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Chapter 953 - Going Against their Word

"Fellow cultivator, can you tell us the secret of this ancient path? Don't worry, if we manage to escape from here in one piece, we will not compete for the succession!" The eight cultivators saw Qin Nan's reaction and immediately spoke with a lowered stance.

They were stating the truth, as apart from the succession of the Destruction Martial Monarch, there would be other incredible treasure waiting to be looted too.

Qin Nan glimpsed at them before he nodded and said in a calm tone, "As everyone knows, the Destruction Martial Monarch was extremely talented in Martial Skills. Each of the footprints on the steps of this ancient path is to let us comprehend and invent our own movement Monarch Art to pass the test."

Saying this, he could not help but display a hint of admiration. There were a few thousand footprints on each step, and there were over ten thousand steps in total, allowing them to combine the steps at their will. Theoretically, it allowed them to invent at least more than a hundred thousand different combinations.

In other words, the Destruction Martial Monarch had given them the foundation, thus they only needed to combine them into their own movement skill.

"I see! You have my thanks!"

The eight rogue cultivators became excited. It appeared that they had chosen the right door. If they were able to invent their own movement Monarch Art, it would be a win for them.

"Let's go."

Qin Nan smiled as he proceeded onto the ancient path, taking one step at a time. Each of the steps he took caused an obscure aura to appear, with a vague monarch glow.

Jiang Bilan, Xuan Yue, the two hounds and one mouse, and the eight skeletons immediately caught up to him. They each took a different approach while taking the steps, resulting in different auras. The two hounds in particular placed their paws on four of the footprints one at a time while barking in an imperious manner.

The eight rogue cultivators followed behind.

Time gradually passed. After the period it took three incense sticks to burn, everyone had climbed half of the mountain.

Qin Nan led the way as he quickened his pace. His aura was similar to that of an enraged dragon, proceeding upward with an imperious aura!

Meanwhile, the auras produced by Jiang Bilan and Xiao Hong were entirely different. The former's had a great presence of death, while the latter was incredibly murderous.

The others had their own unique auras too, but they were significantly weaker than the trio leading the way.

"Ascending into the clouds with the first step!"

"Reaching the Nine Heavens with the second step!"

"No one will ever stop my conquest!"

"There is no limit…to where I go!"

As Qin Nan continued taking the steps, the battle intent in his heart rose rapidly, as if he were no longer walking on the ancient path, but on a journey of challenging the entire world!

Despite that, there was no one that could stop him!

He would come and go as he wished!


Qin Nan's mind shuddered as if a great chime had rung.

An icy voice echoed in his mind, "Awakening the second form of the Divine God of Battle, the Unstoppable Step!"

A magical move began to form in Qin Nan's heart.

It appeared that as Qin Nan was comprehending to invent his own movement technique, he had somehow triggered one of the seven forms of the Divine God of Battle.

"I've come to the right place. The Unstoppable Step, the name alone is imperious enough! I shall learn it right away!" Qin Nan did not expect this to happen. He was soon immersed in learning the move.

He continued to ascend the stairs as he learned.

He was a fast-learner due to his comprehension, thus the aura emitted by each of his steps served as a great impact to the people behind him.

From the aura alone, it indicated that the movement Monarch Art that Qin Nan had learned was nothing ordinary.

Following this, they continued to move forward while comprehending the secrets.

As they reached the peak of the mountain, each of the auras unleashed by the cultivators was extremely shocking.

Everyone had succeeded!

"A movement Monarch Art! I finally have my own movement Monarch Art!"

"My movement Monarch Art is able to unleash my full potential!"

"HAHA, I finally learned a movement Monarch Art!"

The two hounds and one mouse, Xuan Yue, and the eight cultivators were extremely excited.

In comparison, Jiang Bilan and the eight skeletons were quite calm.

"Qin Nan, let's head up further and see what we can find." Jiang Bilan reminded.

Qin Nan immediately collected his thoughts. He had plenty of time to practice the Monarch Art. His first priority now was to locate the succession of the Destruction Martial Monarch.

The eight rogue cultivators became restless.

As everyone headed to the peak of the mountain, an ancient voice suddenly appeared from above, "There are twenty-two of you here. Eight of you will have to die or give up before anyone is able to reach the top. Otherwise I, the Monarch, shall do it myself and kill eight of you randomly."

The Monarch!

The voice belonged to the Destruction Martial Monarch!

Qin Nan, Jiang Bilan, and the rest were startled. Judging from the voice, it appeared that the Destruction Martial Monarch had somehow left his will here.

"Fellow cultivators, I believe…" Qin Nan turned around and spoke, but before he could finish, the eight cultivators exchanged glances with one another before their gazes sharpened.

"Cultivator Qin Nan, you have extras on your side. The two hounds and the mouse, and those strange-looking people, if you can't do it yourself, we'll help you to get rid of them!"

The eight cultivators unleashed a murderous intent.

From their observation previously, they realized that the eight cultivators wearing black robes were not too strong, not to mention the two hounds and one mouse. Even though Qin Nan, Jiang Bilan, and Xuan Yue were quite powerful, they would stand no chance facing the eight.

"How dare you break your promise!"

The two hounds and one mouse were infuriated. They did not expect them to be so shameless. Had they forgotten what they had promised before ascending the mountain?

Qin Nan's expression turned cold as he said, "I wouldn't want to harm you. Leave now!"

"How disdainful! Asking us to leave? You little shit, hand over the Monarch Art that you learned just then! Otherwise, I'll let you have a taste of our strength!"

The eight rogue cultivators chuckled.

Going against their words?

Breaking their own promise?

That was right!

Everything was worth it in order to grow stronger. Friendship and kindness were utterly useless.

At that instant, the eight cultivators attacked without mercy, executing their Monarch Arts.

"Xuan Yue, Xiao Hong, go and have some fun." Qin Nan shook his head. He had no interest in wasting his time dealing with them.


Xuan Yue instantly transformed into his primary form of the Skyhowl Wolf.

Xiao Hong giggled as she threw her robe away, revealing her skeletal appearance while executing a magical technique, causing the auras of the eight skeletons to merge into one, resulting in a terrifying presence.

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