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Chapter 956 - One Hundred and Fifty Grams of Golden Immortal, Discussing Monarch Arts at a Fast Pace

When the Destruction Martial Monarch had first revealed the tea leaf, Qin Nan had tried observing it with his left eye and had not observed anything strange about it. it turned out that the Destruction Martial Monarch had somehow concealed the truth, giving Qin Nan a surprise.


Qin Nan grunted in his heart, causing the eight Divine Battle Trees and his personal Martial Tree to unleash a shocking absorption force, sucking the pure force in his body.

"The force of the tea leaf is enormous, but it seems like my Martial Trees are able to absorb it all in an instant. This might be a chance for me." Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he calmed his thoughts.

It was unbelievable to have nine Martial Trees, thus the Destruction Martial Monarch would never figure out his trump card.

"Mm? Your Martial Tree is quite impressive, to be able to refine the force of my Three-Leaved Crimson Tea in such a short time." The Destruction Martial Monarch took out a jade jar and said, "Five hundred grams of Three-Leaved Crimson Tea, just about right for our discussion."

This time, the Destruction Martial Monarch did not conceal the power of the tea. A formidable power could be sensed from the jade jar, which formed a few illusionary figures of red dragons that circulated the jar while uttering blasting roars.

Qin Nan was not familiar with it, but anyone who knew what it was would be stupefied seeing this.

The Three-Leaved Crimson Tea was an incredibly rare tea, the price for each gram was shocking.

However, the power of the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea was quite outstanding; even an eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm expert would not dare to drink half of it within an hour, as it was possible that the power would burst one's body open.

Qin Nan was overjoyed, but he remained calm on the surface.

"I'm quite happy to meet a genius after spending thousands of years here. We'll assume that the tea is wine for today. Cheers!" The Destruction Marital Monarch emptied his cup.

"Thanks, senior!"

Qin Nan raised the cup and emptied it, causing his body to experience a great energy flow.

"The four cultivators are quite different from each other. I would like to know what kind of Monarch Art you have in mind for the woman?" The Destruction Martial Monarch asked.

Qin Nan said in a serious tone while refining the energy in his body, "I'm quite familiar with her—she possesses the force of death. What is death? Non-existent, non-living means death. She is considered a great beauty in terms of appearance; thus it would be quite fascinating for her to unleash the force of death with a kiss."

The Kiss of Death, bringing death upon the area with a single kiss.

"Not a bad concept." The Destruction Martial Monarch exclaimed, "Cheers."

"Thanks, I'm flattered."

Qin Nan frowned slightly as he emptied the third cup.

It felt like they were drinking wine instead of tea.

"What about the young man in the white robe?" The Destruction Martial Monarch prompted.

"The white-robed young man seemed gentle, but he's an expert in killing. His strength belies his hypocritical intentions with his friendly manners. He uses fans and fan arts mostly, thus he could form ten sabers with his intent and hide them in his fan." Qin Nan pointed out.

"Sabers inside a fan? Not bad in terms of creativity, but where is the will in it." The Destruction Martial Monarch sharply identified the weakness.

"Saber can be treated as Dao, and vice versa; thus hiding the sabers in his fan could be hiding the will in his fan too!" Qin Nan replied calmly.


The eyes of the Destruction Martial Monarch flickered as he emptied another cup.

Qin Nan followed.

In just a brief period, he had finished four cups. If it weren't for the support of the nine Martial Trees, the energy would have damaged his body.

Currently, they had only finished a hundred grams of the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea.

"It's harder to find a confidant than a pile of gold. It's a shame that we don't have any wine here. Come, let's have another cup." The Destruction Martial Monarch said.

"You're being too kind." Qin Nan emptied another cup.

As soon as the Destruction Martial Monarch finished the tea, he said, "The ideas you've come up with for the first two cultivators were quite interesting. How about the third and fourth ones?"


Qin Nan answered.

As he finished speaking, the Destruction Martial Monarch raised his cup once again.

The entire process took place at a fast pace, like a rapid storm, leaving Qin Nan with no time to hesitate.

Other people would have trouble keeping up, as not only would they need to resist the energy of the tea, they would need to answer the Destruction Martial Monarch's questions too. The energy that the tea contained was remarkable; the more they drank, the more focused they would need to be to control its power, thus making it difficult to answer the Destruction Martial Monarch's questions.

Failing to control the energy would result in death.

Failing to answer the questions would result in losing the succession.

Time gradually passed. Jiang Bilan and the others were busy handling the danger as the Destruction Martial Monarch and Qin Nan continued drinking the tea while discussing rapidly, a confrontation without violence. Anyone not knowing the truth would easily assume they were two old friends reuniting with one another.

"This kid…"

The Destruction Martial Monarch was astounded.

They had already drunk three hundred grams of the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea, which meant Qin Nan had drunk around one hundred and fifty grams on his own, thus it was shocking to see him staying calm on the surface.

After all, Qin Nan was only a fourth-layer Martial Progenitor!

Was the energy not doing anything to Qin Nan?

The thought crossed the Destruction Martial Monarch's mind, causing him to burst out laughing, "Nice, nice! I'm very impressed with your ideas, giving me a thoughtful lesson too! Come, since it's such an enjoyable session, let's finish the remaining tea in one go!"

He flicked his finger, causing another teapot to appear.

It turned out that he was brewing the remaining tea with two teapots at the same time. A few moments later, the Destruction Martial Monarch picked up one of the teapots and poured it into his mouth despite the boiling water.

Drinking a hundred grams in one go!

Qin Nan's eyes glistened. He did not expect the Destruction Martial Monarch to go this far.

"Screw it!"

Taking a deep breath, Qin Nan grabbed the teapot and gulped its contents down.


The energy of the tea exploded inside his body like an ancient dragon.

Even with nine Martial Trees, it was impossible to absorb all of the energy at once.

Qin Nan's flesh bloated as his arteries surfaced, as if they were about to explode.

The Destruction Martial Monarch's eyes flickered.

This kid finally couldn't handle it after drinking a hundred grams.

"Golden seal!"

Qin Nan snapped in his heart.

The mysterious golden seal began to buzz while emitting a golden glow, suppressing the energy of the tea. Meanwhile, the nine Martial Trees emitted a stronger absorption force, thoroughly devouring the intruding force.

"Mm? What just happened?"

The Destruction Martial Monarch who was about to interfere to save Qin Nan's life was taken by surprise. That was a hundred grams of the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea—even an eighth-layer Martial Progenitor would be at least severely injured after drinking it.

Qin Nan let out a sigh, before gazing at the Destruction Martial Monarch with a smile.

His cultivation was approaching a breakthrough after drinking the Three-Leaved Crimson Tea.

"Senior, I really like the you have more?"

Since the senior had suggested it, he might as well enjoy it until the end!

He could also improve his cultivation too!

The Destruction Martial Monarch stared at Qin Nan in bewilderment. Countless geniuses had come to him over the past two thousand years, and some of them had survived until the end, but it was his first time hearing someone asking for more.

"Sure!" The eyes of the Destruction Martial Monarch glistened as he snapped, "Your ideas for the Monarch Arts are incredible, even I have to admit that I'm extremely impressed! I shall bring out my best collection. Let's enjoy ourselves today."

Saying this, he took out a jade jar.

A mystical glow was emitted from it.

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