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Magnificent Cross Through

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

Zhu SiSi stood at the door, watching him quietly.

When the two of them heard the noises, they simultaneously shifted their gazes towards the door. They hadn't been able to clearly see who the person that came was, but Qian DuoDuo already ran to their side with lightning speed, raising her hand and ruthlessly grabbing that woman's long hair.

Zhu SiSi felt excruciating pain from her scalp. Because of Qian DuoDuo's strength, she could only stumble back and scream for a moment before she was finally thrown away to the ground.

"Who are you ah! Freaking psycho ah!" Zhu SiSi broke into curses, paying no regards to her image. Losing her face in front of Mr. Perfect had made her gnashed her teeth in fury. She had wanted to continue cursing at this uneducated, unexpected guest. However, once she looked up, she finally saw the woman in front of her.

Qian DuoDuo?

She was just thinking about how to pass this explosive news about herself and Long YuTian being together to her and didn't expect Qian DuoDuo to actually run directly into them.

Aiyaya…… take a look, this time, between the two sisters, in the end who would beat who?

Zhu SiSi was stumped for words when she first saw Qian DuoDuo. But then, she ran her slim, jade-like fingers through her long, thick, wavy hair, raising her head to stare at Qian DuoDuo without the slightest avoidance. A pair of attractive dark eyes was filled with provocation.

"Jiejie{1], you came. Why didn't you call us? I and YuTian would have gone out to welcome you. Now we've let you see us this way, really embarrassing ah…… But, jiejie, I really want to know, do you have any thoughts now that you already know I and Yu are together?"

When Zhu SiSi said this, her face didn't turn red, her breath didn't halt[2], 'gege' giggling with that coquettish voice of hers. Ridiculous!

Jie your sister[3] ah!*

Qian DuoDuo crossed her arms over her chest and casted a sidelong glance at them, sneering, "Such a wonderful show! And it doesn't need any ticket! What's more, you guys don't feel embarrassed, why should I be embarrassed?"

Her voice wasn't loud, however, when it passed to Long YuTian's ears, it seemed like a bomb was thrown into his heart and blew up.

Long YuTian wrinkled his beautiful straight eyebrows, and astonishment appeared in his eyes. Then, that astonishment turned into anxiety because he could hear neither hurt nor jealousy nor sadness from her tone. Even anger had turned into a charming sneer on her lips.

He was afraid of this kind of her: completely indifferent and appearing as if the matter wasn't related to her.

Long YuTian hastily ran forward, reaching out to pull Qian DuoDuo. However, the other party simply didn't let him touch her. Long YuTian clenched his fists and started to explain, "DuoEr, listen to me, Zhu SiSi and I……"

"Stop! Don't tell me you were having a meeting with Zhu SiSi, discussing your work!" Qian DuoDuo crisply cut a certain man's explanation short. She swept the entire bedroom with her gaze before walking towards the bedside table. When she came back, she had Long YuTian's wallet in her hand. Neither slow nor hasty, she took several bills out, talking to herself, "Normally, when you hang out with your friends, how much do you give them? Five hundred or one thousand?"

She stopped for a moment before looking Zhu SiSi up and down. She pondered for a while and took a five hundreds bill out, saying, "Looking at you, this kind of stuff, probably worth no more than five hundreds."

How could Zhu SiSi not hear the cynicism in Qian DuoDuo's words, scolding her at every turn? Her face was already white from being ridiculed by Qian DuoDuo. Gnashing her teeth, she instantly stood up and scolded, "Qian DuoDuo! Who are you scolding?"

"I'm scolding whoever responded!" Qian DuoDuo covered her mouth with her hand, 'gege' giggling. Those sharp, smart eyes were filled with ridicule. She turned her head around to glance at Zhu SiSi, who was trembling from anger, and walked slowly towards her.


[1]Jiějiě (姐姐): Older sister Zhu SiSi called Long YuTian 'Yu' (when you read 'I and Yu', it isn't a typo). I kept laughing when I wrote Zhu SiSi's 'I and Yu are together'. Anyone has watched Jackie Chan's Rush Hour? What's your name? Yu! No me, You! My name is Yu! Are you deaf? No, Yu is blind! I'm blind; you are blind! Yes, Yu is blind! (Oh God, sorry for rambling [2]Face doesn't turn red, breath doesn't halt/doesn't gasp (脸不红气不喘); actually, they could be summed up in one word: Shameless. But since this is supposed to be a funny story, I just wrote the literal translation. [3]Jie your sister! (姐你妹)! : Jie here means older sister while ‘sister’ (mei) here means younger sister. When someone said (or cursed) '你妹!' (nǐ mèi/ your sister), it is considered vulgar, similar as '你妈!'(nǐ mā/ your mom). They are often used to express annoyance and disapproval. The ‘jie’ Qian DuoDuo used here referred to the fact that Zhu SiSi still shamelessly called her jiejie, so she said 'jie your sister!'
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