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Qian DuoDuo Demonstrates her Power [2]

It’s just that the old mother was afraid to offend lady Qian so on the way there she could only smile…

Qian DuoDuo watched as the old mother’s attitude was pretty respectful so she took out an ingot of silver from her pocket. In front of the old mother, she waved the ingot of silver in a large movement. She tilted her lips up, smiling: “Tell me where Qian Hao Han is now and this ingot of silver is yours.”

The old mother’s star-like eyes shined for a second, wanting to raise her hand over to grab it but she felt like she was in a difficult situation: “This…”

While the old mother had hesitated, Qian DuoDuo’s eyes had swept across the whole Bai Hua Lou. All the men looked at her with a strange gaze. While stunned, they were also timid and surprised.

Qian DuoDuo didn’t minded whether they had thought of her as Ultraman or a small beast. She saw that on the second floor there was an elegant room designed to be luxurious and dazzling to the eyes. She thought in her heart: Qian Hao Ha must be in there having fun!

Inside the elegant room, Bai Hua Lou’s top girl, young miss Xiang Yun nestled up against Long YuTian’s embrace. She heard the roars of a Hedong lioness [1] downstairs for a while and made fun of: “There are always strange things happening annually. This year there is especially a lot. Women don’t stay at home to assist the husband and educate the children but instead, come here to disturb us…Look at that barbaric actions, which men would be willing to stay at home to watch after this type of female tiger…Third Wangye, tell me if I am saying the truth?”

Long YuTian lowered his head and played with the cup in his hand. He hadn’t even taken a look at the woman by the side yet randomly, his mind revealed an image of Qian DuoDuo whose hands were on her waist and a not arrogant expression appeared on her face. Unconsciously, the trace of a smile by the corner of his mouth had come into view.

Speaking of a female tiger, Long YinTian became energetic and teasingly mentioned: “Xiang Yun said it correctly. My third brother was a victim of the female tiger’s torture so he had run over to you to enjoy the tender feeling of home, right?”

Once Xiang Yun had heard up to here, her face displayed a glimpse of happiness, continuing placing more energy into intimately laying in Long YuTian’s embrace.

Who knew, Long YinTian’s words had just finished, the elegant room’s door was kicked open with a harsh strength. He was shocked that he immediately got up from his seat and stood up, yelling towards the door: “Which person who doesn’t want his life…”

The words were said halfway when he saw the woman who dropped down from the sky with a sullen look on her face. He was stunned.

He forcibly gulped the words behind into his stomach.

This woman…so familiar…especially that pair of clear eyes which made the person seem graceful and quick-witted. She seemed like someone he knew…

It was the first time a random feeling rose from Long YinTian due to a woman, the feeling of blood flowing and heart beating rapidly.

The other two people in the elegant room also looked by the door’s direction.

“Why are you here?”

Qian DuoDuo and Long YuTian almost opened their mouths at the same time.

This woman, how can it always happen unexpectedly? Every time it had caught him unprepared, just like how his mind had thought of her before and the next second she appeared in front of him with great fanfare.

However, there was only fright but no joy…

Long YuTian calmly and composedly raised his eyes, squeezing the palm of Xiang Yun’s hand. Xiang Yun’s face instantly became red and blushed. She sat over to Long YuTian’s side, delicately rubbing against his chest.

“Ben Wang is here, what is wrong with that?” After he had teased and flirted with the woman in his embrace for a while, Long YuTian finally opened his mouth.

Qian DuoDuo indifferently shrugged her shoulders. Would she not know the plan in Long YuTian’s heart?

He wanted to make her embarrassed in a brothel in front of the fourth Wangye and Long MuChen’s face then she will sacrifice a little of her precious time to teach him what it means to play with fire and get burnt.

Qian DuoDuo skillfully smiled and innocently blinked her eyes, saying: “I think it is normal for Wangye to be here ah. I already said before that this is your taste here. If I can’t find you in Bai Hua Lou then I would think it’s strange…”


Roars of a Hedong lioness [1] – Referring to a shrewish wife.

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