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This Wangye is not the Wangye

After the attendant finished speaking, he slightly raised his eyes up to take a look at Qian DuoDuo. He saw that her eyebrows were scrunched and immediately lowered his head, frightened. He shivered.

Qian DuoDuo looked at the person who kneeled on the ground who seemed to be scared of her. She purposely sneered and took out a small piece of a silver ingot, delivering it over to the servant: “Ben WangFei is always able to distinguish between rewards and punishments. If you are loyal then Ben WangFei promises you that you will live a good life. If one day you betrayed me, after all, we were in a master-servant relationship so Ben WangFei will not make you feel grievances anyway. Same, I will give you a small piece of ingot but that is for you to use it on buying a coffin…”

Qian DuoDuo said this not slow and not quick. Her face held a calm expression however, it led those who had heard this to feel as though their blood had run cold.

“This person doesn’t dare to…This person will definitely be loyal and faithful to WangFei…”

Qian DuoDuo looked down upon the male servant who kept kowtowing his head to show his loyalty towards her. Then she had placed the silvers in his hand and said with a beaming smile: “You can go back now. Hide in Qian’s prefecture and wait to see a show…”

The male servant took the silver ingots over, trembling. He wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and left with his back bent down.

“Young miss, since you don’t trust him, how come you are still giving him that many silvers ah?” Since when had young miss become so generous with the way young miss had looked at the silvers with sparkling eyes?”

“This is called the method of controlling people. We have to use both gentle techniques and force. Let them be afraid of you but also let them respect you. More than that, we need to let them feel as though there will be a lot of benefits from this. Only then, they will follow you without hesitation.”

Qian DuoDuo’s words led Xiao Rou to be a little confused. Yet she had sighed and said: “Young miss, you’ve changed…”

“Oh? Where have I changed?” Qian DuoDuo was now interested.

“I am unable to explain this…In short…you are a pretty good model.” This sentence was actually learned from Qian DuoDuo by Xiao Rou. In the beginning, she had no idea what it meant but now she seemed to understand.

Qian DuoDuo smiled. She thought more and more that this young girl was cute. She proudly raised her chin: “Then young miss will take you to see what it means to be a model!”

Xiao Rou followed Qian DuoDuo’s footsteps. She knew that Qian DuoDuo was going to Qian’s prefecture to demand justice. As they left the door, she couldn’t help to remind: “Young miss, you are preparing to go to Qian’s prefecture by yourself? You’re not going to call for Wangye to come with you? If something happened, then you can still have someone that can look after you?”

After all, everyone in Qian’s prefecture was not of the kind type. She was not scared if they tried to do something in public. She was just afraid if they tried to play dirty and it ended up causing troubles to young miss.

Qian DuoDuo considered this seriously: “Hm, Xian Rou had said some reasonable words. I should take Wangye with me…”

However…this Wangye…is not the Wangye…

Plus…Qian DuoDuo had no banknotes left!

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

The splendorous, majestic, and glorious imposing manner’s Chen Wangfu. It was known to everyone in the entire Sheng Chen Country.

Therefore Qian DuoDuo hadn’t used up a lot of time and brought Xiao Rou along, strutting towards the big door.

“Which family’s young man is this? Don’t you know what this place is? Go, go, go. Don’t stay here sticking your head out and looking around.” The door guard blocked the way towards the door.

“I know ah. Aren’t the huge three words hanged up there? ‘Chen Wangfu’ … Don’t even know what type of taste Xiao Chen Chen has. The people by his side are all stupid.” Qian DuoDuo mumbled.

The bodyguard who watched the door, after all, was Chen Wangfu’s person. Normally, even high official and noble people had to be polite towards them. Who knew where this young woman came from who wasn’t even educated and had no sense of sight. Not only that, she had mumbled sarcastic words which led him to lose his face right on the spot. He yelled: “Quickly get lost for this old man. If you make this old man angry, this old man will slap you to death!”

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