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The First Prince: Long Chao Han

This situation is worth to be thought over.

The Empress meaningfully thought about this for a while, staying quiet. She softly bunched her eyebrows together but the bottom of her eyes didn’t have too much movement. After a while, she swept her gaze over to Guang Feng and ordered: “Ben Gong knows. You can head off first. Oh right, this situation, don’t let anyone know of this. Do you know this?”

“Yes, this subordinate understands!” After he saluted her, Guang Feng bent his waist and left.

Until there was only Empress in Feng Zao Palace, she then slightly turned her head around. Towards the direction of the screen, she opened her mouth in a gentle and calm tone: “Chao Han, come out.”

After the words were finished, behind the screen of a painting of a beautiful woman, a thin voice was stretched longer. The first prince, Long Chao Han, had appeared in front of the Empress. He casually found a seat and sat down.

“Chao Han, you had heard what Guang Feng had said behind the screen. What are your thoughts on this?” The Empress looked at her own son, Long Chao Han.

He originally was the eldest son, holding an important status and out of the ordinary. No matter what, he revealed an imposing manner of the Emperor leading the world. However, since childhood, he had an indifferent temperament and seemed to care about nothing. At least, in front of strangers, he was like this…

Sometimes, even her – who is his Mother Empress had no idea what the first prince thought about in his heart.

Long Chao Han raised his head and looked at the Empress’s anxious gaze. He careless said: “Er Chen [1] thinks this is pretty good. Fourteenth royal uncle still hasn’t been married up to today. Now that he finally found a woman that he likes, it is worthy of celebrating!”

A sentence had shocked awake the people in their dreams…

“What you’re saying is that Chen Wang, towards the third WangFei…” The Empress was a little shocked. The pretty eyes suddenly flashed over a malicious look: “Since it’s like this, then Ben Gong will send people to kill that woman. That way, it will also teach Chen Wang a lesson. Let him see the consequences of going against Ben Gong!”

“Mother Empress, please don’t be impulse!” Long Chao Han watched as the Empress seemed to have made a movement. He immediately stopped her: “Mother Empress, this woman, ridding of her can defeat their spirit but having her, maybe she is the key to us fighting for the Emperor’s throne.”

“Humph, you think three will give up the Emperor’s throne for her?” The Empress held a face of objection.

“No…Er Chen is not talking about three. I am talking about the fourteenth uncle.”

Regarding Long YuTian’s greed for power and the Emperor’s throne, everyone knew about this. Especially during these two recent years, the way he had participated repeatedly in the royal court’s major events and made decisions regarding it led everyone to think that the Crown Prince’s title would be given to the third Wangye!

Letting him give up the vast country, not even Zhu SiSi might have that big of a charm. Not to mention a woman that he had disliked for a while?

However, this woman’s appearance might be the key to turning the situation over.

“Mother Empress, if we can use this woman to pull the fourteenth uncle to stand at our side then all the officials in the royal court will definitely follow after us as well. Plus on Father Emperor’s side, he will most likely listen to fourteenth uncle’s opinion and so then the Crown Prince’s title will be the object in my pocket. If we aren’t able to pull him to our side, we can just stand by the side and watch the show or maybe carry out small schemes and incite disharmony from within, making three and fourteenth uncle to have suspicion between each other. That way we can benefit from it.”

Once she saw how Long Chao Han had analyzed this, the Empress’s heart felt some comfort. The stiff lips slowly loosen down and the bottom of her eyes flashed over an unknown light.

“Chao Han is right. A couple of days later, it’s your Father Emperor’s birthday. Numerous country’s officials will be coming into the imperial palace to congratulate him. When that time comes, Mother Empress will take a look at that third WangFei then try my best to pull her to our side.”


Er Chen [1]– A first-person pronoun used by males when addressing Mother Empress, Dowagers and etc.

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