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Chapter 934 - The Monarch Glow Has Appeared

"What's going on?"

"Unbelievable, how did Qin Nan do it?"

"Xuan Li, tell me, what exactly happened during the trial?"

"Tell me now!"

The Peak Leaders were astounded before they began to yell after collecting their thoughts.

The whole incident did not feel logical. Something bizarre must have happened, thus they had to understand the truth!

Even the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was eager to learn the truth.

However, despite being interrogated, the inner disciples flushed and remained silent, not daring to say the truth, causing Xuan Li and the other Peak Leaders—including Hua Lie and Hua Dichen—to wear dark expressions as green veins surfaced on their foreheads.

What the hell was this!

Not only had their plan failed, but they also couldn't even know the reason behind it?

"Fellow Martial Monarch seniors and Peak Leaders, allow me to explain. Before the trial, I was lucky to find a rare treasure that is specifically overwhelming when used against beasts. This happened because I failed to control its power.

"Due to some personal difficulties, I've asked the disciples to make an oath to not mention anything that happened in the trial."

Qin Nan brought his hands together as he spoke.

The noisy dojo fell silent immediately.

A rare treasure?

An oath?

That made perfect sense!

"Qin Nan, what kind of treasure is it to possess such a great power?" The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast's eyes were filled with a great hint of curiosity.

The Peak Leaders reacted the same way.

Able to defeat more than a hundred inner disciples!

Even a Monarch Weapon was unable to do so!

The inner disciples immediately recalled the appearance of the Beast-Hitting Stick, causing them to shiver. They would never forget the pain that they had suffered when they had been struck by the stick.

"Senior Monarch Beast, the treasure is my personal secret. I'd prefer not to expose it, sorry."

Qin Nan shook his head. If the experts at the scene knew about the Beast-Hitting Stick, it would place him in grave danger.

The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast rolled her eyes and harrumphed softly.

Hua Lie, Xuan Ya, and the rest of the Peak Leaders were about to say something, but were interrupted by the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast waving her hand, "The rare treasure is indeed something personal. It's fine."

The words immediately eliminated their thoughts.

Since the Monarch Beast had spoken, who would dare to force Qin Nan to hand over the rare treasure?

"Senior Monarch Beast, Peak Leaders, I feel quite guilty about making the trial end like this, and it's unfair for everyone else as well. I'm willing to give up on my spot so that the trial can continue."

Qin Nan said in a respectful tone.

He had said so as he had made a huge mess of the inner disciple trial. In addition to that, the identity of a core disciple and the chance to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Garden were nothing useful for him, thus it was better to give Ao Dongfang and the others the opportunity.


Many Peak Leaders raised their eyebrows.

Ao Dongfang, An Lin, Su Qingqing, and the rest of the inner disciples were startled.

They did not expect Qin Nan to give up on such a great opportunity. Almost half of the unpleasantness in their hearts dissipated hearing this.

The chance to become a core disciple was still there!

"That sounds fine to me. We'll let them take part in the trial." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast showed a hint of admiration as she announced, "The outcome of this trial will not count. Peak Leaders, bring your disciples back and let them rest for a day. The trial will resume tomorrow!"


Under the circumstances, even if Hua Lie, Xuan Li, and the others had objections, they did not dare to comment further.

"It seems like I've underestimated him, to resolve such a crisis that easily and even offer to give up on the chance to become a core disciple…" Hua Dichen's expression darkened as he gathered his thoughts.

Counting the Middle Sector City, he had failed twice in a row!

A mere Qin Nan had caused his plan to fail twice in a row, something that he could not accept!

"Excuse me."

Qin Nan brought his hands together. His lips curled upward as he glimpsed at Hua Dichen, Hua Lie, and the others, before flying toward the Human Peak.

The dojo was immersed in an uproar, as the disciples adjusted their thoughts to prepare themselves for the trial.

The Peak Leaders also advised their disciples.

However, the incident in the trial was made known to the entire Dragon Emperor Clan like a storm, causing the elders and disciples to be astounded.

"Have you heard? Qin Nan defeated more than a hundred inner disciples in the trial!"

"Humph, wasn't he relying on some kind of rare treasure?"

"That's still very impressive!"

"That's right, that's part of his capabilities!"

"Hehe, do you dare say that to his face? Qin Nan's rare treasure has crushed more than a hundred inner disciples. How significant is that? Even an Undefeatable Martial Progenitor wouldn't be able to do that!"

Many of the experts expressed their astonishment.

Following this, Qin Nan's status in the Dragon Emperor Clan became even greater!

Moving the Dao Origin Crystal, altering the Human Peak, defeating more than a hundred inner disciples; even though Qin Nan had relied on some methods to achieve them, it also proved how resourceful he was!

...Meanwhile, somewhere in the Dragon Emperor Clan...

"Hehehe, chief, you didn't see it. Qin Nan only needed to glimpse at the inner disciples and they all took a step backward. It was so remarkable." The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast burst out laughing.

She was extremely intrigued by Qin Nan's secrets. If it weren't due to her identity, she would not mind having a little insightful chat with him late at night.

"HAHA, that kid, what a surprise."

The Dragon Emperor's laughter was filled with a bit of relief and also helplessness.

In the end, it wasn't actually Qin Nan's real strength!

At that instant, a beam of light landed before the Dragon Emperor.


The Dragon Emperor and the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast were stunned.

It was a message.

The content was:

The monarch glow and a strong monarch aura have appeared in the north of the Middle Continent!

"It's...finally happening!"

The Dragon Emperor and the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast exchanged glances with one another while taking a deep breath.

Everyone in the Middle Continent was aware of the Monarch Horoscope Contest and the God Horoscope Contest!

Only by acquiring the horoscopes would the cultivators be able to rank up to the Martial Monarch Realm and the Martial God Realm!

However, the contests were never scheduled. Sometimes, they would happen after ten years, or even after a few hundred years.

Now that the rare phenomenon had occurred...

This meant that the Monarch Horoscope Contest was about to take place soon!

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