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If the Husband Dies then Listen to the Son…

Long Chao Han’s eyes turned around and suddenly thought of the gossip he had accidentally heard of from the servants in his own WangFu. “Mother Empress, this third WangFei is family government minister Qian’s fourth young miss. Imperial Concubine Yun is her sister. Plus Er Chen had heard that the third WangFei viewed money as her life…”

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

On the road back to WangFu, the horse carriage seemed to move slowly.

In the exquisite and luxurious horse carriage, Long YuTian leisurely laid slanted on the golden silk soft couch. The golden embroidered clothes made him seem to emit a breath where unconcerned people shouldn’t disturb him.

He slightly closed his eyes and the eyelashes softly trembled. He seemed to be closing his eyes to rest but also waiting for Qian DuoDuo to open her mouth.

After the aggressiveness and dominance were subsided, there seemed to be a feeling of gracefulness and nobleness. Qian DuoDuo sighed, wanting attention from him. In her heart, she criticized: What a waste of a good person’s skin…

Long YuTian heard the slight sigh and slowly opened his eyes. He coincidentally saw Qian DuoDuo who was staring at him that held a face of investigation and the look where she wanted to say something but stopped. He slightly moved his body up and casted a side glance towards her. He faintly opened his mouth: “What happened? You want to say something?”

“This…That…” The delicate smiling face of Qian DuoDuo’s very rarely revealed an expression of embarrassment.

“Do you want to ask Ben Wang about the 200,000 banknotes?”

What? Is it that obvious from the way she behaved? The small root that had just sprouted in her heart was noticed by him already. He even squinted his eyes, giving her a teasing look.

“Wangye can predict things as though the god ah. Hehe…”  Qian DuoDuo responded cleverly. She immediately kissed up to him as though her mouth was covered in honey, smiling at him.

“Okay, it’s not hard if you want the banknotes. However, you need to first say what the Confucian moral injunctions for women are for Ben Wang.” Long YuTian said, tossing a dried fruit in his mouth every now and then, a look of leisure.

Confucian moral injunctions for women…This is simple!

Qian DuoDuo opened her mouth without even thinking: “The three follows are: when the wife goes out, the husband needs to follow. When the wife makes an order, the husband needs to follow. When the wife is wrong, the husband needs to follow still. The four Confucian injunctions are: when the wife is putting on makeup, the husband needs to wait. When it’s the wife’s birthday, the husband needs to remember it. When the wife wants to spend money, the husband has to let her. When the wife hits and blames the husband, the husband has to hold it in.”

“Pu—-” Long YuTian who was just sipping the tea wasn’t able to hold in his breath in and the tea in his mouth was spat out a couple meters out.

A pair of eyes glared at her as though a lantern which contained an ink green color dark light. He watched as Qian DuoDuo revealed a look of innocence. He was suspicious at one point whether this woman was someone of Shen Cheng Country…

Long YuTian’s face fiercely turned serious. He held in the harsh breath and exclaimed in a low voice: “Qian DuoDuo, don’t think you can pester Ben Wang endlessly that you think you can fool Ben Wang over. Ben Wang will tell you. Your status right now is the third WangFei, not the commoners outside. Every word and action represents the third WangFu. Qian DuoDuo, if you want to steadily receive the 200,000 banknotes, then you better know your place.”

“Yes…” For the banknotes…Hold it in!

“From now on, remember this. The three follows are: When you’re not married, listen to the father. Since you’re married, listen to the husband. If the husband died, listen to the son. The four Confucian injunctions are morality, proper speech, modest manner, and diligent work. In other words, it’s your moral character, polite speech, deportment, and feminine arts.”

“Yes, I remember it…If the husband died, listen to the son…If the husband died, listen to the son…If the husband died, listen to the son…” Qian DuoDuo obediently answered, lowering her head. She held a cute and helpless look as though a woman from a wealthy family.

Long YuTian heard that she hadn’t remembered anything but this sentence. He instantly exploded and darkly asked: “You are cursing that Ben Wang will die early?”

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