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Say It Again!

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Seeing those girls' one-fall-another-step-in, cockroaches-like mentality, and then seeing Long YuTian's gaze towards herself, Qian DuoDuo's heart was aching. However, she suddenly curved her lips upward, mockingly said, "Long YuTian, your Xiao San, Xiao Si[1] girls are toasting you, why don't you hurry and continue to keep them company? Do you feel successful standing frozen here, swaggering in front of me ah? Or do you think, seeing you performing like this, I would still have some feeling towards you, this kind of left-over meal? Would you like me to have heartache and headache[2], kneeling, begging for your forgiveness and clinging to you? I tell you this, even if your great aunt, I, still have feelings for you, what you can make me feel is only disgust!"

Finished speaking, she lifted her foot, ready to leave with confidence. In a flash however, a strong, powerful huge hand pulled her collar, ruthlessly hauling her back.

"You say it again!" a demonic grim voice rang in her ears.

Qian DuoDuo raised her gaze to look. Long YuTian was coldly fixing his eyes on her. The erupting flames inside those pair of eyes could totally roast her into a little shrimp.

"E……" Qian DuoDuo tried to move her body, wanting to escape his grasp. However, this man seemed to exert even more power. In a while, Qian DuoDuo gave up. She tore her mouth open, mumbling without fear of death, "I said, this lady is not interested in you, this kind of left-over meal. The most important point is that I'm afraid you'll be too agitated and die here, and then I will be troubled to take care of your corpse! How unlucky ah!"

The blue veins on Long YuTian's handsome face popped out. They seemed like they were about to explode. His fist was tightly clenched, issuing 'gezhi gezhi' (creaking) sounds.

Good! Very good!

Take a look at the good WangFei his Imperial grandmother has chosen for him!

A legal daughter[3] from a government official's family, a woman without any shame!

If it wasn't because of her, he would have already married his beloved SiSi.

Thinking about his SiSi, who had been his sweetheart ever since they were children, a gentle and considerate woman, Long YuTian's rage became even more intense. So intense that he could almost straightaway choke the woman in his hand to death.

Qian DuoDuo was a bit stunned. There was a thread of panic inside those quick-witted looking eyes.

She had long heard that Long family's eldest young master was cold and unfeeling. However, being in a relationship with him for the past year, he had always been gentle towards her. It could be said that she was cherished like she was something he carefully held in his palms.

However, when a man had a change of heart, it meant a real change of heart. If he's no longer in love with you, it meant that he's really not in love with you anymore. No matter how deep the feeling was in the past, with one turn of a body, everything would disappear and nothing would be left behind, completely turning everything into coldness.

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For a moment, Qian DuoDuo smiled bitterly. The last trace of emotion buried in her heart was also obliterated by his ice-cold gaze.

She forcefully shook his grasp off, haughtily staring at him face to face.

"Surnamed Long, you listen carefully, don't think just because your family has power and influence you could hide the truth from everyone! Your great aunt, I, am not someone to be pushed around. Provoke me and I'll announce these scandals of yours to the media! I want to see how your Long family would still mingle in the business world."

She paused for a moment and then spoke again, "Great aunt, I, will not wrap stubbornly around you. A man like you, who says three in the morning four in the evening[4], am not in my eyes. You also shouldn't find troubles for me. Take those Xiao San, Xiao Si of yours. How far you could roll away, then roll away that far. Let's not meet again."

Having finished saying that long string of words, Qian DuoDuo panted heavily. There was a thread of pride and firmness as well as a slight dazzling ray inside those bright eyes.

Long YuTian was a bit dazed.

He shook his head, a thread of irritation suddenly rose.

He only heard that the legal daughter from this government official's family had been neglected ever since she was born. If it wasn't because her mother used to be the Empress Dowager's personal maid and had once given her life to save the mother of the country, how could she, with this kind of lowly status, jump and became the WangFei of San WangYe's[5] who was Gui Fei's[6] son?

Furthermore, a moment ago this woman was still feeling very embarrassed, threatening to kill herself. She even performed a knocking-herself-against-the-wall suicide play!


[1]Xiao San (小三/xiǎo sān): Little third; Xiao Si (小四/xiǎo sì):Little fourth. [2]Heart and head ache (痛心疾首/ tòng​xīn​jí​shǒu): grieving and lamenting/ with deep hatred or resentment/ bitter hatred/ resentful. [3]Legal daughter here means Qian DuoDuo is the daughter of the legal wife (嫡/dí). [4]Say three in the morning four in the evening (朝三暮四/ zhāo sān mù sì): indecisive, change one’s mind frequently. [5]San WangYe (三王爷/ sān wángyé): the third prince. Long YuTian is the third prince. [6]Gui Fei (贵妃/guì​fēi): Noble Consort; this was usually the highest rank bellow the Empress. But depend on what dynasties (such as Ming and Qing), there was one other rank between the Empress and the Noble Consort which was Imperial Noble Consort (皇贵妃/huáng guì fēi). The English translations may differ between each translator though.
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