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What Happened to the Mirror?

At one point, Long YuTian hadn’t understood the meaning of Qian DuoDuo’s words when he ran over to her makeup table and walked around it in a circle. He scrunched his eyebrows: “Where?”

“In the mirror.” Qian DuoDuo pointed at the mirror.

Long YuTian was bewildered but followed what she said and looked at the mirror. After carefully examining for a while, other than the handsome face reflected, there was nothing wrong. He turned his head around, not knowing what was going on and asked: “Qian DuoDuo, what happen with the mirror?”

“Pu—-” Qian DuoDuo couldn’t help to burst out in laughter.

How come there’s such a dumb person…and he’s the heir to the apparent throne. How can he, as the next emperor, rule over the world then?

How was Long YuTian dumb ah? It’s just that he thought about Qian DuoDuo’s body and feelings in his heart and never seen such a weird woman, thus he had fallen into her trap.

He watched the way she smiled and fooled around then he looked at himself in the mirror again. He immediately understood and yelled angrily. He was so infuriated that the mirror in his hand almost shattered to the ground: “Qian DuoDuo, you dared to say Ben Wang is a dog!”

Qian DuoDuo was frightened badly by the sudden anger that she almost rolled down from her seat. She hurriedly patted her chest and casted a side glance at Long YuTian.

“What are you yelling for? What I’m doing now is imagining, am I not? Could it be that even imagining is violating a crime? Let’s talk. Last time, you forcibly kissed me that I felt so disgusting that I wanted to vomit and wasn’t able to eat any food at all. I had turned skinny a couple circles. The miserable me could only hint to myself to think it was a dog that bit me. Only when I thought of that, my heart wouldn’t feel as upset…”

“The mistakes that you had committed, I haven’t even come to settle it down and ask you for money. Yet, you still ran over here yelling and screaming. You really are relying on force to bully me ah!

The blaming had made Long YuTian speechless and at a loss for words. He watched as Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes and the furious expression she held. Mixed with dislike, it also contained a small girl’s charm. He suddenly thought he will die by her hands one day.

He originally was so angry due to her and couldn’t help to wish to slap her to death. However, he held his fist tightly for a good amount of time yet, in the end, didn’t have the heart to hurt her even slightly.

Especially that sentence ‘so disgusting that I wanted to vomit’ had strongly attacked his self-esteem.

Immediately, Long YuTian felt a type of indescribable defeated feeling and stuffy anger that paced back and forth in his chest. The fire had bloomed greatly and it was hard to vent out his feelings.

In the end, he could only harshly glare at Qian DuoDuo. He moved his long robe back and walked out the door. As he walked out, he couldn’t help to be rude: “The woman who should’ve died, you really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Qian DuoDuo watched his back and ‘pshhed’ not caring at all.

Not long after Long YuTian had left Ning Hui Yuan, Xiao Rou placed her head over, saying: “Young miss, the servant from the Qian’s prefecture came.”

“Quickly call for him to come inside.”

As Qian DuoDuo just finished her words, Xiao Rou led a skinny looking man inside. After that man saw Qian DuoDuo, he obediently kneeled on the ground. He called: “Propitious third WangFei!”

“How is the thing that Ben WangFei had told you to do, coming along?”

This man was not anyone else. It was the attendant that stayed with Qian Hao Han to fight at Bai Hua Lou. Ever since he had seen Qian DuoDuo’s moves and how harsh it was, plus he had personally seen how Chen Wang cherished and took care of her in every way he could think of in Qian’s prefecture, he immediately came to her side. He cried and shouted, without any rewards he had become her spy at Qian’s prefecture.

“Report to WangFei, these few days the elder master was much quieter. He stayed in his room. From what this servant thinks, the elder master is quite afraid of you. In regards to the second lady, she hadn’t found any troubles either lately. It’s just that a couple of the concubines that were brought into Qian’s prefecture by the Lord had found excuses often to ask for the things you had sent to the first lady…”

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