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Chapter 955 - Discussing Martial Arts while Enjoying Some Tea

"How bold!"

"You're asking for death!"

"Icy Mist Sword Art!"

Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the other cultivators sharpened their gazes while executing their Monarch Arts surrounding Qin Nan's figure.

They did not expect Qin Nan to be so daring, planning to retrieve all of the crystal keys despite his cultivation being only at the fourth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

Qin Nan knew the attack paths as if he had eyes on his back. His figure turned into a phantom that weaved through the cultivators, evading the danger.


Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the rest were startled.

With their attacks combined, even a seventh-layer Martial Progenitor would have difficulty surviving, let alone a fourth-layer Marital Progenitor. How had Qin Nan dodged their attacks?

As the crowd was immersed in great shock, the five crystal keys disappeared following a whoosh.

It was Jiang Bilan!

It turned out that Qin Nan's move had been to attract the crowd's attention!

"Crap, we've been tricked!"

Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the rest came to a realization, who immediately switched their focus to Jiang Bilan.

"Enjoy!" Jiang Bilan giggled as she fired three of the crystal keys toward the enemies.

The eyes of Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the others glistened. Although they knew it was a trap, they could not help but focus on getting their hands on the three remaining crystal keys.

This was the plan that Jiang Bilan had come up with.

In the end, they both had a crystal key each without putting any significant effort into it.

"Let's go." Jiang Bilan picked one of the crystal doors and entered it. Qin Nan turned around and saw the two hounds, one mouse, eight skeletons, and Xuan Yue working together. The two hounds and one mouse were in charge of giving out orders, while Xiao Hong focused on resisting the incoming attacks, Xuan Yue focused on attacking, resulting in a perfect formation, as no one stood any chance against them.

"I guess I don't need to worry about them."

Qin Nan nodded as he proceeded to another crystal door.

The battle in the palace continued, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Qin Nan's figure slowly appeared at an unfamiliar place.

"The Destruction Martial Monarch is acting so strange; first the black entrances, and now the crystal doors. What does he want?" Qin Nan frowned as he looked forward, before he was stunned by the sight.

He was currently standing in a small residence, fully planted with herbs. There was also a tea set made of crimson jade. The surroundings of the residence were covered in a white mist, as if the place was floating among the clouds.

Following a squeak, the door of the cottage was pushed open, as an old blue-haired man walked out from it.

The old man's pace was extremely slow, but each of his steps   utterly imperious, causing the ground to tremble.

Even Qin Nan could feel his hair standing on end.

After experiencing the pressure of the Divine God of Battle, it was relatively hard to astound Qin Nan.

"You're the Destruction Martial Monarch?"

Qin Nan could not help but ask.

"Yes." The Destruction Martial Monarch sat beside the tea set and made a gesture, "I'm only a stream of will, and it's just a matter of time until I vanish. You have quite a remarkable Martial Skill Talent, come and have some tea with me."


As Qin Nan took his seat his thoughts were calmed slightly, but the words caused him to frown.

Was this some kind of trial too?

"Are you familiar with tea?" The Destruction Martial Monarch picked up the tea set and began to make preparations in a fluent manner.

"Not really, I'm not a fan." Qin Nan shook his head.

Tea, Wine, Food.

Many cultivators were in favor of them, but it was not the same for him.

"So you're not a fan, that's awesome." Surprisingly, the Destruction Martial Monarch was impressed.

Qin Nan remained silent, and so did the Destruction Martial Monarch. As the tea set was cleaned, the Destruction Martial Monarch picked up a blood-colored tea leaf, mixed it into the water and started brewing.

His actions were straightforward, lacking a sense of gentleness.

"Kid, are you here for the Destruction Monarch Art?" The Destruction Martial Monarch stared right into Qin Nan's eyes.

Qin Nan nodded without hesitation.

"Your Martial Skill Talent is quite impressive. You would surely make the Destruction Monarch Art shine if I gave it to you." The eyes of the Destruction Martial Monarch flickered with admiration, before his tone was shifted, "However, nothing is easy in this world, and your luck will eventually run out too. You're lucky enough to meet me and enjoy some tea in comparison to the others, so I'll still have to test you."

"Senior, what will the test be?"

Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

While listening to the Destruction Martial Monarch's speech, Qin Nan sharply captured the words 'luck'. As he recalled the Destruction Martial Monarch's past, he immediately came to a realization.

"Very simple."

The Destruction Martial Monarch waved his hand, summoning four water screens.

Inside them were Jiang Bilan, Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and another rogue cultivator, who were currently in some ancient ruins, trying to overcome the dangerous trial with their capabilities.

In comparison to Qin Nan, it was obvious that they were not so lucky.

"These four cultivators have different cultivation levels, Monarch Arts, and will. Within an hour, I want you to invent a suitable Monarch Art for each of them." The Destruction Martial Monarch squinted as he spoke, "If you fail, an hour later, they will pass the trial and the succession will be theirs."

"Invent a suitable Monarch Art for each of them?"

Qin Nan was startled, before his lips curled upward.


He had never heard of inventing Monarch Arts through observing someone.

"Let's start." The Destruction Martial Monarch said. Following this, a pleasant aroma floated out from the teapot, which was able to relax one's thoughts.

Qin Nan pondered as his eyes were fixed onto the four screens.

Monarch Arts, as the name suggested, were the arts of Martial Monarchs. To invent a Monarch Art, one would need to possess a cultivation of the Martial Monarch Realm. Since Qin Nan had still yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, he would need to use monarch intent to invent the Monarch Arts.

Summoning monarch intent was not too difficult, but before he could invent Monarch Arts, he needed a monarch aura.

"You have quite some time. Don't rush it. Since I'm quite bored too, feel free to discuss your thoughts with me." The Destruction Martial Monarch poured a cup of tea for Qin Nan, "Come, let's imitate our seniors, discussing Martial Arts while enjoying ourselves to some tea."

Qin Nan was not shameless enough to reject tea offered by a Martial Monarch, thus he picked the cup up and emptied it in one go.

In his opinion, it was a waste to let him enjoy valuable tea.

However, as the tea entered his throat, it unleashed a terrifying force into Qin Nan's limbs, trying to burst his body open.

Qin Nan's eyes widened as he collected his thoughts.

The tea wasn't something ordinary!

In other words, it turned out that the discussion about Monarch Arts was just the secondary part of the trial, the drinking of the tea was the primary focus!

This was the real trial that the Destruction Martial Monarch was giving him!

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Editor: DOCuinn

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