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Returning to Parental Home [6]

The first lady kept a hold of Qian DuoDuo’s hands, the eyes contained tears. She opened her mouth to say: “Duo Er, mother heard that you haven’t been living well in the WangFu, is that right? The fact that I let you married third Wangye….is this mother’s fault…At the time mother saw that you like third Wangye and you were always bullied in the prefecture for following me. Therefore mother thought, if you could marry third Wangye, then you would have protection…Who knew, in the end, it had harmed you instead…”

Qian DuoDuo scrunched her eyebrows. As it turned out, she was the one who wanted to marry to the third Wangye’s prefecture. It’s the first lady who begged the Empress Dowager and since Empress Dowager valued the first lady a lot, how could she have seen her be bullied and humiliated in Qian’s prefecture?

After she hesitated momentarily, Qian DuoDuo couldn’t hold in the curiosity and asked: “Mother, you cannot be blamed for this. It’s this daughter who was young and didn’t understand things. Now, this daughter has regretted this. It’s just that I am unclear. Since Empress Dowager adores you a lot, how come you haven’t beg Empress Dowager to bring you justice instead you had voluntarily stayed here accepting what they had done to you?”

The first lady was at maximum only around thirty years old. Though between her eyebrows, a feeling of great changes rose. She deeply sighed before replying: “You marry a chicken, you listen to the chicken. You marry a dog, you listen to the dog. Ever since I married the Lord, whether I’m good or not, it’s all my fate…Even if I beg Empress Dowager to bring me justice, so what? At most Empress Dowager would scold the Lord. However, due to this, it would bring up more dislike from the Lord towards me. If Empress Dowager was truly mad and she punishes the Lord, then my heart won’t be at peace either…After all, he is my husband. Only if he’s good then I can be good.”

“Then you have never thought of divorcing him…uh…I meant to divorce [1] him?” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed out loud.

“What? What you’re trying to say is…divorce my husband?” The first lady shockingly opened her mouth. She unbelievably glared at Qian DuoDuo. Her whole body moved emotionally: “Duo Er, these types of words, mother forbids you to say them anymore. If a woman is divorced from the husband’s family, that is a huge disgrace ah. Not to mention ‘divorcing the husband,’ these types of words…You remember this for mother. Since you had married to the third Wangye, then you must behave yourself orderly as the third WangFei. No matter whether Wangye likes you or not or crown countless concubines and mistresses or even make you the concubine, you mustn’t let the third Wangye divorce you. Do you understand?”

Once the words came to an end, the first lady explained strictly.

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes. She was speechless…The women in ancient times deserved to be oppressed. Even if they died, they wanted their dignity and when they’re alive they just endured hardships. Undoubtedly they held no love and their state of minds were damaged, yet these people still posed as the so-called educated, well balanced, gender, and tender women to share a man with other women.

More than a WangFu, in the palace, people fought and schemed against each other. It’s always either you die or I die. Qian DuoDuo thought about this felt as though she was going to lose countless brain cells due to this…

She was a new generation soul who had stepped over to the millennium and over history. She mustn’t’ let this taint tarnish the integrity that she is proud of.

Originally Qian DuoDuo wanted to return to the parental home to discuss with the first lady about leaving the Qian prefecture with Xiao Rou and mother after divorcing with Long YuTian and after she obtains the 200,000 banknotes. However, once she looked at this situation, probably before she even opened her mouth the first lady would’ve bound her body up with ropes and send her back to the third Wanye’s prefecture.

“Okay, mother. Let’s not talk about this. I bought some gifts for you. See if you like them or not.” Qian DuoDuo stiffly tugged the corner of her lips. She obediently nodded her head and pulled on first lady’s hand, changing the topic.

Who knew at the same moment she held her wrist, the first lady painfully lets out a cry: “Hurts…”


Divorce [1] – Appeared twice because she is trying to explain the ancient way of divorcing husband/wife.

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