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Chapter 933 - Getting Out of Hand

…Meanwhile, at somewhere secret in the Dragon Emperor Clan…

"I'm not sure how well Qin Nan is doing in the trial." The Dragon Emperor placed his hands behind himself. His eyes flickered with great anticipation and a hint of worry.

"Giggle, chief, didn't you say this kid was extraordinary? Why are you worried that he will have a bad performance in the trial?"

"His talents are remarkable, but…" The Dragon Chief paused.

With his second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm cultivation, even if he had an extra Martial Tree, breaking the rules of cultivation, his strength was insignificant among the inner disciples participating in the trial.

"It's good enough if he manages to come in the top ten!"

The Dragon Emperor murmured in his heart.

"Mm?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast wore a confused look all of a sudden.

"What is it?" The Dragon Emperor asked.

"This…" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast's eyes flickered with astonishment as she blurted out, "The trial has ended!"

The words served as a shocking thunder.

…Meanwhile, in a mysterious hall on the Blue-Glow Unicorn Peak…

The First Elder Hua Lie sat at the leading position. Even though he was not unleashing his aura, his presence alone was intimidating.

Before him sat Hua Dichen, Xuan Li, and a few other Peak Leaders.

"Thank you, everyone." Hua Dichen said, facing the Peak Leaders as he raised his wine.

"HAHA, Young Master Hua, there's no need for that. That Qin Nan was too proud of himself. It's time for us to teach him a lesson. There's no way he could survive the inner disciple trial!" Xuan Li burst out laughing.

Hua Lie shook his head without commenting on the topic.

When Hua Dichen had first asked him to carry out the inner disciple trial in advance, he was quite reluctant. Was there really a need to go through all the trouble just to get rid of a mere Qin Nan?

He only had a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

Did it matter if he had a formidable background?

It was only a matter of time until he reached his limit.


Hua Lie and the rest of the Peak Leaders were stunned all of a sudden, as their badges reacted at the same time.

What was going on? A message to their badges at the same time? Was something serious happening?

With doubts, they took a glimpse inside the badge and were dumbfounded.

In addition to them, the other Peak Leaders of the Dragon Emperor Clan were astounded as well after receiving the message.

The inner disciple trial had just begun!

And it had come to an end already?

Who exactly was so powerful to end the trial in advance?

...A while later, at the dojo of the Dragon Emperor Clan…

Following several piercing sounds, the Peak Leaders made their way there at their fastest pace from various directions.

In just three breaths' time, fifty-seven Peak Leaders and Hua Dichen had all arrived!

"Who could it be?"

"Even the four geniuses would not be able to do so! Did something extraordinary happen in the trial?"

"Unbelievable! I would never believe it if the Nine-Tailed Beast Monarch weren't the one sending the message!"

Voices filled with astonishment could be heard.

Hua Lie, the First Elder of the Dragon Emperor Clan, remained silent.

Hua Dichen frowned, as the outcome had entirely surpassed his expectations!

Could it be…

His heart skipped a beat.


At that instant, a magnificent monarch aura swept the place, as the figure of the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast descended from the sky.

"Greetings, Monarch Beast!"

The Peak Leaders reacted and brought their fists together.

"Enough of that, it's the first time this had happened to the inner disciple trial. I'll activate the formation and let all the geniuses return here."

Countless light rays intertwined with one another, forming a giant formation.

The disciples taking part in the trial stepped out from the formation.

"Mm? What happened?"

Many of the disciples glanced at the Peak Leaders and the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast in great shock.

Hadn't the trial just started?

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast and the Peak Leaders immediately placed their focus on the formation.

However, they ended up seeing an astonishing sight.

Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, Hua Jiwudao, An Lin, Xuan Ya, and the rest of the inner disciples stepping out of the formation were trembling with contorted faces.


What happened?

How were they all injured?

There was no way anyone among the inner disciples would be able to hurt them all!

And it had all happened in a single day!

"What happened? Xuan Ya, tell me!" Xuan Li blurted out.

Xuan Ya's lips twisted before he opened his mouth. However, he hesitated as if he had recalled something terrifying.

"Hua Jiwudao!"

"An Lin!"

"Ao Dongfang!"

Hua Lie and the other Peak Leaders immediately called out to their disciples.

Despite that, they all shuddered and remained silent.

Over a hundred inner disciples were injured at the same time, while the geniuses had chosen to keep quiet… An uneasy feeling arose in the hearts of Hua Lie, Xuan Li, Hua Dichen, and the others.

"Mu Mu, tell me!"

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast did not even consider Qin Nan was the person responsible but gazed at her disciple straight away.

"Master." Mu Mu stepped forward and uttered a cough as she recalled the scene, "In simple words, Peak Leader Qin Nan defeated all of them on his own and ended the trial in advance."

The words echoed in the air.

The Peak Leaders were left speechless.

Even the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast lost her ground as she subconsciously blurted out, "What…what did you just say?"

"Qin Nan defeated all of them and won the trial on his own!"

Mu Mu repeated.

This time, an indescribable pressure covered the entire dojo.

Every Peak Leader, including the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, stared with their eyes open wide.

Had they heard it right!

Qin Nan had defeated all the disciples on his own, ending the trial in advance!

In other words…

He was the one responsible for injuring the geniuses and the disciples?

A mere Qin Nan with a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit and a cultivation of the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm?

Are you being serious!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan who was standing among the crowd uttered a soft cough with an awkward expression. It was his first time using something like the Beast-Hitting Stick. The sense of completely overwhelming his opponents with ease was far too exciting for him, thus he did not keep the consequences in mind, thus allowing the situation to get out of hand.

"I should have controlled myself better…"

Qin Nan let out a sigh and glanced at the disciples with a hint of guilt.

However, as the disciples were aware of his gaze, their figures shuddered while they subconsciously took a few steps backward, as if they had just stumbled into a terrifying devil.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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