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You're Really Arrogant

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Yuki)

"Oh… Then… This is for you." After she finished, Qian DuoDuo passed the little twig in her hand to Xiao Ruo, letting Xiao Ruo deliver it to Han XiangXue's hand. Han XiangXue took that twig and examined it, not understanding what kind of trick Qian DuoDuo was playing. Qian DuoDuo fought a yawn and lazily said, "Meimei, Ben WangFei is tired and don't have time to chat with you… If you're really bored, just take that twig, crouch at some corner, and have fun beating the mud."

"You…" Han XiangXue had never once thought that Qian DuoDuo would be a master at acting like a pig to eat a tiger. It had been about two years since she entered the wangfu, and WangYe had been extremely doting towards her. Except for Zhu SiSi, no one had ever dared to swagger in front of her in this place. But right now, she was actually continuously ridiculed in front of her own maid by an abandoned woman. Her expression became extremely embarrassed in an instant.

She gnashed her teeth and sprang up from her chair. Disregarding their status, she sternly said, "Qian DuoDuo, do you really think you're San WangFei? I'm telling you, you're only a woman who was abandoned by WangYe on her wedding night! Ning Hui Yuan is your cold palace! I'm going to tell you the truth, WangYe will marry Zhu SiSi soon. At that time, you won't even deserve to carry my shoes!"

Marry Zhu SiSi…? Okay… Okay… Then wouldn't that certify that she can completely shed this 'fake WangFei identity'?

Qian DuoDuo was chuckling inside. But that didn't mean she would silently endure this frivolous woman's provocation. People said, one would toll the bell as long as one met a monk [1]; one would arrange the music as long as one was a WangFei…

She leaned her body around to find a comfortable posture before casting a sidelong glance at Han XiangXue. Neither too quickly nor too slowly, she said, "What Meimei said is right. I am an unlikeable woman, an abandoned Fei who lives in the cold palace. Sooner or later, WangYe will divorce me… But Meimei shouldn't forget, at this moment it seems I am still the San WangFei conferred by TaiHou. For Meimei to make a big fuss like this… Do you perhaps have any complaints towards TaiHou?"

"I don't… Don't speak nonsense!" Han XiangXue's complexion turned pale out of fright.

"I think so too… How would Meimei dare? After all, this is a very heavy crime that could exterminate nine clans…" Qian DuoDuo's last words seemed casual but held a formidable might. It didn't need to be mentioned how satisfied she was when she saw the woman in front of her turn pale because of her speech. Qian DuoDuo paused for a moment. Her tone suddenly changed as she reprimanded Xiao Ruo, "Xiao Ruo, you're also wrong! XiangXue Meimei came to my place, and her lips were all dry but you didn't realize to offer her a cup of tea! Really thoughtless!"

Xiao Ruo nodded and went to fetch a cup of tea, putting it at Han XiangXue's side.

Han XiangXue was rigidly raising the teacup when Qian DuoDuo suddenly called out, "Wait!"

She leisurely walked over towards Han XiangXue then stooped down and swiped her finger across the dust on the ground, sprinkling the dust on her finger into the cup. Han XiangXue's face instantly turned green before it turned purple and kept turning alternately. Qian DuoDuo giggled and said, "Before, Meimei said there's nothing good at my place, but you were wrong. Take a look at the seasoning I've just added for you… It's pure green and free of pollution, the convergence of the world's spiritual air, the essence of both the sun and the moon! It would definitely make Meimei's tiny waist become supple and slender after you drink it."

These words are really the truth…  Drinking one cup would make you have diarrhea until you have a slender and supple waist…

Han XiangXue's delicate cheeks were twitching out of fury while her eyes seemed to be emitting fire. However, she didn't dare to argue rudely like before. She held the teacup, unsure about what should be done. Drinking it wouldn't do, but putting it down also wouldn't do.


[1] one would toll the bell as long as one met a monk (撞一天和尚敲一天钟/zhuàng yītiān héshàng qiāo yītiān zhōng): the proper idiom should be '做一天和尚撞一天钟/zuò yītiān héshàng zhuàng yītiān zhōng', which means one would toll the bell as long as one remained a monk (doing what is expected without any passion/ following routine).


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