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You are too Arrogant


“Pa—” The teacup on the table was shattered completely. The water had splashed all over the ground. Imperial Concubine Yun stood up, unable to contain her anger. The exquisite face was distorted. She stood up and looked down upon her:


“Qian DuoDuo, you are too outrageous! First, you had beaten Hao Han up now you’re being disrespectful to Ben Gong…Servants, come and tie this cheap wench up for Ben Gong and drag her outside for fifty beatings!” [1]

Fifty beatings? One measure of red? [2] If she was really beaten, then will she even have her life anymore?

Qian DuoDuo watched as the servants rushed over as though they were about to eat her. She immediately wasn’t in a teasing mood anymore. Under her eyes, there was a sense of coldness. She raised her head to look at Qian Yun Er, without a trace of surrender: “I don’t dare, why do I dare not to? Qian Hao Han dared to hit my mother privately when I am not here. If he dared to do this, then he better dare to take responsibility. What about it, are you going to bite me ah?”

“Qian DuoDuo, you are too arrogant!” Qian Yun Er clenched her teeth.

Anyways, they already had a fallout so what does Qian DuoDuo have to fear? Plus Long YuTian had promised her before no matter what troubles she had caused outside, he will help and take care of the terrible mess.

Adding on, to flatter and please someone wasn’t her style. She was the third WangFei right now and there’s still someone who dared to bully her mother in public. If in the future she was really divorced by Long YuTian, then she had no idea what would’ve happened next.

Why not take advantage of now and directly settle them?

Therefore, in an imposing manner, she couldn’t lose to them.

“Imperial Concubine Yun is correct. In this Qian prefecture, Ben WangFei is the most arrogant! These people who bullied the weak and fear the strong and those who looked down upon people with dog eyes dared to climb onto Ben WangFei’s head! Ben WangFei will bring them under control and punish them!”

“Ben WangFei advice Imperial Concubine Yun to stay in the palace, well-behaved. It’s pretty good to roll around [3] with the Emperor. Don’t just run out of the palace when you have nothing to do. Look, the sky is dark now. Don’t let other concubines steal your special favor from the Emperor…However, stealing your special favor from the Emperor isn’t the most important. What was the most important is that it’s a moonlit night right now…Don’t let the Emperor think you are coming out to find yourself a man. Then that isn’t good…”

Each of one of Qian DuoDuo’s words and pauses was clear and distinct. Once it came to Qian Yun Er’s ears, it immediately turned her face to a shade of red and purple. However, it’s just that she had said it reasonably. As an Imperial Concubine, she wasn’t allowed out of the palace easily.

Even without the limitations of the palace rules, but the women in the palace are all beautiful in their own ways. It can’t be promised which young and beautiful fox is seducing the Emperor right now.

However, she had already come out of the palace. If she hadn’t punished Qian DuoDuo real good, then in the future this ‘third WangFei, daughter-in-law’ sees her – Imperial Concubine Yun, wouldn’t she be walking horizontally? [4]

“Qian DuoDuo, you think these fallacious reasonings can save you? Ben Gong will let you know the price you have to pay for being presumptuous in front of Ben Gong!” Qian Yun Er laughed coldly and she waved her floating sleeves, expressionlessly yelling out the door: “Servants, take down Qian DuoDuo for Ben Gong. Serve her with the family punishment!”

Once Qian Yun Er’s words were finished, two imperial bodyguards from the palace rushed in. Qian DuoDuo displayed a close combat position and at the same time someone raised their hands over, her angle and strength were grasped perfectly. In an instant, she carried a man on her shoulders. She made use of her force and harshly threw him on the ground.

The few bodyguards that stood outside the door had seen this scene and were slightly stunned for a second. Then they all rushed up together without prior discussions and surrounded Qian DuoDuo in the middle.

Qian DuoDuo’s fancy but impractical skills could still get by without combatting one on one. Who knew the men in this time personal integrity with their professions and actually wanted to attack as a group, bullying her – a delicate young lady.


Fifty beatings  [1] – When someone is placed on a flat surface and a wooden plank is hit against their butts.

One measure of red [2] – A palace punishment where someone gets two inches thick and five inches long wooden plank and beats under the butt until the muscles and bones are broken. The blood becomes blurry. From a far distance, it just looks like a fresh color of red – thus called one measure of red.

Roll around [3]– Means to have intercourse.

Walking horizontally [4]– Do whatever she wants without limitations and worries.

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