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What type of Weird Combination is this?

“Right, right. This woman sings very well…”

Qian DuoDuo watched as the number of common people surrounding the WangFu had increased and the feeling of her heart had felt wonderful.

There was nothing to blame. During this time period, only when the high officials and the noble people had leisure time that they had spent money to listen to see an opera on stage. These common people, when had any of them heard of an opera before?

Plus, it was the official standard of a Beijing opera?

As she sang, Qian DuoDuo stood in front of the prefecture of Chen Wang’s door. She danced and gesticulated in joy whilst she rapped: “Which person will be taking a trip to Nanjing, who will pass a letter to my San Lang for me, saying that Su San had ended their life, in the next life I will turn into a dog/horse to repay you back…Come on…”

***Duo Er’s Diving Line***

“Wangye…Something is wrong. Someone is trying to stir up trouble with an audience in front of WangFu.”

In the study room of the WangFu, Long MuChen was just leisurely creating art. Suddenly, he was interrupted by the housekeeper. He was a little displeased: “You need to report this type of small event to Ben Wang? Let Han Tie drive the people away.”

“But…when this old servant had gone out, this servant had seen housekeeper Han who stood in front of the door, watching them stir up trouble. This servant secretly took a look and saw it was two women who wore mourning clothes who as well, invited the theatrical troupe. Many common people had already gathered around the surroundings. They were all murmuring about this. Based on this, this old servant thinks that someone’s life was involved in this. They probably came to find Wangye, you, in order to complain of an injustice.”

Once Long MuChen had heard up to here, he couldn’t help to scrunch his eyebrows. Normally, no one dared to come to the prefecture of Chen Wang, causing a problem. How come today, there actually was someone who hadn’t understood the rules and even incited the common people along?

“Come out with Ben Wang to take a look.”

Long MuChen’s writing brush was flung against the rosewood. The surface of the table, along with his strength, appeared a faint crack. The old housekeeper thought in his heart, now if these two women don’t tell the story from beginning to end, then they will really offend his family’s Chen Wang…

****Duo Er’s Dividing Line****

As Long MuChen brought along the old housekeeper as he came out, Qian DuoDuo’s opera had just finished singing. She was just making her ending pose and bowing towards the audience in the surroundings.

She learned to be like the daughter from a wealthy home and held onto her body. She skillfully and smiled prettily: “Thank you…Thanks for everyone for cheering on…”

Everyone was not even a bit stingy. They had all intensely applauded, encouraging her.

However, this earth-shaking applause had only maintained for a second. All the common people, all of a sudden, seemed to have as though seen some type of severe floods and fierce beasts. They immediately kneeled down. Qian DuoDuo thought in her heart, didn’t all she did was sing a drama? Was there really the need to look at her as though she was the Goddess Guanyin?

She had just thought about this happily. In the next second, all the surrounding common people had yelled loudly: “Chen Wang, a thousand years old, thousand years old, thousand years old [1]…”

Qian DuoDuo was not at all surprised with the presence of Long MuChen. She turned around to assumed a really good-looking pose. She smiled and waved her hand, greeting: “Heya, baby…”

“Audacious shrew. How dare you call Chen Wang ‘despicable’…” A certain bodyguard had shouted.

In his heart, on the other hand, he had thought that she was such a small woman who was as delicate as a flower. How come she must smash the gathering place at the gates of hell? Isn’t she carrying her head over to make a bet with the King of Hell?

Chen Wang was never close to the female gender. Even more, don’t count on Chen Wang to have tender and protective feelings towards the female sex.

The people who stood by the side watching this drama, especially the men, all secretly sighed that another woman will be dead.

The instant that Long MuChen had seen Qian DuoDuo, a pair of eyes was so shocked that it almost jumped out.

Could it be that the two women mourning in front of the door from the old housekeeper’s mouth were referring to Qian DuoDuo and Xiao Rou?

However, looking at their attires, he was really astonished ah. Especially Xiao Rou who kneeled on the ground and wept, calling for heaven and fighting over the earth. A whole shouting abuse in the street like a fishwife mode.

While Qian DuoDuo had smiled mischievously whilst performing the play.

What type of weird combination is this?


Thousand years old [1] – This is said to members of the royal family and officials with a huge power in the royal court.

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