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Salute towards the Imperial Concubine?

It’s just that under her raised eyebrows, there was a taint of deep scheming. This type of beauty belonged to those type of women who at first glance, made people feel uncomfortable.

Qian DuoDuo, no matter what still had a twenty-four years old soul, and had recognized the person who had made such a big situation out of this was the Imperial Concubine Yun right now. Therefore she tilted her lips up and slowly walked into the front hall. She announced: “Hey, you’re here?”

“…” You’re here? What type of appellation is that?

The maid by the side of Imperial Concubine Yun raised her eyebrows. The beautiful face revealed a trace of unhappiness. She meaningfully glanced at her then shouted: “Outrageous Qian DuoDuo! Why have you not saluted to Imperial Concubine Yun when you had seen her?”

“Salute to her?” Qian DuoDuo chuckled. She hadn’t even spared a glance towards Imperial Concubine Yun. She directly sat on a seat and crossed one leg on top of another, revealing a sloppy expression. “Originally, I was supposed to salute to Imperial Concubine Yun but before this sister had beaten someone up that her whole body was sore and ached. This sister has no strength for now so let’s spare this salutation today…If sister really wants to bicker about this then next time when you come, notify me beforehand. I promise to make sure that there are gongs and drums that make a lot of noises as well as firecrackers that would have danced. There will be red flags that sway and a vast crowd that will give publicity to you.”

“Presumptuous! How can you talk to Imperial Concubine Yun like this!” Qian Zheng Kuan’s old face immediately fell down.

“This daughter is saying the truth. Don’t tell me that sister will sneakily come back?” Qian DuoDuo held an innocent expression.

At this side, while Qian Zheng Kuan had no idea how to punish Qian DuoDuo who overestimated her abilities, on the other hand, Qian Hao Han had seen his sister. He immediately hurriedly crawled and climbed over.

He immediately rushed over to Imperial Concubine Yun and shouted at the top of his lungs: “Sister, you need to bring me justice ah!”

When Imperial Concubine Yun had seen how Qian Hao Han turned to, she was shocked. She held onto his face and distressfully asked: “Hao Han, how come your whole body is filled with injuries?”

“Wu, wu…Sister, be softer. It hurts…”

In family Qian, there was only one heir – Qian Hao Han. Plus he was the favorite between the second lady and Qian Yun Er. From childhood, he was clasped in the hollow of everyone’s hands. [1] If he wanted wind, he will get wind. If he wanted rain, he will get rain. Usually, if he felt uncomfortable, everyone in Qian’s prefecture would be in a panic. Not to mention how battered up he was right now.

Therefore he continued to place more energy into showing how badly he was beaten up to make his sister feel worse.

“Hao Han, tell Ben Gong [2] who ate leopard gall [3] and dared to hit you. Beng Gong will definitely peel off their skin!” Just as expected, Imperial Concubine Yun immediately placed down harsh words.

All the servants in Qian’s prefecture, due to Imperial Concubine Yun’s anger, had all kneeled on the ground.

Who knew Qian DuoDuo had no trace of feeling but instead, she boringly scratched her ears. She calmly sipped a mouth of tea and slowly opened her mouth: “Sister ah, no matter what you’re still an Imperial Concubine. Don’t as though you don’t have inner qualities and not mature enough. You’re a lady. Don’t frequently say you’re going to skin someone alive. You think it is a chicken ah that once you skinned all its feathers off, it will be gone?”

Qian Yun Er obviously knew her brother was beaten up by Qian DuoDuo. It’s just that when she said this, she wanted to see Qian DuoDuo kneel on the ground and beg for mercy. Who knew she was mocked instead. This made her infuriated that her face immediately became gloomy.

After a moment of silence, Qian DuoDuo kept a normal face on and continued to say: “This person was beaten up by me. However, I had not eaten leopard gall. You think I am like you guys, who are born in the year of the dog and eat anything?”

“Pa—” The teacup on the table was shattered completely. The water had splashed all over the ground. Imperial Concubine Yun stood up, unable to contain her anger. The exquisite face was distorted. She stood up and looked down upon her:


Clasped in the hollow of everyone’s hands [1] – A reference to how he was precious taken of since childhood, has the best resources and etc.

Ben Gong [2]– Referring to themselves but it’s only used by women/concubines/empresses and etc.

Leopard Gall [3]– Describe how someone is brave and not afraid of anything.

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