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Attracting Five and Seducing Six

“No!” Qian DuoDuo shockingly yelled out…That expression revealed no intentions of disguising. The eyes were truthful and this kind of expression led Long YuTian to feel better in his heart. However, the next words said by Qian DuoDuo was enough for him to spit out blood in anger. “Wangye, how can I curse you to die?… If you died, then who am I going to go to for the 200,000 banknotes?”

“…” Long YuTian.

This woman…only had this type of conduct and morality…How come he would have hope towards her?

Long YuTian squinted his eyes and a harsh gust of wind immediately blew by underneath Qian DuoDuo’s feet. This led her hairs to stand up from fright.

“Qian DuoDuo, Ben Wang is too lazy to be pestered by you. You just need to remember this for Ben Wang. In the future, move away from the fourteenth royal uncle and fourth Wangye. If you continue to seduce and hang out with other men without shame, Ben Wang will break your leg!”

He watched as Qian DuoDuo treated the fourth brother as though her friend, bickering and annoying each other for fun: He watched as Qian DuoDuo treated the fourteenth royal uncle as though her family, depending and acting like a spoiled child towards him:

However, except when she faced him, she frowned at him and spoke sarcastically in a cold tone. He couldn’t help to be distressed due to this.

Didn’t he just throw her into Ning Hui Yuan on their wedding night and that’s all he did to her?

This woman needed to remember this hatred towards him like this ah. If she didn’t like it then tonight he can order people to bring her into Yi Lan Ge where the CeFei [1] lives.

Long YuTian told himself many times that he just disliked how this woman ignored him and was vulgar, saying unreasonable things which had made him lose his faces. However, slowly he had shockingly realized he felt a little…jealous towards her?

On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo was truthfully innocent ah. In her twenty-four hours, she only thought about attracting silvers. How did she even have time to attract other men?

But, in order for her to not become a cripple person, she couldn’t help to weakly ask: “Then…what if they’re trying to seduce me? What do I do?”

“Just you? Who wants to be oppressed by you that they will come over, trying to seduce you?” Long YuTian finally found a chance to take revenge. However, he became quiet for a second then continued saying, in deadpan: “Ben Wang doesn’t care. No matter what, stay far away from men. If Ben Wang sees you trying to attract three and seducing four [2], be careful of your leg.”

He won’t let me attract three and seduce four then I will attract five and seduce six…

However, right now this person is the rich man. Because she is his employee, she can’t argue with the boss.

Qian DuoDuo cooperatively nodded her head. Then she stood up from her seat and held onto the dress, getting ready to get off the carriage.

“Qian DuoDuo, what are you doing right now?” Long YuTian yelled towards her back.

“You told me to stay away from men ah…Therefore I am listening to your words and getting off the carriage. Are you saying that you – Wangye is not considered a man ah?” Qian DuoDuo turned her head around, blinking her eyes not understanding.

“Ben Wang is obviously a man ah! Plus Ben Wang is your man!”

Long YuTian scolded angrily. Qian DuoDuo was frightened so badly she had choked. She was even more surprised by the meaning of his words. She gulped her saliva down and tilted the corner of her lips up. She retorted: “Haha…Haha…Haha…Aren’t you going to be divorcing me soon and marrying your Zhu SiSi? What type of man would you be considered as towards me?”

However, once Qian DuoDuo finished her words, Long YuTian fiercely raised his hand. He gripped Qian DuoDuo’s wrist tightly and placed her in his embrace. He placed his Qing Gong into effect and pressed her against the soft couch.

Qian DuoDuo felt Long YuTian’s dominant male breath surrounding her body. She was stunned from head to feet. Astonished, she wanted to open her mouth to curse at him. However, in the next second, Long YuTian lowered his head to cover her cherry lips. The tip of his tongue powerfully pried open her slightly opened lips. It straightforwardly entered.


CeFei [1] – A way of addressing the concubine who is not the main wife of the husband.

Attract three and seducing four [2] – A term used for seducing multiple people at the same time.

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