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Chapter 957 - A Breakthrough

"A force of immortality?"

Qin Nan was shocked.

Anything that contained traces of immortality was surely nothing ordinary.

The jade jar contained golden tea leaves, with sharp edges like razors and a thick aura of immortality. The patterns on it seemed to be carved with a brush of the Dao.

The Three-Leaved Crimson Tea was nothing compared to it.

"This is the Golden-Leaved Immortal Tea, one hundred and fifty grams of it." The Destruction Martial Monarch displayed a hint of unwillingness from his eyes. He had found five hundred grams of the tea from some ancient ruins in the past after investing great effort. Now, only one hundred and fifty grams were left after drinking it for two thousand years.

"Since I've shown it to you, you will have to finish it, otherwise, death will be your end." The Destruction Martial Monarch wore a cold expression as he waved, causing a stream of water to flow into the pot. He placed fifty grams of the golden tea leaves into the pot, which began to swim in the water as if they had come alive.

A pleasant aroma spread into the surroundings, causing the flowers and trees in the residence to sway softly.

"I will not put senior's effort into vain."

Qin Nan brought his fists together.

"Drinking this immortal tea is no longer about your cultivation, but your soul and will. Those with a weak mind will die, and the strong live. Do you really think everyone is worthy to drink the tea?" The Destruction Martial Monarch raised the cup and emptied it with pleasure.

Qin Nan gathered his focus as he raised the cup and finished it in two sips.


It felt like the cup of tea had turned into a surging ocean, thrusting into his body with a great aura of immortality, dealing a great blow to his veins and bones, as if they were on the verge of shattering.

Qin Nan remained calm as the Martial Trees proceeded to absorb the tremendous energy.

Even the immortal tea was unable to crush the will of his soul, the nine Martial Trees would sustain the energy!

"The world determines our fate based on the ranks of our Martial Spirits. How many geniuses have lost their hope because of this? Qin Nan, do you think it's fair?" The Destruction Martial Monarch's aura exploded as he drank another cup. It felt like he was interrogating Qin Nan.

The residence was swept by a ferocious howling wind.

He was no longer asking a simple question. He had executed a Monarch Art known as the 'Dao-Knocking Tone', allowing his words to penetrate one's soul, aiming to shatter its will.

Currently, he was executing the first layer of the Monarch Art.

"So what if it isn't fair? The key to success is yourself, so what's the point in blaming yourself!" Qin Nan's face flushed, but his eyes were as clear as crystal as he drank another cup.

"You're wrong!"

"The rules are as solid as iron. Even with an outstanding determination and countless fortunate encounters, it's impossible to break free from the world that traps you like a cage!"

"Two cups for you!"

The Destruction Martial Monarch raised his tone and drank two cups of the tea.

Claps of thunder could be heard from the surrounding, as a dull atmosphere filled the place, resulting in a great pressure.

The second layer of the Dao-Knocking Tone!

Qin Nan raised two cups and emptied them at the same time.

Apart from the rumbling force inside his body, he was also forced to resist the suppression from the Dao-Knocking Tone.

"Someone has done it eight thousand years ago, so why are you telling me it's impossible? The rules are meant to be broken!"

Qin Nan groaned.

His focus was clenched tightly into a string, unaffected by the Monarch Art. Meanwhile, the golden seal in his body suppressed the energy of the tea while the Martial Trees rapidly absorbed them.


At that instant, Qin Nan's body began to emit an immortal glow.

It appeared that his aura had reached its peak.

"Nice one, kid!" The Destruction Martial Monarch exclaimed in astonishment. Drinking three cups of tea in a row while suffering the pressure from the second-layer of Dao-Knocking Tone, and yet his will was approaching a breakthrough instead of crumbling.

Not many geniuses would be able to achieve this.

"Succeed or face destruction. If you can't survive it, that means you're not worthy enough!"

The Destruction Martial Monarch's eyes flickered viciously.

He waved his hand and began brewing the remaining Golden-Leaved Immortal Tea. Following this, the teapot rose into the air and poured five cups of tea each!

Qin Nan's eyes glistened seeing this.

"Last five cups, let's do it."

The Destruction Martial Monarch drank the tea in advance.

"Since senior has the mood to do so, I shall keep you company until the end!"

Qin Nan took a deep breath and drank all five cups in a row.


Five streams of energy burst into his body. Even with the golden seal's protection, parts of his body were burst open, causing blood to splatter.

His bones, veins, and flesh were damaged.

He felt incredible pain.


Qin Nan uttered a roar as he used all of his might to refine the energy.

However, the Destruction Martial Monarch's gaze sharpened as he spoke, "Without the Monarch Horoscope and God Horoscope, you won't be able to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm or the Martial God Realm! What will you do then?"

Before Qin Nan could reply, the Destruction Martial Monarch's voice transformed into the roar of an ancient dragon.

"You choose to advance with your own might!

"But the rules are solid like walls, determining your fate! No one has done it in the past! Not the one eight thousand years ago, not Martial Gods, not even the geniuses above the Nine Heavens have done it!

"It's unfair! Unfair! Still unfair!"

The highest level of the Dao-Knocking Tone, the third layer!

Each of his words resonated with the Dao.

At that instant, the residence began to quiver, as the space surrounding it crumbled rapidly. It felt like the place was being devoured by some force.

It appeared that the Dao had crumbled!

Qin Nan's soul was experiencing a great impact as if he was dragged into a raging storm.

The energy of the immortal tea continued to collide in his body!

He had found himself in a tight situation!

The Destruction Martial Monarch wore an expressionless face, showing his authority as a Martial Monarch.

He was only destroying a genius. There were countless geniuses that had fallen under his hands.

"Martial Spirit…unleashed!"

At the last moment, Qin Nan uttered a roar as the Divine Battle Spirit emerged behind him, standing in the air and looked downward.

Under its suppression, the energy of the immortal tea stopped resisting, allowing the Martial Trees to absorb it with ease.

The inside of his body was calmed.

Qin Nan raised his head observing the crumbling surroundings and snapped, "Maybe it's unfair, but I will never regret, never hate, never complain, and never back off!"

Never regret his decisions.

Never hate the fate given to him.

Never complain about the unfairness of the world.

Even without a Monarch Horoscope or a God Horoscope, he would never back off despite how unfair he was treated!

Qin Nan did not learn the Dao-Knocking Tone but each of his words contained a great power, which tore the crumbling surroundings apart.

He found himself back at the residence.

The immortal force in his body was completely refined, resulting in a new aura rising in his body.

His cultivation and the nine Martial Trees had all leveled up!


The Destruction Martial Monarch stared in astonishment.

Had the kid really survived such a hopeless situation?

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