo appeared at the door .

There is a lot of meat on the young man’s face, his whole face is plump and round, but his body is not fat and can be even called thin . It was like a fat man’s head was grafted on a thin man’s body . He has several clear lines on his forehead and has rough skin on his face .

The young man glanced left and right, before finally locking unto Xiao Luo sitting on the bed . He completely regarded the doctors as air as he ran straight to Xiao Luo .

After a general examination of Xiao Luo’s body, his loud voice immediately cried: “Heavens, which quack doctor said that my brother was in shock and was going to become a vegetable, causing me to run over without the chance of eating breakfast?”

This remark made the group of doctors in the ward blush, especially the middle-aged doctor, as he is Xiao Luo’s attending doctor, although the diagnosis result was written by Xiao Lai, an intern last night, the title of being a quack doctor still fell directly on him .

“Ahem …”

Xiao Luo coughed a few times, from his burst of embarrassment, his brother Zhang Dashan is really daring to say anything, and is not afraid of being beaten up by doctors?

The line of doctors looked at each other and then retreated one after another . After closing the door, some doctors could not help but get angry .

“This little Lai’s tricks is really… Did he diagnose the patient last night while sleeping? “

“An intern is an intern who doesn’t take his job seriously at all . I suggest that he should be disqualified from becoming a full member and can only stay in the hospital for another three months . ”

“Yes, misdiagnosis is a big taboo for us as doctors . Such a big misdiagnosis is the first time in my life . ”

Obviously, these doctors have decided that Xiao Luo’s awakening is not a medical miracle at all, but a huge misdiagnosis, which was caused by Xiao Lai, the new intern in their hospital .

The middle-aged doctor said nothing, but his face was extremely ugly .

Xiao Lai is an intern under his name . This is the first time he has seen such a big misdiagnosis since becoming a doctor .

He is usually loved, and has also been given a plaque of Hua Tuo’s life . Yet no he has received such an insulting title as “quack doctor” as he did early this morning . All this should be counted on the intern Xiao Lai .

[TL: Poor soul…]

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