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Chapter 958 - Shocking the Crowd with a Single Move

Previously, Qin Nan had already drunk two hundred and fifty grams of Three-Leaved Crimson Tea before suffering the pressure from the Golden-Leaved Immortal Tea and the Dao-Knocking Tone—even a tenth-layer Martial Progenitor would not be able to survive.

"Impressive, very impressive!" The Destruction Martial Monarch exclaimed in excitement, "Even I would not have been able to do so in the past, you have really opened my eyes today."

Qin Nan responded with a smile, before he sat down with his legs crossed.

The Martial Trees in his body had all grown a zhang taller. Furthermore, his will, soul, etc. also had a breakthrough after being nurtured by the immortal energy and the Dao-Knocking Tone.

He needed some time to stabilize his power.

The Destruction Martial Monarch let out a sigh while staring at Qin Nan, before his gaze became determined.

It had been two thousand years; it was time for his remaining will to vanish.

"However, I will not give you my Monarch Art straight away. I've included the will of the God Tribulation into the Monarch Art prior to my death. Your fate will decide if you are the one to acquire it! That being said, I'll give you a better chance of finding it…" The Destruction Martial Monarch murmured as he fired a golden glow into Qin Nan's body.

Following this, he fell silent.

He admired Qin Nan's talents, but he would not give it to him for free.

He clearly knew the importance of fate. If Qin Nan had no fate with him, nothing would matter in the end.

The same thing had happened between him and the God Horoscope.

Time gradually passed.

Qin Nan's aura was finally calmed.

The eight Divine Battle Trees were now three zhang tall, while his personal Martial Tree was five zhang tall. However, Qin Nan realized that as his strength improved, the aura of the Divine Battle Trees had grown significantly stronger, and he had the urge to challenge his personal Martial Tree once again.

"It seems like I'll have to find some way to improve my personal Martial Tree. Otherwise, it will be suppressed by the Divine Battle Trees, as they possess the will of the Divine God of Battle!" Qin Nan concluded as his eyes sprang open.

"Thank you, senior!"

Qin Nan rose from the ground and brought his fists together.

"Why are you thanking me when I almost killed you?" The Destruction Martial Monarch said in an indifferent tone.

Qin Nan shook his head and said, "For me, it's an opportunity. Since I've chosen to keep going, I will be responsible for my own decision—that's the price I have to pay to become stronger. It's my honor to enjoy such precious tea, thus you've helped me a great deal. I'm obliged to thank you even if I fail."

"HAHA, at least you know how to speak!" The Destruction Martial Monarch burst out laughing, before he withdrew his smile and said, "The others are here."

"Others?" Qin Nan was startled.

Following an energy fluctuation, Jiang Bilan, Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and another cultivator landed at the residence. Jiang Bilan's aura was relatively calm, while the others were covered in blood.

"Qin Nan? Why are you here?"

Li Guan and the others were stunned seeing Qin Nan.

They clearly knew how dangerous the ancient ruins were.

Before Qin Nan could say anything, the Destruction Martial Monarch said in a calm tone, "You five have passed the trials. Well done."

The words immediately grabbed everyone's attention. Their expressions became respectful as they recalled something.

"Greetings, senior!"

The Destruction Martial Monarch said with a wave, "Forget it, since you've passed the trials, there will be rewards for each of you. Here are five rewards for you to choose from."

Following a wave, three unique herbs, an ancient manual, and a pill floated in the air.

"Scarlet Torment Flower?"

"Dragon Brilliance Wood?"

"Nine-Rotation Destruction Pill?"

Li Guan and the others were astounded.

All these treasures were incredibly valuable. Besides, was the ancient manual the Monarch Art that the Destruction Martial Monarch had invented himself?

"My Monarch Art isn't here. Do you really think I'd give them to you that easily?" The Destruction Martial Monarch immediately poured a bucket of cold water onto them, "You will have the chance to find the Monarch Art. Anyway, it's time to choose, starting from you first!"

The Destruction Martial Monarch pointed at Qin Nan.

"He's first?"

Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the cultivator were startled.

Each of the five treasures had its own uses, thus the one picking first would get to decide in advance!

"Senior, forgive me for asking, but why is he first?" Ouyang Xiaoxiao stepped forward. He was aiming for the Dragon Brilliance Wood, thus he would not be satisfied if it ended up getting picked by Qin Nan.

"Senior, I'm not too convinced either." Li Guan said.

Qin Nan glanced at them without saying anything.

"It's understandable since you are not aware of the trial he has gone through." The Destruction Martial Monarch smilingly said, "Here, have a taste of this tea."

With a wave, two cups of Three-Leaved Crimson Tea landed before them.


Li Guan and Ouyang Xiaoxiao were utterly confused, but they still drank the tea.


An incredible force exploded in their bodies.

The two geniuses were taken by surprise, who immediately used their Martial Spirit, Martial Tree, and various Monarch Arts to suppress the energy.

It took them a great effort to calm the energy down. Their faces were still filled with fear from experiencing the encounter.

If they had been slightly slower in their reaction, they would have suffered a severe injury.

"Senior, what was that…"

Li Guan and Ouyang Xiaoxiao's expressions became dark.

Was the Destruction Martial Monarch trying to punish them?

"In Qin Nan's trial, he drank two hundred and fifty grams of the same tea." The Destruction Martial Monarch replied.


The two geniuses' faces were filled with disbelief.

Two hundred and fifty grams?

That would be at least ten cups!

Even with their full strength, they would only be able to drink five cups!

How had Qin Nan done it?

Qin Nan brought his fists together before taking the Dragon Brilliance Wood. It was extremely useful for his personal Martial Tree.

Ouyang Xiaoxiao and Li Guan were furious seeing this, but they could not find any excuse.

Not impressed?

Try drinking ten cups of the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea!

Besides, the trial that Qin Nan had passed was even more terrifying.

Following this, Jiang Bilan and the rest picked their treasure.

"Two thousand years, I've stayed here for two thousand years. The others might think I'm choosing my successor, but that's not really the case. I'm just reluctant to leave the world." The Destruction Martial Monarch said, "No one is willing to die, right? However, I've decided, even if I insist on staying, it's impossible for me to come back to live."

Saying this, he glanced at Qin Nan and the others.

"If you're searching for my real succession, only the fateful one will get it in the end!"

Following this, the Destruction Martial Monarch's figure shattered into countless light dots that flew in all directions.

At that instant, the ground of the Land of Dharma, the ten black entrances, and the space inside the golden and silver doors experienced a tremendous change!

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