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Continue to Hold on

Qian DuoDuo straightened her back. A burst of piercing pain dug from her skin into the cracks of her bones. She really wanted to stand up and cause a great commotion in the Qian’s prefecture but she saw from the corner of her eyes that the first lady was held by two bodyguards. She was threatened by her own mother’s safety so she could only hold onto the anger in her chest.

At the end of one’s patience…Continue to hold on…

However, this debt, Qian DuoDuo had remembered it…There will be one day where she will slowly ask for it back…

In the afternoon the housekeeper was scared by Qian DuoDuo which led his old face to shatter on the ground. Now that he was supported by Imperial Concubine Yun, he was absolutely unrestrained and wanted to get rid of this bad smell.

Get rid of the bad smell – Another way of saying to get rid of this bad feeling in one’s heart. He raised the whip and charged towards Qian DuoDuo’s back, hitting it down once again.

Qian DuoDuo felt the harsh wind by the ear and she unnaturally felt a pain in her back again. She thought in her heart, it was going to be over. If it was based on this rhythm, then wouldn’t she have become the skinned duck?

She was really careless. She had only thought of setting up her power in family Qian to vent out anger for her mother so that they wouldn’t dare to bully the first lady however they want anymore once she wasn’t there. However, who knew in this type of feudalistic era, there was simply no fairness to be said.

This person was the royal court’s Imperial Concubine and if actually used her status to pressure her, even nine of her heads wouldn’t be enough to chop off.

Had she realized this earlier, she wouldn’t have tried to be brave. Hiding in the corner and trying to be a rogue to place Imperial Concubine Yun in a sack would’ve been much better to settle with.

Qian DuoDuo had never felt as defeated as she did this time. She watched as she had to endure the whips but couldn’t fight back. It was really TM [1] sullen.

She glared with her eyes and counted sheep in her heart. She waited for the whip to land on her back but after two seconds, there was no pain which she had expected. On the other hand, she had heard an ear-piercing call from her ears: “Ahhhhhhhhh–‘

Isn’t this sound from the housekeeper?

Qian DuoDuo raised her head after she realized what had happened after a while. Yet she had only seen the whip in the housekeeper’s hand ‘Tick tock–‘ and fell on the ground. On the back of the housekeeper’s hand, it had leaked a ****. [2] It had bulged with fresh blood then his two eyes rolled back and directly fainted due to the pain.

Qian DuoDuo was dumbstruck for two seconds before she picked up the housekeeper’s arm which had a hole and started to observe it.

It was so handsome…Wasn’t this the effect of a bullet?

“Who dared to be presumptuous in front of Ben Gong. Don’t try to deceive people. Quickly roll out for Ben Gong!”

Qian Yun Er stared at the pile of blood on the ground and that housekeeper who was half dead. Her hairs immediately stood up. Even though she hadn’t understood martial arts, but this person made their move rapidly. If the person’s target was herself, then she might’ve immediately died!

Although she was frightened in her heart, she had no choice but to remain calm and assume the position of an Imperial Concubine.

“Imperial Concubine Yun is calling for this young master?”

After Imperial Concubine Yun’s words were done, an extremely gentle man’s voice came from outside the hall. The tone wasn’t the normal kind of calm and grace. It was light and it dissipated the smell of blood in the whole room.

Everyone’s eyes in the front hall turned towards the slender silhouette under the moonlight.

Under the clear moonlight, along with hazy fogs that filled the surroundings, Long MuChen wore a body of white robe and his long hair hanged at the back of his head. She slightly bounded it up and his actions were calm and natural.

The entire person was embellished with a light but alienated, noble but cold temperament.

All the women in the room were love-struck. Only Qian DuoDuo held a face of confusion so she opened her mouth to ask: “Small ChenChen, you’re not at the brothel. Why are you here?”


TM [1] – Deviation of a curse word (他媽) which literally translates to your mom.

****  [2] – In the raws.

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