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CeFei's Provocation

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Panie)

Not bad. She hadn't found a place to release this resentment of hers out. If this woman is smart, she wouldn't have run into this gun's muzzle.

From the roof, Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo's back as she went into the room before he finally jumped down without making any noise. He stared at the ground behind him, and his handsome face was almost crumpled into a ball.

Long MuChen. Long YuTian. Long YinTian.

Three tortoises were drawn on the loose soil. Each of their names was engraved on each tortoise's shell.

He sneezed a moment ago… So it was because there was someone cursing him on purpose?

When Qian DuoDuo went back to her room, she first unhurriedly changed her clothes and ate a bowl of porridge. Only after she had eaten to her heart's content did she lazily go to meet her enemy head-on. Having waited for half an hour, that ShiQie was already quite impatient.

But this woman was indeed a beauty.

Charming and sexy, vivid facial features, pink embroidered silk adorned with pearls and green jade. Gold on her wrist flickered with golden rays. Even on her hair bun, all the buyao[1] were decorated with precious stones.


Gold is really beautiful~~~

Qian DuoDuo stared at those piles of extremely bright money for a long time, smacking her lips. Han XiangXue threw her a glance from the side of her eyes and sat with a straight back on the chair, sneering, "JieJie, these days MeiMei have been serving WangYe and is feeling quite exhausted. Therefore, MeiMei couldn't come and salute JieJie."

Tsk tsk… Once she opened her mouth, it was a pure show-off ah~

Qian DuoDuo finally drew her gaze from those piles of money back and stared at her face. However, she felt that that woman was somewhat familiar. After pondering for a while, she finally remembered. Isn't this woman the woman she saw 'fighting' on the couch with Long YuTian when she first crossed through? Back then, when she saw her powerful charming appearance, she still thought that she was a woman from Bai Hua Lou. Unexpectedly, she was Long YuTian's most favored ShiQie.

"Do you need something coming here?" Qian DuoDuo calmly sat on the master seat and stared at Han XiangXue with a shallow smile. She seemed like she didn't have the slightest bit of arrogance.

"It's JieJie's first time in the wangfu, yet everyday WangYe keeps MeiMei company and gives JieJie cold shoulders… Those subordinates are also spoiled by me on normal days, so they're very lazy… I'm just afraid that JieJie is bored so I came to take a look and saw that this place is lacking quite a few things." Han XiangXue seemed like she had memorized a script, smoothly reciting everything.

Sure enough, she came to display her might. Once she spoke, she killed three birds with one arrow.

On one hand she was flaunting that WangYe doted on her; secondly, she was reminding her that she was the master of this wangfu; third, she was saying all of those flawlessly, exhibiting a warm and virtuous character.

But our DuoDuo was an open one and didn't like scheming things. She dropped her gaze and answered by saying each sentence slowly, "O… You've seen me, you can go… I want to sleep."

"……" Han XiangXue had never expected that she would be driven out while the show hadn't even begun. Moreover, her purpose for coming today was already very explicit; to give a bit of humiliation to this so-called 'WangFei'. But now she seemed nonchalant. It was as if she completely didn't care about it.

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Qian DuoDuo saw Han XiangXue looking at herself like she was looking at a monster, seeming like she didn't have the slightest intention to leave. She blinked her eyes and very innocently said, "Didn't you say you want to serve WangYe? Quickly go back, soak yourself in a flour jar, and roll inside it so you can be a bit whiter. Also, hide in your quilt and study a sex book… what are you still dawdling here for? Don't tell me you're bored and want to chat with me?"

"WangYe would only come after he finishes dinner, so there's no hurry."

"O… Then… This is for you." After she finished, Qian DuoDuo passed the little twig in her hand to Xiao Ruo, letting Xiao Ruo deliver it to Han XiangXue's hand. Han XiangXue took that twig and examined it, not understanding what kind of trick Qian DuoDuo was playing. Qian DuoDuo fought a yawn and lazily said, "MeiMei, Ben WangFei is tired and don't have time to chat with you… If you're really bored, just take that twig, crouch at some corner and have fun beating the mud."


[1]Buyao (步摇/ bùyáo): ancient Chinese woman's hair ornament that has dangling accessories on its end.

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