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Returning to Parental Home [5]


To Qian DuoDuo’s daring actions and words, the first lady felt stunned. Only this wasn’t the time to be surprised. The humiliation that the mother and daughter had gotten all year round had buried a shadow in her heart. From her bones, she was terrified of the second lady. Therefore, she immediately explained:


“Sister Mei don’t be mad. Duo Er doesn’t understand anything. I will let her kneel down and apologize for her mistake right now!”

What are these acts?

After all, she’s still Qian DuoDuo’s mother. How could she have called a slutty concubine her ‘sister’ and even made her kneel down to apologize for her mistake?

Qian DuoDuo smiled and suddenly transformed into a small sheep, meekly responded: “Second lady don’t be mad. It’s Duo Er’s wrong. Once you get mad it’s easy to become older and grow wrinkles. Then you’ll become an old vegetable skin. Father won’t like you anymore then…Father wants to use the family punishment then this daughter will endure it. Harshly beat me, don’t show mercy. Best done so that this daughter can remember it in a single time…”

After a moment of silence, she turned around to help the first lady up. She smiled: “Mother, take a seat and drink some tea while watching this daughter endure her punishment. It’s just that at night I need to bother you to go to the third Wangye’s prefecture. Tell Wangye that the palace banquet in a couple days from now, Duo Er can’t go to the palace with him to pay our respects to Father Emperor and Imperial Mother Concubine. Duo Er is stuck in Qian prefecture’s firewood room enduring her punishment.”

Once Qian DuoDuo had explained this, everyone in the hall had let out a gasp.

Although the tone wasn’t warm or cold, but it seemed like a heavy bomb had dropped down.

A few days later is Sheng Chen Country’s Emperor’s birthday. In all directions, people would be coming into the royal court to congratulate. Not only that they would meet by chance that the third Wangye had crowned his WangFei. The royal family would naturally set up a nice celebration.

These words meant obviously that the Emperor right now would come out to support her. It also subtly reminded them that the Qian DuoDuo now isn’t easily to be messed with.

“Lord, you see DuDuo is still young. Before she had also apologized to the second lady. Just forgive her this time.” By his side, one of Qian Zheng Kuan’s concubines timely opened their mouth to help with the situation.

“Yes ah. Sister, you have a great moral stature so don’t remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. Don’t lower yourself to her level.” Another one followed.

Before they were all eager to watch a great show. But after they heard Qian DuoDuo’s words, it was as though they had figured out something extremely important. The second lady isn’t afraid of her. After all, this person’s daughter is the Imperial Concubine. However, if Qian DuoDuo actually told on them in front of the Emperor, those who would’ve been unlucky were small shrimps [1] who had no background and backstages.

Qian Zheng Kuan kept a long face on, not a single word came out.

Usually, when he had seen this daughter who acted like a mouse who had seen a cat, she didn’t even dare to take a deep breath out loud. Who knew that she would’ve made such a drastic change. Don’t even mention that even though she isn’t favored now, she was still able to calmly resolve the situation. If in the future she was favored, then wouldn’t she put this father in her eyes?

That was correct. Our Qian DuoDuo really hadn’t placed him in her eyes. She smacked her lips: “Old father, are you still going to beat me up? If you’re not going to, I’m returning back to the room with my mother.”

She was already impatient. She hadn’t waited for Qian Zheng Kuan to speak before she stood up straightforwardly from the ground. She patted the dust on her skirt and smiling, pulled the first lady. She ignored everyone in the hall and walked out.

The place that the first lady lived, was Qian prefecture’s most narrow backyard.

It was desolated and surrounded by weeds only. There were only two extremely shabby tile-roofed rooms. This was the place the first lady and the Qian DuoDuo in the past had lived. The simple and crude looks, couldn’t even be compared to the servants’ rooms.

The first lady’s personal maid was rewarded by Empress Dowager. Even though she had followed the first lady through humiliation and bullying, she was still loyal. Once she saw that Qian DuoDuo had come, she immediately beamed with joy as she went to obtain water from the well to make tea.


Small shrimps [1] – Referring to those who had little to no power.

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