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Auctioning The HuangHou Position

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

 "F*ck! Zhu SiSi?" Qian DuoDuo's mouth was opened into an 'O' shape in astonishment. She couldn't help but explode with a curse word.

It shouldn't be that coincidental right? That pig feces also crossed through to this place?

Xiao Ruo saw the expression on XiaoJie's face, thinking that she might have recovered some of her memories. She had just wanted to smile and say her congratulations, but Qian DuoDuo waved her hand in boredom and pursed her lips, "That will do, that will do. You should stop telling me about Long YuTian's romance history. That bastard is a studhorse……  Sooner or later he'll be exhausted to death! Die on a woman's body…"

"But I have just thought about something ah…… He has so many women, there must be fights for favor between them right… If I can properly take advantage of this…"

Wu wu (sob)… XiaoJie finally received enlightenment… Xiao Ruo sniffed and teared up.

But… after being silent and absorbed in her thoughts for a moment, a certain woman straight away snapped her fingers, her eyes shining brightly, "Right, Xiao Ruo, you say, should I hold an auction and sell all of this WangFei and HuangHou position to them? They will definitely reach a good price… After that, I'll take you and my little purse, a small hand holding a small hand, wandering the world together! What do you think?"

Xiao Ruo had black lines[1] all over her face, XiaoJie's brain must have really become stupid when she knocked it right? Does she need to find an imperial physician to take a look?

This idea of hers had just landed, but Qian DuoDuo already leapt out of her chair with a 'whoosh', running back into the room. When she came out, she had already changed her clothes into that of a maid's, walking swaggeringly towards the exit door.

"XiaoJie……" Xiao Ruo called out to stop her, "XiaoJie, have a meal, where are you going ah?"

Qian DuoDuo looked back, showing an ultra-beautiful giggle, saying, "I'm going out to have a stroll. Crossed through to this place for two days and I still don't know how this ancient wangfu looks like."

Xiao Ruo's mind went blank for a moment. Then, she hastily pulled Qian DuoDuo's wrist to stop her, "You can't, XiaoJie, you must not run around. If WangYe knows, he will get angry again."

Qian DuoDuo patted Xiao Ruo's chubby little hand, "OK[2]…… You're not going to say, I'm not going to say, how can that chauvinist pig[3] know ah!?" And then she cupped Xiao Ruo's face with both of her hands, firmly planting a kiss on her plump cheek before saying laughingly, "Be obedient…… wait for me, XiaoJie, to come back."

Xiao Ruo's big, dewy eyes grew bigger. XiaoJie's warm kiss had stunned her so much that she couldn't react for a long time. When she finally turned around, XiaoJie had already left the room. Xiao Ruo scratched her head, foolishly throwing a question towards XiaoJie's back, "What are OK and chauvinist pig??"

"Aren't human……" Qian DuoDuo's smart voice came from a distant place. And then, the air was filled with her 'gege…' tinkling, delighted giggling sound.


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Qian DuoDuo was gnawing a green apple while sitting on a tree branch. Slender legs were hanging in the air, swaying ah swaying… She seemed relaxed and content, just like a kitten, enjoying the sunlight indolently.

This San Wangfu was really not ordinarily gorgeous. All those pavilions, the little bridges over the streams, those towering ancient woods, also the strange forest of rocks that lay around the water were gorgeous.

Besides the scene of this dazzlingly gorgeous, sumptuous mansion, there were also countless maids. Take a look at the vividness and the delicateness of each one of them. If they were to be put in the 21st century, they would have already been taken by talent scouts a long time ago. Yet here they had to suffer and become maids ah…

Speaking about a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman appeared right away!

Behind the rock garden in the garden ahead, a pretty yellow-goose colored silhouette moved, swinging her delicate, boneless, willow-like waist and slowly appeared in Qian DuoDuo's sight.

Ze ze ze (tsk tsk tsk)……

A thin yellow-goose dress; a light pink pleated skirt; a soft thin, green-jade silk was draped over her sculptured-like shoulders; willow-like waist; creamy skin; flower-like temperament; she was really mesmerizing, charming to the bone.


[1]Black line (黑线/hēi xiàn): is a kind of emoticon used to indicate frustration or helplessness or embarrassment. (-_-ll) [2]From now on, bold letters will show words that are actually written in English in the novel. Qian DuoDuo was saying OK in English to Xiao Ruo. [3]Chauvinist pig (沙猪/shā zhū): term to call men with male chauvinism
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