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You Dared to Threaten Ben Gong?

She clenched her teeth and made only a few threatening gestures before Qian DuoDuo was in a disadvantageous position among the group of imperial bodyguards.

The first lady stood by the side and saw as the bodyguard’s swords held by their waists were already taken out while her own daughter was risking her life to rebel against the attacks thrown at her. She was frightened immediately that her soul wasn’t in her body. She kneeled on the ground in an instant and kowtowed towards Qian Yun Er: “Imperial Concubine Yun, this maid begs you to be generous and let Duo Er, go. No matter what, she is still your sister ah…If you are really angry, then punish this maid. All the crimes that Duo Er committed, let this maid take responsibility for it…”

Qian Yun Er snorted disdainfully: “Don’t rush and place all the crimes over your head. You and Qian DuoDuo will not be able to run away. I want to let the two of you – sluts, know whose words are the final say here!”

After she finished her statement, the two maids by Qian Yun Er’s side immediately ran off. One on the right and one on the left pressed the first lady down on the ground who was unable to resist against them.

“Qian Yun Er, don’t touch my mother!” The first lady’s stuffy sound of weeping startled Qian DuoDuo. She turned around to see the two maids, who were extremely daring and raised their hands over trying to hit the first lady. Qian DuoDuo was immediately angry and quickly moved over to the first lady’s side. Without saying anything else, she grasped one of the maid’s hands.

The maid’s palm of her hand hadn’t fallen down on the first lady’s face when ‘Aiyo—‘ She was in so much pain that she cried out involuntarily. Before she came back from her trance, Qian DuoDuo who was in the back of her turned her hand around and swung towards her. She got hit to the ground.

Qian DuoDuo lowered her eyes, not letting anyone see clearly the distressed feeling in the bottom of her eyes towards the first lady. However, the breath on her body, a feeling of coldness rose. After a good while, she then slightly raised her head. The eyes held an artic expression.

“I am warning you guys if you guys want to hit or punish someone, come towards me. Today whoever dares to touch my mother, even I have to give up on my life, I will definitely shatter them as well!”

Once Qian Yun Er heard this, she subconsciously answered: “You dared to threaten Ben Gong?”

Qian DuoDuo smiled and her voice was faint: “Imperial Concubine Yun can think of it as I am threatening you guys but as long as I say it, I will make sure I do it!”

Not knowing if was because she was stunned by Qian DuoDuo’s life and death struggle expression, thin layers of sweat appeared on her forehead. She pretended to be calm and yelled towards the maid: “Let her go…”

Right after she stared at Qian DuoDuo and with a serious tone: “Since you want to take the beating for your mother…How can Ben Gong not let you complete your filial piety towards her? Ben Gong will hit you today until you kneel on the ground and beg for mercy!”

Not long after, the housekeeper held the ‘family punishment’…A whip and walked to Qian DuoDuo’s side.

Qian DuoDuo casted a side glance and almost burst out.

This is a whip made of iron ah? This thick and it looked like it’s very hard?

“Young miss…” Xiao Rou was a little anxious. Her tears fell down her face but she couldn’t do anything.

“Why are you crying? Don’t lose faces for your family’s young miss!” Qian DuoDuo scolded her then faintly smiled. She turned her head to look at the housekeeper: “How come you haven’t started? Don’t tell me you want Ben WangFei to beg you to start hitting me?”


Qian DuoDuo had only said a sentence when who knew the bodyguards in back of her directly raised their legs and advanced at the calf of her leg. She was in so much pain that her legs had no strength and she suddenly kneeled on the ground.

Following that, it was another ‘Pa, pa—‘ Two times. The whip in the housekeeper’s hand landed on Qian DuoDuo’s back without a trace of mercy. It hurt her so much that her mind became energetic, simply speechless…

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