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Chapter 932 - Ending Earlier Than Scheduled

For some, it seemed like Qin Nan had won an unconvincing victory by abusing the Beast-Hitting Stick, but as a matter of fact, the Canglan Continent was a cruel world to begin with, thus it was acceptable for anyone to rely on the treasures and capabilities that they had acquired throughout their cultivation journey.

It was not a duel, but a mixed battle between the geniuses. Therefore, the one with the strongest capabilities would survive until the very end.

As such, Qin Nan would not mind using the Beast-Hitting Stick.

However, he did consider the fact that this was a trial within the sect, not a real battle. Otherwise, if he were to unleash all of his cultivation, it would be a disaster for the other participants.

After a moment of silence, the four geniuses were the first to react.

"Everyone, don't panic. The stick must be some rare artifact with great power." Hua Jiwudao's eyes flickered as he yelled, "Since he is not willing to hand over the Immortal Spiritual Fox Fruit, we'll attack him together. No matter how strong his artifact is, it's impossible for him to defeat all of us!"

Qin Nan's strength had completely exceeded Hua Jiwudao's imagination. Hence, he did not hesitate to provoke the entire crowd to attack together. This would guarantee Qin Nan's death, and if the sect were to investigate into it, the Blue-Glow Unicorn tribe would not need to bear any responsibility.

"Right! Let's attack together!"

"Humph, he's too full of himself! Daring to challenge all of us by himself?"

"Let's teach him a lesson!"

In addition to the disciples, even Ao Dongfang, Su Qingqing, and An Lin wore icy expressions as they unleashed their auras.


At this moment, everyone executed their attacks without showing any mercy.

The Monarch Arts devoured Qin Nan's figure rapidly like an enraged ocean. Even a peak Martial Progenitor would surely be murdered by the attacks.

"Phew, it's been a while since I challenged a crowd like this. Although I'm relying on the Beast-Hitting Stick this time, it's a great chance for me to enjoy myself too!"

Qin Nan exhaled and struck out with the Beast-Hitting Stick at lightning speed.


A strange force swept the lake, causing the beasts to feel as if their power had been sealed off by it, preventing them from using their progenitor force.


Hua Jiwudao, Ao Dongfang, An Lin, and Su Qingqing's eyes widened as they subconsciously glanced at their surroundings and discovered that everyone else was experiencing the same problem.

A great shock swarmed their hearts.

Are you being serious!

There were more than a hundred inner disciples here!

Even a Martial Monarch Realm expert was unable to seal off all of their power at once, let alone Qin Nan who was only a second-layer Martial Progenitor!

Only Mu Mu among the crowd was dumbfounded.

It appeared that she was the only one unaffected?

"Everyone, look out!"

Qin Nan let out a roar as his figure dashed forward swiftly, swinging the stick at one of the disciples at a time.


The disciples could only stare at the stick as it struck their bodies, as if they had become ordinary. The impact sent them flying and caused them to cry out in agony.

One beast after another fell to the ground.

In just less than thirty breaths' time, every beast was sent flying as if they had been swept by a tornado and landed at the same position, their bodies piling up.

The cries were endless.

"Qin Nan, you…"

Hua Jiwudao stared with his eyes open wide, trying to say something.

"Send my regards to your master!"

Qin Nan's expression turned cold as he swung his arm, causing the Beast-Hitting Stick to hit Hua Jiwudao continuously, leaving him in a tremendous pain.

Hua Jiwudao was someone who had altered his destiny, an indication of his strong will and determination.

However, the pain caused his face to turn pale as he rolled on the ground, as it was too much for him to endure.

"Qin Nan, what exactly have you done!"

Ao Dongfang shouted with a dark expression.

An Lin and Su Qingqing were feeling disastrous too.

The three geniuses never thought that they would end up like this.

"I'm sorry, it's a secret!"

Qin Nan calmly said as he attacked using the Beast-Hitting Stick without mercy.

An Lin and Su Qingqing were sent flying.

Ao Dongfang stood in the same spot like a boulder, even though his face had contorted due to the pain. He groaned, "Qin Nan, I'm not convinced!"


Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

However, he continued to attack with his Beast-Hitting Stick. Since you're not convinced of the outcome, I shall convince you of it.


The sound of the impact echoed in the hearts of the crowd.

Ao Dongfang—who was relentless—eventually began to hesitate, and almost cried in the end.

How shameless was this Qin Nan!

Did he really continue to attack!

It was so painful!

In the end, Ao Dongfang fell. Even the pride in the marrow of the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon could not resist the power of the Beast-Hitting Stick.

Meanwhile, the entire lake was filled with cries of agony. The previously scornful inner disciples were lying on the ground trembling in pain, resulting in a magnificent sight.

If this were made public, it would shock the entire Middle Continent.

"Time to take their Monarch Crystals!"

Qin Nan picked up the storage bags.

On a side note, apart from Hua Jiwudao, he only took the Monarch Crystals from everyone's storage bags. After all, they were not his enemies.

"Tsk tsk, thirty thousand Monarch Crystals, not including Hua Jiwudao and Xuan Ya's…"

Qin Nan's heart began to race as he took a quick glimpse.

His Divine Battle Spirit would most likely rank up this time.

Following this, Qin Nan forced them to make an oath before taking their badges.

"I've defeated so many inner disciples with the Beast-Hitting Stick. There's no point in continuing the trial. Let's end it and return to the sect."

Under the crowd's gaze, Qin Nan stacked the badges together.


The badges vibrated vigorously.

Following this, a brilliant beam was fired into the sky.

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