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Qian DuoDuo Demonstrates her Power [1]

Qian DuoDuo immediately loosens the grip on her hand. She nervously asked: “Mother, what happened to you?”

“No…nothing.” The first lady’s eyes flashed over a glimpse of anxiousness. She instinctively moved her wrist back.

Qian DuoDuo has keen eyes like a torch [1]. She saw the way the first lady acted cautiously so she definitely must be hiding something from her. Therefore she raised her hand over to grab the first lady’s wrist back and lifted the sleeves to take a look.

As expected, the clear white skin was now swollen and green. Wound marks appeared faintly on her wrist. On her arm, there was a horrifying scar which seemed to have appeared recently.

Qian DuoDuo’s face became gloomy, coldly asking: “What happened here?”

At first, the first lady still struggled. In the end, when she saw that her daughter seemed mad, she pursed her lips as though she was about to cry. Yet she kept stalling: “No…nothing. It’s mother who accidentally slashed her skin. Duo Er, don’t ask anymore…”

“Lady, how come you don’t tell young miss what truly happened?” The maid who stood by the first lady’s side, couldn’t help to interrupt.

Qian DuoDuo heard the words and knew that the first lady must have been bullied. She raised her head to look at the maid, straightforwardly said: “You say it!”

In the usual days, the maid would also be scared of the second lady. But now that she saw young miss wasn’t the originally weak girl but instead brave, in her heart she suddenly had more courage to speak the truth. She narrated in full detail: “Young miss, the injuries on the first lady’s body you know of, was because of the second lady who played dirty tricks and let the servants hurt her. The new wound you saw on her wrist was from yesterday night when the first lady went to the kitchen and wanted to prepare some dishes that young miss enjoyed to eat usually. However, the elder master had seen and forcibly slashed the skin on the wrist open. The first lady was afraid that you might be upset if you had seen it so she held the pain in and hadn’t said anything.”

The elder master? Qian Hao Han? It’s the son of the second lady who is a rogue plus bastard in the Sheng Chen Country, the hedonistic son of rich parents who doesn’t have the best reputation?

“Where is Qian Hao Han right now?” Qian DuoDuo’s tone revealed anger that couldn’t be hidden.

“Tonight the elder master should be going to…Bai Hua Lou [2]…”

Inside Bai Hua Lou’s second floor’s elegant hall.

Covered under the light muslin, [3] three elegant and graceful men could be faintly seen leisurely drinking wine and listening to songs. By the side of each man was a flirtatious and gentle woman who snuggled up to their side.

Suddenly, from the bottom of the floor an ear-piercing girl’s scream who was insolent and rough: “Where is that moron at right now?”

“This small great aunt [4] ah, is not the place you should be at. Please go back.” The old mother was behind Qian DuoDuo who tried to speak kindly and in a good mood, wanting to invite this demon personifying pestilence away.

A woman who strolled to the brothel, that was the first time she had seen it happen.

A woman who is so fierce and scary strolled the brothel. From the door to the hall, she punched and kicked the way in. In her mouth, she scolded and wanted to find this young master Hao Han. It was long heard that the wife of young master Qian was a female tiger [5]. Presumably, this woman is the wife of Qian Hao Han who was jealous and ran here to find her husband.

The old mother carefully observed Qian DuoDuo’s expression. She was no doubt an outstanding beauty with clear white skin as though snow, with an elegant and lucid temperament. She was a charming and quick-witted person. Yet no men could’ve accepted the barbaric actions and fiery temper. It’s not surprising how the outside world has rumors that young master is afraid of his wife. Whoever marries this type of woman, wouldn’t she turn the roof over?


Keen eyes like a torch [1] – Describes how a person has sharp eyes and could see through something quickly.

Bai Hua Lou [2] – The name of a brothel.

Light muslin [3] – A type of fabric.

Great aunt [4] – The arrogant way of referring to themselves (a woman) when they despise someone else.

Female tiger [5] – A way to describe a woman as being fierce and horrifying.

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