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Jiejie Woke Up

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

A rainy night……

Lightning was flashing, and thunder was rumbling!

"Honglonglong (rumble)……"

The next day, the morning news flash broadcasted an explosive news.

Last night, on XX apartment ground, two female corpses were found.

After going through forensic examination, the two women's cause of death had been determined. It was because they were struck by lightning.

— DuoEr's Dividing Line —

'You ask, I answer' segment:

When you open your eyes and see 'a hundred of flowers contending in beauty'[1] blossoming together and a dot of green among ten thousand of red[2], would you be covering your eyes with your hand, sneaking a peek through your fingers? Or, would you be opening your eyes widely, watching with avid attention?

Once Qian DuoDuo opened her eyes again, she met that situation.

In fact, the first thing Qian DuoDuo felt was a heart-tearing-lung-cracking kind of pain.

Her whole body was hurt, like it was falling apart!

Especially her forehead. It felt like something had hit her forehead, making a hole in it, and some cold wind flowed into that hole.

The God of Thunder[3] must have taken fancy on her right!?

The spectacular scene of being struck by lightning appeared in Qian DuoDuo's confused brain. And then, the scene of Long YuTian and Zhu SiSi embracing each other followed.

Her heart was throbbing with pain.

Qian DuoDuo whispered a groan. She hadn't had the time to open her eyes yet when a delicate, coquettish voice floated into her ears.

"WangYe[4]…… It seems she's awake."

Inside an incomparably luxurious, extravagantly decorated room, several beautifully clothed women were gathering at one side of a mahogany table. There were ones that were holding a wine cup, ones that were placing the food, and ones that were holding a pipa[5].

Their eyes were all focused on one person's body. That person was the man who sat upright on a seat at the middle.

"There is no need to care about her." The man gracefully raised a cup, clinking his cup with the wine cup of the woman beside him and draining it in one gulp.

His action made the woman beside him let a delicate laughter out, 'gege' giggling.


What kind of situation is this?

Didn't she run out of Long YuTian's apartment? How could her location already change once she woke up?

Qian DuoDuo tried hard to open her eyes. The interior of the room slowly became clear in her eyes.

The gorgeous room, the antique furnishing, the huge red 'double happiness'[6] words, the tall red candles; everything was very beautiful.

Qian DuoDuo slowly sat up from the ground and looked around.

"WangYe…… take a look, jiejie really woke up." That woman spoke in a low voice.

Qian DuoDuo's attention finally fell on the table in front of her as well as the group of people sitting around it.

First, let's talk about those women!

They are all beautiful. Each is attractive in her own way, representing all kinds of beauty.

Especially the woman who's snuggling against the man. She has willow leaf-like curved eyebrows, charming silk-like eyes, coquettish delicate voice from those cherry-like lips, long shiny black hair  pulled up high, and clothes covered all over with jewels.

What a great beauty ah!

Now let's take a look at the man in the middle.

He is also a first class, highest quality handsome guy.

Take a look at that proud, overbearing manner! That perfect, cold silhouette! Those deep, dark-green eyes!


Why does he look extremely like someone?

Long YuTian!

Qian DuoDuo's mouth fell open in astonishment!

Bastard! Since when has Long YuTian had this kind of hobby? Playing with this ancient people costume?

He also wore a wig on his head! He was still handsome, but……

Seeing an old friend, Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips. Although her heart was still uncomfortable, the situation had made her realize early this slag of a man's true color.

Qian DuoDuo got up from the ice-cold floor. She didn't think about how she could be lying on the ground. She also didn't think about how the wound on her head happened. The strange scene in front of her had made her feel like there was chaos in her head. She even felt like there was a small fire burning, roasting her chest.

Hence, she sat swaggeringly on a mahogany chair, took an apple from the table, and ferociously bit it.

Since they were mocking her with such a lively song, Qian DuoDuo absolutely couldn't fail to live up to their expectations and strike a fresh chorus into this song!


[1] (百花争艳/ bǎihuā zhēngyàn): a situation in which many talented or wise individuals wish to express themselves. [2]A dot of green among ten thousand of red (万红丛中一点绿/ wàn hóng cóng zhōng yīdiǎn lǜ): derived from idiom 'a dot of red among ten thousand of green' (万绿丛中一点红/Wàn lǜ cóng zhōng yīdiǎn hóng). A dot of red among ten thousand of green means a single red flower in the midst of thick foliage. A dot of green among ten thousand of red means the contrary, or in this case, a man among countless beauties. [3]God of Thunder: Taoist deity who punished mortals that committed crimes and evil spirits that used Taoism to harm human. [4]WangYe (王爷/ wáng​ye): prince [5]Pipa (琵琶/ pí​pa): Chinese lute. [6]Double happiness (囍/ xǐ): words that you'll find in Chinese marriage (or other happy occasion). In marriage it basically wished the two people to be happy. I've found an article to describe it better. Read more about it  or here. [7]Yi (咦): was used to express surprise like 'Oh!'.
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