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Pitiful Government Official's Daughter

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Mom ah…… Couldn't it be not so strange ah!?

If it wasn't because this WangYe coincidentally looked exactly the same as that man, if it wasn't because this WangYe is also called Long YuTian, even if she was slapped several times, she also wouldn't dare to insult this WangYe.

Wu wu wu wu(sob)……

Qian DuoDuo wiped the tears in her eyes. This is really pitting mother[1]!

She hadn't wept enough, but a creaking sound suddenly came from the door while it was being opened. A young thirteen or fourteen years old little girl entered the room carrying several plates of food. Her name was Xiao Ruo, her dowry maid. It was said that she had stayed at Qian DuoDuo's side ever since she was very young, taking care of Qian DuoDuo.

Xiao Ruo placed the food on the table and then started to fiddle with the two pigtails on her shoulders, saying, "Xiao Jie[2], have a meal."


Right, she is the miss from Sheng Cheng's country government official's family. A completely cold-shouldered legal miss.

Rumor has it that her own mother once saved the Empress Dowager's life. Relying on the fact that her own mother had once saved the Empress Dowager's life, she had been bestowed a marriage by the Empress Dowager. On the other hand, she had also insisted to be married to San WangYe, and therefore, she became a Xiao San who forcibly broke a pair of childhood lovers.

The thing she loathed the most was SanSan[3]. She didn't expect that after she crossed through, the first problem she met was actually herself turning into a Xiao SanSan!

The sin her 'predecessor' did, she had to be the one who bore the consequences!

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Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips. If the worst comes, she'll just fish up enough money, pack her things and leave!

Qian DuoDuo threw a glance at the food on the table. It was a mix of several yellow bean sprouts, burnt, scorched, left-over rice and water again. Modern era cat food was far more delicious than this.

Suddenly, she felt very pissed, carelessly picking on the rice several times before gnashing her teeth angrily, "Xiao Ruo, come here and talk to me. Based on what, could that Long YuTian lock me up in a place where birds doesn't even shit at like this? Is he ignoring the law just like this? Heng (Humph)! Arrogant, conceited man! Be careful of the day you fall in this great aunt's hand! I'll bind him with matchsticks and whipped him to death with noodles!"

"Ah! XiaoJie, you shouldn't talk about San WangYe like this!" Xiao Ruo suddenly cried out loud in fright. And then, she watched the surroundings like a thief. Only after she was certain that no one was around that she finally loosened her breath and spoke to Qian DuoDuo, "XiaoJie, I heard that San WangYe is the default heir to the throne; this kind of words you've said, in the future you must never say it again!"

Staring doubtfully at Qian DuoDuo, Xiao Ruo opened her mouth in doubt, "XiaoJie, why do I find that your character changed ever since you've entered wangfu?"

"Ke ke(cough)……" Qian DuoDuo coughed before beaming like a fox, "Didn't your family's XiaoJie, I, knock my head? It's very normal for me to change ah!"

Suddenly, Qian DuoDuo gasped and stood up from her chair. A pair of smart bright eyes widened as she started to talk in astonishment, "Xiao Ruo, did you just say Long YuTian will succeed to the throne? Then I… then won't I be the Huang Hou[4]?"

"Yes ah! Therefore XiaoJie, Xiao Ruo thinks, you have to make WangYe change his mind about you!" Xiao Ruo answered with extreme earnestness.

Qian DuoDuo sat back on the chair. She took a bite of apple and continued to ask, "Xiao Ruo, tell me, how many shiqie[5] are there in this wangfu now ah? Which one does WangYe dotes on the most?"

"En…… There are four or five shiqie in our wangfu. There is also a cefei[6], she was the one that night in……" Xiao Ruo had wanted to say the one inside the bridal chamber, that WangYe doted on that one the most. However, afraid that her family's XiaoJie would be broken-hearted, she stopped her words.

She raised her head to glance at XiaoJie, who had her legs crossed as she gnawed on an apple. Which part of her showed even a bit forlorn appearance?

Xiao Ruo helplessly shook her head and continued to speak, "XiaoJie, in fact, these people are not worth fearing. Your biggest enemy is Zhu XiaoJie of the Prime Minister's family…… Zhu SiSi."


[1]Pit mother (坑娘/ kēng niáng): A variation of Chinese slang 'pit father' (坑爹/kēng diē). '坑' literally means 'to pit' as a verb and 'hole' as a noun. But it also used to say 'to bury, entrap or cheat' someone. '坑爹' roughly means 'to be deceived' or 'to be cheated' or 'to be tricked'. For example, you bought a dress from the internet and when you get it, its quality is extremely bad, you cursed: '坑爹'! Or you can describe the dress by saying: 'this dress is too 坑爹'. It means the dress is bad, not what you've expected it to be and you got deceived by it. [2]XiaoJie (小姐/ xiǎo ​jie): Miss. [3]SanSan(三三/ sān sān): haha, short of Xiao SanSan. (SanSan, Xiao San, Lao San, Xiao SanSan is the variety of slang to call a third person in someone’s relationship) [4]Huang Hou (皇后/ huáng​hòu): The Empress. [5]ShiQie (侍妾/ shìqiè): Concubines. [6]CeFei (侧妃/cèfēi): lit. side imperial consorts. A higher ranking concubine, one rank below the WangFei.
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