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Magnificent Cross Through

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

She raised the sword in her hand, unhesitatingly pointing it at Zhu SiSi's chest. Qian DuoDuo felt extremely satisfied right after she saw this woman's frightened expression. She then walked to Zhu SiSi's side, mischievously patting her on her chest, which was moving up and down, with the flat side of the sword several times, "Actually, I shouldn't scold you like this. Those kinds of words would really humiliate other people. After all, other people still have an employee card and the qualification to work. You? You've really used every unscrupulous means just to climb on a rich bachelor ah! Tell me, do you still have any professional ethics left?"

Zhu SiSi was scolded without being able to come up with even one word of rebuttal. She could only glare at Qian DuoDuo like she was itching to eat her, simply because at the moment she was afraid of the sword in Qian DuoDuo's hand. Her whole body was slightly trembling from anger.

Qian DuoDuo threw her a glance in disgust. The sword in her hand was suffused with a clear cold ray, somewhat piercing her eyes. She slightly raised her gaze, coincidentally crashing into a pair of deep eyes.

Inside those dark green eyes, there was this tenderness, a look she was familiar with. Apart from that, there was also some anxiety and panic inside them.

The raised sword in her hand was lowered before she raised it again. But, in the end Qian DuoDuo still threw it on the ground.

Her heart was swept with a thread of bitterness. Originally, she thought she could act like she had imagined she would, like a passionate, virtuous, heroic woman, and beat them up. However, once she was faced with Long YuTian's extremely handsome face, she could only nest cowardly in her heart, licking her wound. Even the courage to curse at him was gone.

Perhaps, she still had some feelings towards him!

But, there could be no sand in her, Qian DuoDuo's, eyes! For her, a man that betrayed her was crumbs from the table! She absolutely didn't like!

Thinking for a while, Qian DuoDuo's heart felt somewhat stuffy. She felt that the air was making her nauseous.

She gave a cold snort and said, "Long YuTian, I advise you, in the future it would be better for you to endure internal injuries rather than looking for Zhu SiSi."

"So that you won't be dirty!"

Having finished her speech, she hastily ran out of Long YuTian's apartment.

However, her footstep hadn't even landed when behind her, Zhu SiSi, whose courage instantly got fat once she saw Qian DuoDuo didn't have a sword in her hand, started to scold at her back, "Qian DuoDuo, dad already drove you out of the family, you actually still dared to curse at me!? I'm going to tell dad now, let him give you a severe lesson! I want to see whether or not in the future you'd still dare to be arrogant in front of me!"

Really was a stupid woman who doesn't want to live!

After setting her up, she actually still dares to mention this thing?

Qian DuoDuo thought about that Lao SanSan[1] who had harmed her and ruined her once intact family, causing her father to loathe her. Now that this woman snatched her boyfriend, she actually still dared to do 'thief cries thief'[2]?

She could no longer suppress her heart from burning.

Qian DuoDuo stopped her footstep. She turned around and reached out, directly grabbing Zhu SiSi's long hair, dragging her in front of her. She used her other hand to pick up the sword on the ground and directly made a small cut on Zhu SiSi's butt.

Zhu SiSi grimaced in pain and struggled for a while. However, with her strength, how could she win against a special unit's female police who had endured special training?

It didn't take long for Zhu SiSi to cry and shout for mercy, "Jiejie…… I was wrong, I was wrong…… just let me off this once!"

"Now you know you were wrong?" Qian DuoDuo indifferently retorted. Her intonation suddenly became cold when she said, "It's too late! Didn't you brag that you are exceptionally charming? Now this great aunt will help you, let you display yourself on the street!"

As she spoke, she walked to the living room, dragging Zhu SiSi by her hair. She raised her foot to kick the door open and directly went into the elevator.

Qian DuoDuo did everything at one go, neatly, deftly.

But, from start to finish, she didn't have the courage to look at Long YuTian again. From start to finish, he had remained silent and stood still while he watched Qian DuoDuo pull Zhu SiSi out of his apartment.


[1]Lǎo SānSān (老三三): Old Third. Xiao San (小三/xiǎo sān) or little third is the slang for extramarital lover. Instead of little third, Qian DuoDuo called the third person in her parents' relationship as old third. Actually it could mean 'old three three' or 'old third third', but since she was the third person, it would be more proper to be translated as old third. [2]Thief cries thief (恶人先告状/è​rén​xiān​gào​zhuàng): the guilty files the suit first/ the bad person sues his victim first.
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