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Dare to Make a Bet?

“..dare not to…However, if Lady Qian must see my family’s Wangye, then first tie me up.”

Qian DuoDuo was so infuriated that her eyes were squinted into a narrow slit. She looked at Han Tie and watched the people who walked past the WangFu who had taken a look towards here from time to time. Suddenly, a bright idea occurred in Qian DuoDuo’s head and immediately had a plan.

“Han Tie, do you dare to make a bet with me? I will stand right here and you guys don’t need to report my presence and you guys don’t need to make it seem like either you die or I live. Long MuChen will personally come out the door to welcome me in, do you believe it or not?”

“Why should I make a bet with you?” Han Tie showed not much interest.

“If you were to win, I promise from now on that I will not go see Long MuChen anymore. Even if he worships me eight times and kowtow nine times, I will rush him out.”

“However, if I were to win, then you will become my ‘small brother’ and listen to everything I say!”

This woman, can this woman’s tone not be so arrogant, plus she dared to let Wangye worship her eight times and kowtow nine times? However, her bet was exactly what he wanted. If she lost, then he will be ridding Wangye of future trouble. If she won, at worst, he will substitute for Wangye and be harmed by her instead.

Han Tie hesitated, saying: “Okay…However, you need to agree that you cannot yell Chen Wang in front of WangFu, cannot say your name and don’t think that we will go report your presence for you.”

The two people made a mutual agreement then Qian DuoDuo brought Xiao Rou with her, running off. Han Tie thought that this little girl was unable to complete the task and also embarrassed to admit defeat so she had slipped away.

He was about to relax his heart down, ready to let the guards who watched the door to pay attention just in case Qian DuoDuo suddenly launched a sneak attack when he had seen the gongs and drums in the far distance making loud noises as though a group of the theatrical troupe who was going to sing a drama.

The noises were ear-splitting to the point where it was so loud that their eardrums were about to be split apart. However, in front of the WangFu, how could it tolerate the common people’s hooting? The theatrical troupe seemed to also know Chen Wang couldn’t be provoked so the people that were beating the gongs and drums, separated from one street, had stopped.

Han Tie secretly let out a gasp. He had almost arrested them thinking they were members of a rebellion.

However, in the next second, from inside a theatrical troupe, came a tapered woman’s voice. She wore a Chinese-style unlined garment and a layer of white muslin was wrapped around her head. On top of the muslin, there was a piece of grass stuck on it. With a pose as though a fairy descending to the world, with her thumb and middle finger jointed together and the rest extended, she took small quick steps and appeared in front of the prefecture of Chen Wang.

Behind her, followed Xiao Rou. Likewise, she also had worn mourning clothes and carried a pile of grass woven mats in her arms, throwing that in front of the prefecture of Chen Wang’s door.

Qian DuoDuo brilliantly appeared on stage!

Han Tie stared, the mouth opened wide from surprise. What drama is she singing this at?

Not bad, as soon as our Duo Er opened her mouth, it contained a hundred percent Beijing accent: “Duo Er left Hongtong country in Linfen, walking in front of the streets, haven’t opened my mouth yet to speak about how miserable my heart was, the noblemen who are passing by, please listen to what I have to say…”

Qian DuoDuo stood here singing while Xiao Rou kneeled on the ground with a thump. She wailed towards the grass-woven mats.

Duo Er sang two sentences but haven’t yet forgotten to mischievously toss a coquettish glance towards Han Tie. Don’t mention how smug she was.

His grandmother ah. He knew this stupid woman had a lot of craft ideas. Now she had run over to the prefecture of Chen Wang to mourn and she had performed as though she was in an opera?

All the common people who were in the surrounding areas had stopped their footsteps once they saw such an amazing scene. They all surrounded in front of the WangFu and listened to this with taste. Some had begun to talk non-stop about this.

“Aiye, aiye, you guys say, is there some funeral arrangements going on in the prefecture of Chen Wang ah? Otherwise, why would they invite the theatrical troupe over to perform this?”

“Sh—Do you not want your life ah? You dared to talk about Chen Wang. Let’s just pay attention to the opera.”

“Right, right. This woman sings really well…”

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