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Chapter 954 - Fighting for the Keys

"A Skyhowl Wolf from the Dragon Emperor Clan?"

"Wait, the skeleton looks strange!"

"What is happening!"

The eight rogue cultivators were terrified, causing their faces to turn pale. They finally realized something important—the Skyhowl Wolf and the skeleton were only the young man's subordinates, but they were already too powerful for them to handle. How terrifying would the young man's strength be?

As the battle continued, their eyes were filled with terror.

The outstanding strength of the Skyhowl Wolf's bloodline was completely displayed, as Xuan Yue tore the Monarch Arts apart with his claws. The skeleton was even more frightening, entirely ignoring the attacks the cultivators had executed with their Monarch Arts, weapons, talismans, formations, etc.

In just half the period it took an incense stick to burn, the eight rogue cultivators were defeated.

"Not bad!"

Qin Nan nodded.

The half-Martial God Realm skeletons no longer possessed the memory of their past lives, but their strength was still quite terrifying.

"Mm, why did I feel something entering my body?" Xuan Yue was surprised.

"That's the force of the Monarch Ranking." Jiang Bilan calmly said, "After the Ranking Battle, every time you defeat someone on the Monarch Ranking, it will be recorded. When the time comes, the Monarch Ranking will readjust your ranking based on the records."

"More adjustments?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He had initially thought that their ranks were fixed after the Ranking Battle.

"Come, let's head up!"

Qin Nan quickly withdrew his thoughts and led his crew forward.

As soon as they arrived at the peak, more than thirty sharp gazes were directed in their direction, scanning their figures.


Qin Nan raised his head.

The peak of the mountain was similar to an ancient dojo, and near to the cliff stood a mysterious palace with tightly shut doors that emitted a brilliant glow. Meanwhile, more than thirty cultivators were standing opposite them, each with a formidable aura.

There were also a few eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm experts among them.

Obviously, they had reached the peak of the mountain after passing the trials given to them.

Meanwhile, the rift suddenly appeared as several figures descended from above.

"Li Guan is here!"

"Ouyang Xiaoxiao is here too!"

"Sigh, why didn't they fail their trials?"

A few voices filled with astonishment could be heard.

Qin Nan took a quick glimpse. Li Guan still had a gentle appearance with a smile on his face, while Ouyang Xiaoxiao seemed to have experienced some epic battle, as his body was entirely soaked in blood, giving him an even more intimidating aura.

"Master, what do we do now?" Xuan Yue whispered.

The succession of the Destruction Martial Monarch was quite strange. All the cultivators were gathered at the peak of the mountain after passing the first trial. What was next?

"Let's wait for a while. The ten entrances mean there were ten trials in total. When everyone is here, the Destruction Martial Monarch will show himself." Qin Nan remained calm.

As Qin Nan thought, after the arrival of a few powerful cultivators, a squeak could be heard coming from the mysterious palace, attracting the attention of the crowd.


When the door was half-opened, Li Guan's figure suddenly moved, dashing toward the palace.


"Follow him!"

"Li Guan must know something that we don't!"

The cultivators immediately followed behind using their movement Monarch Arts.

Qin Nan glanced at Jiang Bilan and transmitted his voice to his crew, before he took a deep breath and stomped off the ground.

Second form of the Divine God of Battle, the Unstoppable Step!


Qin Nan's figure sprang forward like a tornado, which overtook the cultivators including Li Guan and Ouyang Xiaoxiao in the blink of an eye!


Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the cultivators were dumbfounded.

Who was that guy?

How was his speed so fast?

In the midst of their astonishment, Qin Nan's figure entered the palace.


Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and the rest were startled, who immediately pushed the limit of their Monarch Arts to increase their speed. They all entered the palace after a few breaths' time.

As they observed the inside of the palace, their eyes were filled with astonishment once again.

Five crystal doors, ten golden doors, and twenty silver doors floated on both sides of the palace. The auras of the five crystal doors were the most outstanding among them.

Furthermore, a platform made of stone stood at the center of the palace. On it lay five crystal keys, ten golden keys, and twenty silver keys that matched the doors.

The platform was encapsulated within a magical barrier, which appeared to be disappearing slowly.

This was the reason why Qin Nan had remained stationary after entering the palace. It did not matter who arrived first, as they would still need to wait.

The cultivators let out sighs of relief. Luckily the young man didn't get a head start as they had expected!

"Who are you? Judging from your movement Monarch Art, I doubt you're just an ordinary cultivator!" Li Guan was the first to speak, whose eyes were fixed onto Qin Nan's figure.

Ouyang Xiaoxiao raised his eyebrows too.

The cultivators were startled.

"You can call me Qin Nan." Qin Nan smilingly said.

"You're Qin Nan?"

Ouyang Xiaoxiao's eyes flickered as a thought crossed his mind, "Fourth-layer Martial Progenitor who has altered his destiny, granting him a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit; making a huge scene at the Ranking Battle, and is known as the top inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan!"

Many cultivators were shocked hearing this.

The top inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan?

That young man should not be underestimated!

In contrast, Li Guan and Ouyang Xiaoxiao felt relieved.

Although Qin Nan's talent was unmatched, his actual strength was not too outstanding.

"The barrier has vanished!"

The two hounds and one mouse yelled.

The crowd was startled, who immediately turned their heads around. However, their expressions became dark.

It turned out that the barrier was still there!

"Cough cough, we probably saw it wrong. That's our bad…"

The two hounds coughed, while the Heavenly Fortune Mouse acted as if it was none of its business.

However, the barrier completely disappeared following a pop.

"Time to get the keys!"

"I have to get at least one!"

"The curse of ancient kings!"

At that instant, the cultivators reacted at almost the same time.

It was obvious that the five crystal doors were the better options!

Following this, countless Monarch Art glows appeared, as the place turned into a mess.

Qin Nan, Jiang Bilan, Li Guan, Ouyang Xiaoxiao, and a few other powerful rogue cultivators proceeded straight to the platform while dodging the attacks.

There were only five crystal keys.

And there were ten of them targeting the crystal keys!


Qin Nan's battle intent increased. He swung his sleeve and grabbed the five crystal keys!

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