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Are You Guys Acting?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Really, once she had the ability, she straight away became this eloquent, arrogant, unreasonable and rude. She also said a lot of words he didn't understand.

Left-over meals? Rolled? Taking care of corpse?


Very good!

Like him, this San WangYe of ShengChen's country, the most favored prince, the default heir[1] to the throne, honorable and matchless; he was actually cursed as a left-over meal by a woman he had humiliated and abandoned?

Long YuTian dangerously narrowed his eyes, staring at Qian DuoDuo with a gaze as sharp as that of an eagle.

After a moment, he suddenly laughed, extending his slender fingers, pressing them against her jaw, demonically saying, "My WangFei, are you 'letting the enemy off to catch him later'[2]?  But…… BenWang warns you, no matter what kind of trick you play, BenWang will never fall in love with you. You can just wait in this wangfu[3], redeeming the pain you've given to BenWang and SiSi."

Having finished his words, he ruthlessly pushed her face away.

Qian DuoDuo was instantly angry!

"You are a bastard, big-headed ghost! Even if all the men in this world are dead, I, Qian DuoDuo would still never fall in love with you, this slag of a man! Pig's head[4]! Littered Studhorse! I curse you to have tortoises[5] drawn all over your body!"

"You……" Long YuTian furiously pointed at her.

Qian DuoDuo, irritated, pushed his finger away.

"You what!? BenWang? WangFei? Do you think you're shooting for TV ah? I think you really do need to go to a mental hospital and stay there for two days! Take a look whether or not you have delusion problems!"

"Guards!" a furious voice resonated throughout the entire night sky.

The imperial guards guarding outside the door walked obediently inside and 'putong'[6] kneeled on the ground.

"Does WangYe have any command?"

"Take this woman to Ning Hui Yuan. Without BenWang's permission, no one is allowed to let her out."

The two imperial guards kneeling on the ground glanced at each other in dismay.


This WangFei is really pitiful!

On her first day of marriage, she was humiliated by WangYe right away. In her bridal chamber, on their marriage day, also in front of her, WangYe was drinking and having fun with a group of concubines. In the end, she is also being sent into that long-been-abandoned Ning Hui Yuan!

In the future, it seems like this WangFei's life would be thousands of times worse than those of servants'.

Although the two imperial guards felt a bit sympathetic towards her, none of them dared to go against WangYe's order.

They promptly held Qian DuoDuo's arms to carry her out.


Qian DuoDuo was dumbfounded. She stared at Long YuTian, stared at that group of women who were enjoying her misfortune, stared at the imperial guards who were holding her. She then started to stutter.

"This…… acting doesn't have to be this realistic right?" She turned her head to stare at the two imperial guards. Her astonished eyes shifted back and forth several times, "How much is he paying you for one episode ah?"

The two imperial guards were at loss, staring blankly for a moment before thinking in their heart, Crazy! Their WangFei has most likely gone crazy!

— DuoEr's Dividing Line —

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Qian DuoDuo sat in front of the window, stupidly staring at a completely dilapidated courtyard.

Ning Hui Yuan……

A broken-temple-like dilapidated place.

The ground was completely covered with yellow, dried up weeds; yellow dried leaves also fell incessantly to the ground. A crooked tree had coincidentally grown in front of her window, while the broken windows also had several holes on them. The door was creaking; that extremely hard couch was filled with holes bitten by termites and was so rough that her body was hurt all over from sleeping on it.

The whole courtyard…… was a devastating sight.

Ning Hui Yuan (orchid-seeing courtyard)…… From what I see, it should be called Ning Gui Yuan (ghost-seeing courtyard)!

Qian DuoDuo, feeling idiotic, was counting those dead leaves and sighing.

Going through several days of suffering, she had no choice but to recognize one fact.

Lightning had struck her until she crossed through! Crossing over to a country that simply wasn't recorded in history, ShengChen country! Furthermore, she had also crossed into a body of a disfavored WangFei!

Could this be the so-called fantasy?

Coincidentally, this body of hers was also called Qian DuoDuo, while the one who was drinking and enjoying music in the room that night, he was her husband…… this dynasty's San WangYe, Long YuTian!


[1]Default heir here means he had been chosen as the heir although it hadn't been announced yet [2]Letting the enemy off to catch him later (欲擒故纵/yùqíngùzòng): playing cat and mouse/ losing in order to have a bigger win/ playing hard to get. [3]Wangfu (王府/wáng​fǔ): Prince's mansion/residence/household. [4]Pig's head (猪头/zhū​tóu): slang for idiot. [5]Tortoise (乌龟/wū​guī): wugui means tortoise, but it also means cuckold. Qian DuoDuo was cursing Long YuTian to always be cheated. [6]Putong (噗通/pūtōng): onom. for pop/plop/something falling Ning Hui Yuan (凝蕙园/níng huì yuán): roughly means courtyard to watch or Ning Gui Yuan (凝鬼园/ níng guǐ yuán): courtyard to watch ghost.
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