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Chapter 952 - The Ancient Path in the Mountain

In the sky above the Unjaded Town, hundreds of figures with powerful auras dashed across like arrows being fired, resulting in a magnificent sight.

Two auras leading them in particular caught the most attention.

They were two young men, one wearing a white robe while holding a bamboo fan, giving him a gentle appearance. The other carried three ancient spears stained with blood on his back, giving him a ferocious appearance, forming a great contrast.

"So they are Li Guan and Ouyang Xiaoxiao."

Qin Nan mumbled.

A moment later, the cultivators passed the wall made of talismans and entered the Land of Dharma.


Qin Nan wore an astounded look.

They found themselves in a giant forest, each tree and flower emitting a strong cultivation presence, and none of them were duplicates, as if they were each a different Monarch Art.

"The Land of Dharma, as the name suggested, is a place that possesses all of the arts." Jiang Bilan whispered seeing Qin Nan's confused look, "It is said that the Land of Dharma has a rare artifact, known as the Dharma Orb. The orb grants its bearer the ability to master all arts in the world. Countless Martial Monarch Realm experts and the geniuses of the half-God region have visited this place specifically to search for it."

"The Dharma Orb? Mastering all arts in the world?"

Qin Nan became restless.

If such an artifact really existed, it would most likely trigger fierce competitions between the cultivators planning to claim possession of it.

While they were chatting, Li Guan and Ouyang Xiao Xiao who were leading at the front suddenly slowed down their pace, as a stronger monarch aura could be felt coming from ahead.

"Look, we're almost there!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he used his left eye to scan his surroundings.

If Ji Ye and the others were aiming for the treasure too, they would be hiding around here.

A moment later, Qin Nan frowned slightly.

He had discovered the presence of many cultivators, some with powerful cultivations, but he had yet to see Ji Ye.

Normally, if Ji Ye really wanted the treasure, he would pick a spot and wait patiently, but he was not even here. Had the two hounds made a mistake?

Jiang Bilan was aware of Qin Nan's thoughts when she saw his reaction, "No matter what happened, we have to prepare ourselves for the worst scenario."

Qin Nan nodded and shifted his focus.

Half the period it took an incense to burn later, Li Guan and Ouyang Xiao Xiao suddenly halted their movements.

Qin Nan immediately stared ahead.

Behind a few strange-looking purple trees was a spacious white grass field. Each stalk of the white grass was emitting a strong monarch aura. On the field were ten pitch-black doors that were three-zhang tall and two-zhang wide floating in the air.

The center of the doors was filled with runes, which combined into a vague outline of the character '灭' (destruction), resulting in an astonishing sight.

"It's the ten doors, we will be able to find the succession after entering them!"

"Which one though? I heard that your life will be endangered if you picked the wrong one!"

"I'll try using this talisman to see if it works!"

The cultivators became restless.

Even Li Guan and Ouyang Xiao Xiao looked troubled, not daring to make their decision straight away.

Qin Nan shifted his gaze away after staring at the doors for a while.

The ten doors were quite magical. When he was executing his eye-technique, the letter on the door was able to absorb the power of his eye, preventing him from peeking through it.

The two hounds jumped up and down in excitement while glimpsing at the eight skeletons and Xuan Yue, doing the same hilarious dance they did before, causing many cultivators to twist their lips.

"There's something strange about the five purple trees…"

Qin Nan frowned. His left eye was unable to observe the five purple trees either.

Meanwhile, Li Guan and Ouyang Xiao Xiao appeared to have made up their mind. Their figures disappeared into two of the doors with a flicker.

The cultivators were astounded, and immediately followed behind.

The place suddenly became chaotic.

"Master Qin Nan, let's choose the second last door. There's something great inside!" The two hounds blurted out in excitement after finishing their dance.

Qin Nan withdrew his gaze and nodded, before leading his crew toward the door.

However, beyond everyone's expectations…

After all the cultivators entered the doors, the five purple trees flapped wildly, dropping countless petals the color of blood.


After stepping into the door, Qin Nan and his crew saw a quick flash, before they were brought to a completely unfamiliar place.

Before they could take a look at the surroundings, voices appeared around them.

"What is this place?"

"Why are we in a valley?"

"Huh, check this out!"

Qin Nan glanced in the direction of the voices and saw eight rogue cultivators standing on a grey dojo. They had chosen the same door out of instinct.

The eight rogue cultivators were alerted after being aware of Qin Nan's gaze.

This was because Qin Nan's crew had ten people in total, thus their overall strength was quite threatening.

"Qin Nan, take a look at that." Jiang Bilan pointed her finger forward with a hint of astonishment in her eyes.

Qin Nan turned around and took a glimpse.

A few thousand zhang long mountain stood firmly before them, which was glowing mystically with a terrifying aura, as if anything that was exposed to the glow would face instant destruction.

The mountain also had a path, which connected the bottom of the mountain all the way to its peak.

The path consisted of countless steps, each blue in color, with densely packed footprints all over it.


Qin Nan's eyes widened as his mind experienced a shocking thunder.

The footprints somehow became alive in his eyes.

It felt like countless illusionary figures were rushing to the peak with their peerless movement techniques, each step they took was absolutely incredible.

There were hundreds—or even thousands—of the figures…

The number continued to increase without any sign of stopping!

The footprints were left on the steps on purpose, each representing a Monarch Art!

"The cleansing chime of the Dao bell!"

Jiang Bilan uttered a loud roar.


Qin Nan's figure shuddered as if he had just received a powerful blow, causing him to take three steps backward before he was able to recover.

"Qin Nan, what happened, how did your spirit drift away?" Jiang Bilan said.

The rogue cultivators were started too as it was extremely serious in certain situations, due to the possibility that the person might lose his spirit forever.

Was it because of the ancient path?

Qin Nan exhaled deeply. Even if Jiang Bilan had not interrupted, he would break free from the illusion by himself too.

Following this, as he recalled the sight that he had witnessed, his eyes flickered with excitement.

Despite the danger, this ancient path might bring something good to them!

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