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To have one’s nose rubbed in the dirt

“You come, you come, you come. Try hitting me and see, do you think this is very cute?”

Qian DuoDuo moved her head over, rascal-like. She gave a side glance to the bodyguard. They were just good with their mouths and they probably won’t truly dare to actually hit her.

“Just a few of you guys who haven’t matured properly dared to call yourselves as ‘this young man’ ah. Aren’t you guys afraid that you guys might accidentally sprain your tongues? Besides, Long MuChen is my little brother. Quickly let him come out. This lady has something to do with him.” Qian DuoDuo sneered, humphing.

The bodyguards all looked at each other. Who knew this woman was able to pester on endlessly. She dared to open her mouth, exaggerating that their family’s Wangye was her ‘little brother?’

Don’t look as though they seemed like they are the most important people but they are very loyal to Chen Wang. How could they let this little girl casually insult Chen Wang? At that moment, they immediately turned angry.

They didn’t even listen to what she had to say with that reed-like tongue when they took out the swords by the side of their waists, as though about to tie Qian DuoDuo up and directly throw her out.

Qian DuoDuo had no idea that they weren’t playing around and moved back a couple steps, alarmed. She prepared to put up a fight.

“What are you guys doing!” From the WangFu’s door, came a slightly aggravated voice.

The couple bodyguards turned their heads over to look. One of them respectfully answered: “Housekeeper Han, there is a wicked common person here who had insulted Wangye. This subordinate was just about to tie her up.”


Qian DuoDuo raised her head to see it was a person who she knew. She waved her hands and yelled at the top of her lungs: “Old Han, old Han, I am over here. It’s me, it’s me. I am Qian DuoDuo.”

As soon as Han Tie saw this woman, he felt like a headache had risen. He scrunched his eyebrows and asked coldly: “What are you coming here for?”

“I am here to look for Long MuChen. But they won’t let me go inside.” Qian DuoDuo casted a side glance at the bodyguards.

The bodyguards moved their necks back and thought in their heart that this little girl was actually friends with housekeeper Han ah. Look at her address towards him. They must be close friends.

Han Tie lowered his eyes to take a look at the bodyguards who, some of the bodyguard’s swords in their hands hadn’t been placed down yet. He coughed and said: “Lady Qian, my family’s Wangye said that he doesn’t see any strangers.”

“I am not a stranger!” Qian DuoDuo pointed at her nose, blurting out.

“Heh, in the prefecture of Chen Wang, usually only third and fourth Wangyes are allowed to come in casually. If there was no permission from my family’s Wangye, even the Emperor right now is not allowed to come in as he wished to. Could it be that Lady Qian doesn’t understand this rule? You said you are not a stranger, could it be — since when have you became my family Wangye’s ‘wife’?” Han Tie laughed. In the end, he dragged out his words meaningfully.

How could Qian DuoDuo not hear that he was mocking her? In her heart, she was so angry that it felt as though a couple hundred paws have been scratching her.

Long MuChen, such a huge display of arrogance!

Even Long YuTian was able to casually come in and out of the prefecture of Chen Wang then how come she was refused outside the door? Plus, she had her nose rubbed in the dirt. [1]

“Han Tie, today you are determined to not let me see Long MuChen?” Qian DuoDuo was mad, her teeth clenched against each other.

“Sorry for the inconvenience but Wangye has no time.” Han Tie refused without hesitance.

Ordinarily, when Han Tie had seen the third WangFei, he was supposed to be polite and respectful. However, he hadn’t had a great impression on this little girl who loves to fool around.

Every time his family’s master had seen her, other than helping her fight, he had also given her banknotes and forced to surrender to her ways. In the end, he had also became sworn brothers with her. Though they had became sworn brothers, what made it worse was that he was the ‘little brother.’

The most important was that she was the third Wangye’s WangFei yet she always publicly dared to seduce his family’s master.

For the sake of Chen Wang’s reputation, for the relationship between the third Wangye and him, it’s better to keep this woman from polluting Wangye less often.

“If I insist on seeing Long MuChen today then will you have to kill me?” Qian DuoDuo wasn’t about to be outdone.

“This subordinate doesn’t dare…However, if Lady Qian must see my family’s Wangye, then you need to first tie me up before saying anything else.”


Her nose rubbed in the dirt: [1] Wanting to please someone but ended up not getting any benefits back.

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